The Sassy Four
90pxZane S17
90pxWilliam S17
Season Sardinia
Tyler (Day 1-22)
Zane (Day 16-22)
Jeff (Day 16-22)
William (Day 16-22)
Day Formed Day 1
Lowest Placing Member Jeff (9/20)
Highest Placing Member Tyler (4/20)
The Sassy Four is an alliance from Survivor: Sardinia. It was created pre-merge in Cagliari, after The Swagliari Six chose members Zane and Jeff to contrive and perpetuate the myth of an alliance amongst the Cagliari outsiders Du and Tyler in order to gain complete control of the tribe vote. Tyler soon discovered their deception, but worked with them to vote off Du. After the merge, the once fake alliance turned into reality when Jeff, Zane, and William approached Tyler with an opportunity to wipe out the other members of the Swag Six. After pulling in Trevor, another outsider from Sassari, the group decided to rename themselves the Five Alive.