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The ORGscars
Survivor ORG Media
Description Recognition and Award Giving Body

The ORGscars is an Annual awards ceremony honoring achievements of ORG players in the Survivor ORG Wiki.


The 1st ORGscars ceremony, presented by the Survivor ORG Wiki, took place on November 23, 2014 on Skype.


Jamie Nuno
Jamie Nuno

Winners and Nominees



Jamie Nuno Boo S17
Jamie Nuno Boo

Winners and Nominees




Winners and Nominees


Multiple ORGscar Wins
No. of Wins Winner(s) Year Categories
8 Jamievdw101
2014 Biggest New Villain
2015 Least Trustworthy, Biggest Flipper & Biggest Blindside
2016/2017 Best Runner up, Biggest Rebel, Best Duo & Biggest Rivalry
6 Adambongo
2014 Best Winner, Greatest Player, Best Strategic Player & Best Physical Player
2015 Greatest Player
2016/2017 Most Deserving Winner
4 Tswifties
2016/2017 Best Confessionalist, Biggest Rivalry, Best New Non-Winner & Best New Female Player
2015 Best Winner, Greatest New Player, Best New Social Player & Best New Physical Player
2015 Biggest New Hero & Best Runner-Up
2016/2017 Best Non-Winner & Biggest Blindside
2014 Best Jury Player, Biggest New Hero & Best New Social Player
2015 Best Non-Winner
3 Blueu22
2015 Biggest New Villain
2016/2017 Best Host & Best Leader
2014 Best Rivalry, Biggest Character & Best Jury Speech
2014 Best Runner-Up, Best Duo & Best Non-Winner
2 Weegie92
2014 Greatest New Player & Best New Strategic Player
2015 Best New Strategic Player & Most Dominant
XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
2015 Funniest Player
2016/2017 Biggest Underdog
2016/2017 Best Idol Play & Biggest New Villain
2014 Biggest Blindside
2015 Best Host

ORGscar Wins by Season
No. of Wins Season
15 Survivor: Archetypes
12 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains
11 Survivor: Rome
9 Survivor: All-Stars
7 Survivor: Polynesia
Survivor: Cape Verde
Survivor: Sichuan
6 Survivor: Greece
Survivor: Java
5 Survivor: Azerbaijan
4 Survivor: Peru
Survivor: Turkey
Survivor: Indonesia
3 Survivor: Papua New Guinea
Survivor: Anarchy
Survivor: Madagascar
Survivor: Kamchatka
Survivor: Cyprus
2 Survivor: Switzerland
Survivor: Korea
Survivor: Côte d’Ivoire
Survivor: Madagascar
Survivor: Salvation
Survivor: Generations
Survivor: Tikal
1 Survivor: Laos
Survivor: Hawaii
Survivor: Sardinia
Survivor: Svalbard
Survivor: Retribution
Survivor: New Zealand
Survivor: The Ganges

Multiple ORGscar Nominations
(Includes ORGscar wins)
No. of Nominations Nominee(s)
13 ForeverTyC
12 Adambongo & Jamievdw101
10 Blueu22 & TLazyS
9 Heatherjac
7 Eddie786™
6 JessyPop, RubyMistress, Sami171, Tswifties & Weegie92
5 NickCity, N00dlez, Reeki226 & Soulscriptxd
4 Danipero32, Dtopaz, MiguelLopez^2, Skandium & Staticburst
3 Angrist86, ATinyPanda, B7yc3, Brett.Ross, ChristineMGlam, Dangrayne, Guzrineas, IAmVegas, Loxias Stump, LukePrower, Migueldegouveia, Oddity013, VogtOut, Waterwecna, Willenium96, XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX & Xsonianevermindx
2 Alejandro Reyes, XAllyx, Blue-Ribbonz, Bretthawkins, Brighterblu, Brittanyleeanna, Casey423, XDaniInWonderlandx, Hixrebels24, JefraProbst, Jessyx, KevDog660, Kuruptlifex, LúdicoManao, NoProbRob, NWTSEvan, Rainbowbadge, RevengeOfTheNerds, Sarahaiman, SoleSurvivor, Tylerjordan93, Xcoggeshall & Zannabanna

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