Day 29

So Andreas was voted out and I.Am.The.Last.Pobeda.Standing! It feels great! I feel like no matter what happens, I've already accomplished something.

I'm doing this double agent thing trying to get in good graces of Tyler and Ryan because we have a commonality - we're all non Uspekhs.

But I found a crack at Uspekh. James - hmmmm he is very strategic. He is also playing multiple sides. I feel he is genuine to me but i need to be wary because Andreas felt the same way too. But James is a good guy.

Then Molly and Taylor - considered flipping and voting out Ziggy!!!! Ziggy is my best ally. They thought I am in with the plan but I ain't backstabbing Ziggy.

And i finally have some close friends with Uspekhs. Rebekah. She is a sweet girl.

Right now i hope i can stay longer.... Keep hope alive!


Wow, yesterday I was extremely wrong... So they sent that flip Rebekah thing to Ziggy to try and confuse him while they flipped to him, and all this chaos went on and just wow... Uh, all I have to say is yey, Ryan's gone, I mean he was nice and all but he kept asking for me to try and switch my vote, and uh, no way was I doing that, i'm sorry but no, but now, thanks to some of us knowing who didn't vote for Ryan, we know the real rebel's in the alliance ;3


Gosh... Maybe I am a drama queen, i'm stressing about everything going on and not looking deeply into things, I mean i'm processing it, but I act and stress out before I think about it... So I was stressing over Ryan trying to pay Ziggy while his alliance votes for Ziggy while not thinking about the alliance voting for Ziggy, and thinking, "omg, i'm going, that's it, it's too late for me, because you're here in my heart and my heart will go on and on..." So now, i'm going to dial down the drama, talk to people and try and actually wrap my head around what's happening before I start freaking out.


James and I are back into the original position we were on Uspekh together. We have a few paths we can choose to take. Luckily he seems to be o board with getting rid of Molly before final tribal. I just need him gone once I use him to take out Molly. I have a plan laid out, but things change too much in this game for that to be a sure thing. First, James and I want to take out Ziggy at final 8. He caught drift of our plan to take him out last time from some snitch(Tyler or Ivan maybe?). So after we get Tyler out this tribal, we want to get 4 or 5 people on board and then null Ziggy's vote using Molly's special power to gain the upper hand. Then I hope we can maybe get Bryce out, who really isn't as much of a threat as I thought in the past because he's out of the loop and never knows what is happening. Then from there we can either take out Ivan or use him and Erik and Rebekah to take out Molly. Then after Ivan and Molly exit... I need to beat James in final immunity and take him out. It may be better to battle Molly in final immunity though. Lots of risks involved. I still need to tweak my plans a bit. Anyway, there are two idols possibly floating around right now. We need to make everything a blindside. No idols! NO IDOLS!!! GAH!


Tyler asked me if he had any chance of staying. I decided to be honest with him because he'll use the idol if he has it regardless. Plus, if I'm the only honest one with him, why would he idol ME out? He told me that both Molly and James told him they wish he could stay and want him to. That is complete BS and makes me see even more how hard they're playing. So I went ahead and was honest with Tyler. I told him that everybody was trying to get him out and they were sucking up. He said he didnt understand why people had to lie instead of just being honest about him leaving. Sooo mission accomplished hopefully. I sucked up to him by throwing the people that originally sucked up to him under the bus. As long as he didnt realize that's what i was doing then better for me at the end. Actually Molly did want to keep Tyler, but James and i talked her out of it.... so maybe I stretched the truth a wee lil bit, but you gotta do what u gotta do in this game to win. Hope it doesn't get back to Molly and James, which it very well could.


Ryan and Tyler out. All the Slavans are gone. I made it! I am the last Pobeda standing, and I also outlasted all the Slavans. The final hurdle is the biggest challenge of all: the Uspekhs!

And i woke up with lots of people congratulating me. "Congrats on immunity". I thought it was a late greeting but then James told me - its double tribal council and I am still immune!!!! WTF!!!! Omg!!!!

All the hardwork in playing that Silversphere for hours in the office really really really paid off. My only goal was for not Tyler to win, but Ive been given more than what i bargained for. :-)

Finally, an Uspekh will be eliminated.


Day 30

Well.... what an.... interesting... twist... that totally helps my game out in the end!!! It makes it easier to use Ivan to get Ziggy out. The Cuties and Ivan plan to vote Ziggy and use Molly's null vote to send Ziggy packing. Plus, Rebekah and Bryce might vote him out too! HA! Then Ivan and I plan to take down "the Queen". That is the nickname for Molly I guess? James and I had a good laugh over that one. Then bye Ivan, bye James, and hello easy victory unless everyone is bitter, but honestly who would crown Erik or Bryce champion after they have been totally out of it a majority of the game? I am rethinking Rebekah in the finals with me. I could see her possibly pulling out a win over me.

Ziggy talked to me and Molly about getting out Erik. We are clearly associated with each other(Molly and I). Ivan told me what everyone thinks about us and how i could be in danger because of it. Probably a little game on his part, but I do believe many other think that. The interesting thing about our convo with Ziggy though is that he said something about James being weak and not really a threat. Maybe James isn't bad to sit next to at the end? Nahhh... I shouldn't risk it. Looks like I'm backstabbing all the way to the finish line because that's just how I do. Hopefully that doesn't cause too much bitterness and cost me the game. I'm so close to the win I can almost taste it! I NEED TO WIN!!!! PLEASE!!! Whew.... let's do this bitch good!

Also, I'm slowly working my way into letting Bryce know to vote Ziggy because he wants to vote with the majority. I kind of want him to be the one to mention it first. That way it's not my idea and I'll trust he won't tell Ziggy. I'm not just coming out and saying it though just in case he's with Ziggy and one of them has an idol. He never knows who to vote, so if I am the one to let him know, he will trust me for the future. He'll be a great asset when I need the votes to get the likes of Molly and James out.


So, after asking around I am SAID to not be voted out tonight. There is a war between Ziggy and Taylor, and it SHOULD be one of them and not me. However, it came to my attention that there is an alliance called "Anaconda" or something of the sort, which has everyone on Uspekh except for me. Even Ivan is in on it, so it's a little hard to believe what people are saying to me... However, sides are going to be drawn now, and the game has just begun.


A lot of people wants to form an Uspekh resistance against Molly and Taylor. I warned Taylor about this association with Molly and he said he is okay with cutting Molly out after this.

Molly talked to me on what my plans are. She only talks to me if its game related. According to Ziggy, James and Bekah she has an advantage as well. So there, some reasons why I need to push for a Molly ouster this leg. The queen will be dethroned.

Speaking of Zig, James and Bekah, these are the cool Uspekh people I have established bonds with. And finally we formalized an alliance together to plan on ousting Molly 0r Taylor.

They want to split votes so we had to secure Erik and Bryce. Erik, i dont know where his head's at and he's not replying. But i heard of a dumb dumb move he made in the other alliance chat. Man, this guys is Lost in Kamchatka.

The last deal i have formed today is with Bryce. I mentioned the Anaconda alliance where he is not a part of and that made him trust me more. I have Zig and Bekah and James but its always better to have a backup plan.

About the idol - i feel like James has it but he hasnt admitted it and he may not have any plans to admit it. Right now, my biggest competition is James Fitz.


It's hilarious to go back to the old Uspekh on a another tribe thing and talk to the ones that are 'running ' this game! I love Molly as a Queen but for her to be entitled as one, she isn't doing her duties well enough. I don't even see her strategizing her ass off as well as socialising, aren't Queens an expert in those two particular areas ? Guess not so good bye!
  1. TheStalemateIsSoReal. It's like a battle to see who will let their guard down, they are both smart players but my shield is twice the size of theirs!

Them IDK though. #TOOMANY

THe plan for the next tribal council will be: 3 votes Molly and 3 votes Taylor, if one plays an idol the other goes home. *grins gleefully*

Goodbye ‘King Taylor’ or Goodbye ‘Queen Molly’, Your time is up! Because King Ziggy's reign is about to begin! *grabs crown and smiles*


Voting Confessionals

Tribal A

I give you mad probs bro, you played a good game. If only we weren't put on separate tribes...I woulda loved to work with you some more.

–Fitz, voting Tyler

Sorry, Tyler. Potential challenge threat and beast. At least least I was honest with you. Hope you don't idol me out. And since I am being completely honest with you, your name is too close to my own.... only enough room for one of us here. Adios!


I know Tyler is writing my name down, and he could possibly have one more person... The idol is what I'm scared about, but I'm saving mine for this vote...


–Bryce, voting Erik

Tribal B

I have to vote Molly or my alliance will think i'm betraying them... So... Uh... Sorry Molly... Trust me, you weren't the first person in Uspekh I wanted to vote.

–Rebekah, voting Molly

I'm sorryy gurl I love ya but you the biggest threat left in this game aside from Ivan -- and since we can't vote him out -- you gotta go. Peacee.

–Fitz, voting Molly

Don't screw me for this. Molly's the cancer imao.

This is so mean. >:)


My vote tonight is Taylor. Hopefully Molly uses the negator to the correct person so you will be safe for another round and queen Molly will be dethroned. Nonetheless i am sorry for casting this vote but we need to break you two up. Good Luck