The H-Alliance
S01 Hickman t150px-Green
Season Survivor: Laos
Founder TheHickman
Members TheHickman
Day Formed Pre-game
Enemies Everyone else
Lowest Placing Member Henzzy (2nd Runner-Up)
Highest Placing Member TheHickman (Winner)

The The H-Alliance was a secret alliance formed by out of game friends Henzzy and TheHickman. This alliance was part of the reason both Henzzy and TheHickman made it far in the game.


This alliance formed Pre-game in a Facebook chat online. It was formed based on the fact that they had both participated in less complicated games similar to this on another wiki and didn't like the idea of not working together with both of them having experience. It also was formed based on a close friendship.


Pre Merge

This alliance had almost no impact at the start of the game because the members were never on the same tribe. 

Post Merge

In Final Confession the first test of the alliance was when Henzzy wanted to vote out Gwaine (an ally of his starting in What Happens If There's a Tie Again?) But it was proven that they were able to work together and trusted each other enough because Hickman warned Henzzy about Blaine's idol and making Hickman go and convince Blaine that Gwaine was planning on voting him out. Meanwhile Henzzy went to talk to CK about postponing Hickmans elimination. This caused everyone to vote out Gwaine. 

In Gasp Henzzy and Hickman agreed that CK may end up attempting to vote out Hickman and decided that due to this they agreed that immunity was the first thing on their mind. After Hickman was eliminated in the first round Hickman wanted Henzzy to win to vote out Blaine. After Blaine was eliminated in the next round Hickman and Henzzy were ready to cause a split vote between CK and Blaine if Henzzy won immunity but CK lended up winning immunity and eliminating Blaine.

In Sole Survivor (Laos) Henzzy and Hickman both tried there hardest to minimize throwing each other under the bus and maximize throwing CK under it. (with the exception of Alfons' question). When there was a tie at the final 3 The H Alliance stuck together and Henzzy voted for him to win.



  • Both alliance members are called Henry.
  • Both alliance members live in the Australasia region. 
  • Between them this alliance had been on every tribe. Hickman on Hisshe and Henzzy being on Shua and Bimmaahchiia and both of them being on the merged tribe.
  • The three players who made the merged tribe, who were not members of this alliance, were eliminated alphabetically, and represented the first three letters of the alphabet: Alfons, Blaine, Chris.