Day 33

Well, after I got over the initial shock of Tyson being blindsided, I came to a conclusion that everyone came to their senses and I was next. So I became to come up with a speech to pit them against each and make me the swing vote. I had it completely planned out and everything, and then Sharky tells me that he and Mike organized Tyson's blindside, because he was plotting against them. They didn't tell me because they didn't want me to have to lie to him. And so I realize, the vote was 4 Tyson, 1 Justin, 1 Mike, and they think I voted Justin, and Tyson voted Mike. So I continue to overestimate my fellow tribe mates, and it may be the death of me. Either way, an Immunity win would be reassuring.


Day 34

No confessionals were made on this day