The Shepherd's Herd
Shepherd and sheep
Season Survivor: Cuba
Founder Alfons
Members Remained Loyal:
Alfons (Day 1-39)
Zachary (Day 1-39)
Noah (Day 1-38)
Brian (Day 1-33; 36-37)
Adam (Day 1-18)
Zac (Day 1-37)
Max (Day 17-33)
Yaniv (Day 5-12)
Cesar (Day 5-12)
Jastine (Day 12-18)
Day Formed Day 1
Enemies JCTY
Lowest Placing Member Adam (12/20)
Highest Placing Member Alfons (Winner)

The Shepherd's Herd (also known as the 7-UPS) was regarded the superior alliance in Survivor: Cuba.


'The Shepherd's Herd' started on Day 1 when Alfons agreed to join an alliance with the so-called 'dummies' that were in the game: Zachary, Adam, Brian and Noah. Alfons also had an alignment on the other tribe, his friend Zac. Alfons immediately reached out for the idol when the opportunity came.

They initially targeted Cesar but when Cesar proved himself to be less of a threat than Sole he was spared... temporarily at least. Furthermore Alfons had made a fake alliance with Sole, Yaniv, Cesar and DB to vote out "Kaaitlyn", but as he feared he might not have had the majority, he manipulated them into thinking Zachary had the idol so they then targeted both Zachary and Kaaitlyn. But Yaniv and Sole saw through Alfons' lies and went against this plan, however Cesar bought it and voted for Zachary, which resulted in the Shepherd's Herd having enough numbers to blindside Sole.

Furthermore, Alfons then targeted Yaniv before he understood that the tribe needed to remain strong so he decided to target Samuel's sockpuppet, "Kaaitlyn" and he was successfully eliminated almost unanimously.

Alfons and Zachary then plotted DB's downfall as he was not only disloyal and a poor challenge performer, but he was remarkably close to alliance members Adam and Brian. Cesar and Yaniv (affiliates) also voted for DB to save themselves as they believed an upcoming tribe switch would rescue them from hell.

A tribe switch then rocked the entire game, each tribe had to select their 'Most Valuable Player', Alfons blackmailed his tribe into voting for him so he could dictate the Cardenas tribe. Lucky for Alfons, Jeremy chose to take floaters Yaniv and Cesar (Zachary as well) leaving the remaining four wholehearted alliance members. The Cardenas tribe succesfully threw the first 2 challenges, voting out big threats: Duy (pronounced 'Zooey') and Kesh. But it would not have happened if it weren't for Jastine who temporarily joined forces in order to escape to the merge.

Meanwhile, on the other tribe Yaniv and Cesar aligned with Alfons' enemies Jeremy and Taylor, forming the JCTY alliance. Little that they knew Max and Zac were apart of the Shepherd's Herd alliance and planned to have them rubbed out as soon as possible.

All of a sudden, fortune struck for Jastine when the moderators decided to change a rule (in the middle of the game) where a contestant from one tribe is allowed to intrude into the other tribe's Tribal Council and give someone the Hidden Immunity Idol. However, despite that Jeremy had given Jastine the idol, Alfons had convinced Jastine into keeping the idol and thinking that Adam was going home, until Ian gave away to Jastine that he would be voted out if he didn't play his idol, this clumsy error sent Adam home, leaving the Shepherd's Herd alliance to 6. Jastine was then voted off at the next tribal council in a unanimous vote.

When the merge came, the Shepherd's Herd alliance had the numbers (6-4) however Alfons needed to make sure his alliance stayed together so he told Max that he had the idol and was willing to take him to the end with it as well as putting fear into their heads that JCTY were after them. This resulted in Yaniv being blindsided and JCTY down to three. And Jeremy was voted out immediately after, this time though, unfortunately for him, he had no idol to protect him.

After this, the Shepherd's alliance was then partially broken. Taylor attempted to convince Brian, Noah and Max to flip, but only two of them decided to jumped ship, Brian and Max, leaving Noah remaining loyal to his alliance. He had told Alfons the plan to vote him out, so Alfons immediately took action, he sabotaged the reformed JCTY by blackmailing Brian into convincing Taylor and Max to vote for Zachary, while Cesar and him had voted for Alfons. This plan worked to perfection as Taylor and Max wasted their votes on Zachary, while Cesar was sent home in a 4-2-2 vote without any idols being played.

Then one by one: Taylor, Max and Brian were voted off. Leaving the final four being the four that remained the most loyal. Alfons then took his pick among the four of them of who to bring to the end, and that person was Zachary. But little that Alfons knew, Zac was planning a title-winning move by blindsiding Alfons, as Alfons no longer had the idol to protect him, Zachary also expressed interest in making a 'big move' come the final 4, but unfortunately for them, a potential game-changing vote was voided, as Alfons' challenge dominance was simply too much for them.

At the Final Tribal Council, Zachary was highly lambasted for riding Alfons coattails and being combative towards the jury, while Alfons was castigated for aligning himself to a bunch of inactives, but was praised for his strategic brilliance. Regardless this resulted in Alfons winning the title of Survivor: Cuba in an unanimous 8-0 jury vote.


  • The alliance was named by Alfons because Alfons was considered the 'Shepherd' of the alliance as he was the leader whilst the rest were considered scapegoats, thus dubbed as 'Sheep'.
  • The final four of Cuba consisted of all members of the herd.
    • 4th place was Zac, 3rd was Noah, Runner-up was Zachary, and the founder of this alliance and eventual winner, Alfons.