Day 4

So, I checked out Ticino's first tribal. It was pretty crazy! If I was them I would definitely get rid of Julie first because, she is an inactive. There could also be a a greater approach to this though. They can get rid of Andrew first because, he looks like a huge strategic threat. That's going to be tough for them at the end of the journey.


I just got wind about Ticino getting rid of Andrew should they lose again, while at Lucerne, Wojtekk is gunning for my other ally Matt. I'm going cuckoo-crazy bananas as to the results of today's challenge. We're planning to send Jino to Exile to keep the plan of keeping the clue to ourselves.

I just hope none of my tribemates cheated, or they'll get the axe. AUTOMATICALLY.


Our tribe is turning into a sinking ship! We are falling apart!

–Al Pal

I just found out that the Lucerne tribe exiled Ian. WTF? Who does that? He's like the smartest person on that tribe! He will for sure find that idol. I would've never done that. Sometimes, I feel like I am the only one that's actually smart. And also, the reward challenge. It is so stupid. What is trolling your own thread even mean? It takes too much time and it is really annoying seeing 100s of picture uploads every minute. AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FO' DAT!


Day 5

ian- he's a huge threat and i know it, but right now getting rid of him is very stupid. 1) he's my ally 2) he'll be a target in the later levels

jino- he's cool i like him

sam- motherfucker he's hating on me since day 1 and he's doing everything to make me look untrustworthy and i swear he'll pay for this with tears and blood. im gonna maltreat this motherfucker untill he'll beg me to stop

mark is my ally in ticino and he's cool but i dont trust him 100%

arvin is stupid and he'll pay for that. i don't need this babyboy

max is kinda ignoring and inactive and he'll pay for that

lucy is kinda pathetic and idk where she live but its in a fucking opposite planet. i wish she's trustworthy and relieable and then i can take her far just coz she's a perfect goat

im much smarter and weasle than what im pretending to be, and i hope that ppl will know that just after they're out


Honestly, the disqualification was perfect for me. It saved us from getting blood on our hands early and, he was the first target to begin with. As long as Matt believes he is with the Brotherhood, the better for me. If we were to get someone on exile from our tribe, then we could be closer to the hidden immunity idol. I just need to play carefully and not let the shit hit the fan this early.


Yes! We almost go to tribal again but thanks to Jad! Cheaters are Losers XD anyways I'm relieved Wooooh!