The Silent Assassins
S22 BryceS22 Katie


Season 'Survivor: Similan Islands'
Founder Bryce
Members Remained Loyal:

Bryce (Day 4-13)
MGM (Day 4-15)
Katie (Day 4-15)
Trevor (Day 4-27)

Day Formed Day 4
Enemies Solar
Lowest Placing Member MGM (14/20)
Highest Placing Member Kaite (4/20)

The Silent Assassins is a core alliance of Survivor: Similan Islands. This alliance was formed by Bryce after he gained the trust of MGM and Katie. They then had Trevor as their extra number. They were known to have control of two other alliances in the game. At the tribe swap, however, they were separated and only half the members made the merge.

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