The Swissgyptians
Season Survivor: Revival
Members Remained Loyal:
Lloyd (Day 1-39)
Courtney (Day 1-32)
Wojtek (Day 2-30)
Joshie (Day 1-27)
Bailey (Day 1-20)
Alex (Day 12-22)
Day Formed Day 1
Enemies Regreso Alliance
Mad Russell
Lowest Placing Member Bailey (13/22)
Highest Placing Member Lloyd (Winner)

The Swissgyptians was an alliance on Survivor: Revival, composed of Vuelta's returning contestants from Survivor: Egypt and Survivor: Switzerland.


The Schoolyard Pick

During the fake tribes on Day 1, Joshie and Courtney formed and alliance together, as did Bailey and Lloyd. When it was revealed to be a school yard pick, Bailey and Joshie agreed to pick one and other, and then Lloyd and Courtney, so they could work together.

An Alliance is Formed

The Swissgyptians Alliance was formed on Day 2, when Bailey and Joshie decided to work together, with Bailey bringing in Lloyd, and Joshie bringing in Courtney, they needed one more member to form a majority, so Wotjek was invited to the alliance.

The alliance enjoyed early success, voting out Ometepe on Day 6, and then successfully blindsiding Adam at their next tribal council on Day 12.

Majority on the New Regreso

"I'd Quit In Protest!"

Bailey Alone On Vuelta

Pagonged by the Regreso Alliance

Operation: Sheer Destruction