The Pokemon Regions
Season Turkey
Founder Ian & Jessie
Members Remained Loyal:
Marco (Day 1-21)
Ian (Day 1-12)
Jessie (Day 1-24)
Bartley (Day 1-12; 13-24; 25-39)
Topher (Day 1-12; 13-24; 25-38)
Thang (Day 7-12; 13-24; 25-37)
Day Formed Day 1
Enemies United Nations
Lowest Placing Member Ian (13/16)
Highest Placing Member Bartley (Runner up 2/16)

The Pokemon Regions (sometimes known as the The Pokemon Regions Alliance) is an alliance from Survivor: Turkey.


Formation of the Regions

The group was formed on Day 1 with only Ian, Bartley, Jessie, Topher, and Marco. The goal was to stick together and beat the Bazîd players that were in the Mega alliance. Later sometime around Day 6 or 7 Thang was added to the group due to worries from the alliance (sans Ian) that Ian was untrustworthy and would flip on them at the merge. The group finally got a name thanks to Jessie when he asked each player to pick a Pokemon to represent them: Ian - Ditto, Jessie - Tododile, Bartley - Roselia, Topher - Hippowdown, Marco - Meloetta, and Thang - Skiddo.

Cracks Begin to Show

The group was set to only target the 2 inactives on the team, Kara and Dale. Bartley, Topher and Thang however, wanted to get Ian out so Bartley used his idol and blindsided him and the rest of the tribe by making the move.

Making the Merge and Being in the Minority

The group made it to Merge with even numbers to the Bazid Tribes Alliance, Tyler, Miguel, Bryce, David, and Rasheid. Despite attempts to sway members of Bazid to join them voting out David no one budged and the newly formed tribe of ten went to rocks. With the Pokemon Regions down in numbers and ripe to simply be taken out one after the other, Jessie ultimately decided to turn on the alliance and take out Bartley with the Bazid tribe. The remaining members (Bartley, Topher and Thang) caught on to this and decided to take out Jessie by playing Topher's newly found idol. This worked and Jessie was sent home.

A (Couple) Lucky Breaks

The alliance then, still down in numbers, seemed to be toast. Though luck turned out to be on their side when at the next Tribal, Rasheid self-voted causing a tie and during the re-vote David self-voted as well along with the Bazid Alliance deciding to get rid of Rasheid feeling he was dead weight. With David now receiving a penalty vote at the next tribal the alliance of three had a small chance to make a comeback. Despite the likely hood of there being a tie once again and then having Bazid vote one of them out on the re-vote luck stuck again for the alliance when both Bryce and Miguel self-voted, causing David to be sent home.

New Found Control

With the previous underdogs now in control due to Bryce's self-vote carrying over to the next tribal council, (as he had won immunity round), The alliance proceeded to take out Bryce and Tyler at the next two votes.

A Wrench in the Plan, and his name is Miguel

However, trouble arose for the Pokemon Regions when Miguel went on an Immunity streak. This forced them one another, with Thang being the first casualty after losing a tiebreaker to Topher. When Miguel won Final Immunity he ultimately chose to take Bartley, who had lied and manipulated more then a hand full of people, over Topher, who had played a much cleaner and honest game then either him or Bartley.

The Final Tribal

At the Final Tribal Council the jury layed into Bartley (who was unfortunately inactive at the time due to personal matters) over his many lies and betrayals. This lead to Miguel receiving all but one vote to win (only losing Topher's vote) and be crowned to Sole Survivor over Bartley.