The Tea Party
Season Papua New Guinea
Founder George and Luke
Members Remained Loyal:
Taylor (Day 1-12)
George (Day 1-17)
Matty (Day 1-24)
Kim (Day 1-26)
Blake (Day 1-39)
Joe (Day 1-17)
Andrei (Day 16-36)
Sean (Day 1-13)
Jemarc (Day 20-26)
Mick (Day 1-26)
Luke (Day 1-26)
Day Formed Day 1
Enemies Mendi 4
Lowest Placing Member Taylor (17/20)
Highest Placing Member Luke (Winner)

The Tea Party is the majority, cross-tribe alliance in Survivor: Papua New Guinea that consisted of more than half of the cast.

Despite starting out united, it started to blindside many of its jury threats and affiliates once it accrued a large enough numbers advantage to do so. Because of this, out of the 7 members that entered the merge, only 4 entered the final 5, while still maintaining a majority on the Tea Party's side at all times.


The Formation

Early on in PNG, George and Luke formed a bond due to having many things in common. They decided to create an alliance, and bring in Mick and Blake, both of whom seemed reliable. Afterwards, Joe and Matt were brought into the alliance, as a six-person alliance. Later, George and Blake brought Sean into the alliance, as well. Luke also formed a close friendship with Taylor, roping her in too.

On the five tribes, Daru and Mendi consisted of no alliance members, Kieta consisted of half (Luke and Taylor), Abau left CJ as the sole alliance outsider (Joe, Matt, Mick), and Wewak left Kim as the sole alliance outsider (Blake, George, Sean). However, Sean did not like the people within the alliance and wanted to play his own game, so he decided to align with Kim to work against them. Instead of working with Sean, however, Kim formed friendships with every current alliance member, and informed George of Sean having leaked information about the alliance, thus also becoming a member due to proving his reliability and trustworthiness. Eventually, the alliance made up almost half of the cast.

Declaring War on Mendi

Uli from the Mendi tribe began telling Taylor about things going on in his tribe, and wanted her to vote out Luke, who Uli viewed as a big threat. After eliminating one of Uli's supposed cross-tribe alliance members, Jay, it became clearer that Uli was gunning for Luke. This made Taylor suspect that he was also after the rest of Kieta. When word of this got out to the other alliance members, they agreed that the Mendi members needed to go.

George took up the role of alliance leader, making Uli shift the target from Luke to George. During all of this, CJ was eliminated leaving only alliance members on Abau. Also, Kieta was dropped down to two members, Luke and Taylor. After losing another challenge, Luke and Taylor were forced to do a tiebreaker to determine who stayed. Taylor was eliminated, being the first of the alliance to fall.

The Absorption

With Luke as the sole surviving Kieta, an absorption was to take place. In the challenge, Sean purposely lost to dissolve Wewak, formally betraying the Tea Party. This placed George on Mendi, Blake and Kim on Daru, and himself and Luke on Abau. Sean instantly made himself unwelcome by acting harsh to his tribemates, and openly revealing information about the alliance's plans, especially George's on the group Facebook page for all to see. Eventually, Sean told Abau to vote him off at the next Tribal Council, to which they gladly obliged.

George created a plan to have either Abau or Daru throw the challenge so that the Tea Party would prevail and gain on its numbers advantage, as well as self-preservation. When Andrei was revealed to have far surpassed all contestants beyond hope, Abau was left with the sole responsibility of throwing the challenge. All of Abau went along with the plan, except for Luke and Mick. This was due to Luke knowing that he was at the mercy of the Abau members of the Tea Party, while Mick viewed George as a threat. When Luke received the highest score, Matt told George the score, allowing him to surpass it. This angered Luke greatly, due to Matt doing that behind his back. Abau's plan was successful, as they were able to throw the challenge and eliminate Sean.

New Ally

George felt in danger due to being at the mercy of the Mendi's, as they stated openly and forcefully that he was on the outs, and that they were first and foremost loyal to each other. So, George attempted to bring Andrei from Daru into the alliance, as a majority of 3-1 would allow Daru to throw the next challenge, and allow George to enter the merge unscathed and surrounded by allies. Andrei was quite hesitant at first, as he believed that the 7 Tea Party members at the time were more loyal to each other, and that he would thus secure an 8th place spot with no chance of upward mobility. Furthermore, he was not receptive to the plan to vote out his closest ally, Abraham. Because of this, he turned down the alliance offer. However, after some work by the members of the alliance, Andrei decided to join, but he did not endorse the plan to throw the challenge.

The challenge was revealed to be a double elimination, and Abau lost to George. Luke, who was now the target, angrily approached George about how George didn't return the favor of throwing the challenge after forcing Abau to do so previously. George then replied by saying "it was either you or me", and saying that an alliance member would go home either way, and that he would not take himself out of the game willingly. Blake, who was meant to throw the challenge to save George, was too frightened of being the next one to go, that he refused to throw the challenge and sent Mendi to Tribal Council with Abau.

Survival seemed hopeless for Luke, until Mick brought up Joe's inactivity. Joe came on after a long time of being off, and began telling everyone to vote different people. Luke, Matt and Mick discovered this, and without hesitation, voted Joe off next. Although Angeleo, a Mendi member, was considering voting for Uli due to a pre-game alliance with George, he decided that it was in his best interest to stick with Uli, as he believed that George was targeting him due to his status as a Mendi member. Because of this, the Mendi tribe stuck together and George was eliminated, taking out the biggest voice in the alliance, as well as Uli's target. In truth, George was planning to stay with Angeleo, but that did not stop Angeleo sticking with who he knew were loyal to him, not who might or might not be loyal to him.

Entering the Merge

After George's demise, a struggle occurred in the alliance for a new leader. In the following challenge, Andrei and Luke bonded. The two of them also decided to name the alliance, as the old name of "The John Stamoses", coined by Kim, seemed silly as well as a mouthful. They named it "The New Guinea Tea Party" as a parody of the Boston Tea Party. Due to the length of that name, they decided to just name it "The Tea Party".

Upon entering the merge, the Tea Party was united at last. Andrei brought in his old tribe member Jemarc to the Tea Party. The plan was to vote Uli first, but Jemarc acted really suspicious. Speculation also arose that someone from Mendi had the hidden Immunity idol. The four Mendi members: Amos, Angeleo, JR and Uli, decided that they needed to stick together to battle the Tea Party, and brought in Abraham to help accomplish it.

Luke devised a plan to tell everyone that they were voting Billy, only to vote Uli instead. That way, either JR would play the idol or one of his allies would play it on him. But Uli would go no matter what. However, Jemarc's suspicious behavior made his fellow Tea Party members less trusting of him. Due to this, Matt decided that they would go through with Luke's plan, only voting Amos instead of Uli. Luke, who was close to Amos, convinced the alliance that Angeleo was the bigger threat, due to Amos being the least close to Uli out of anyone. Kim was against the idea, for he saw Uli as a bigger threat, but decided to go with it anyway. Kim told Uli that JR was going to be voted off, while Angeleo told Luke that Mick was Mendi's target. Ultimately, the Tea Party's plan prevailed and Angeleo was blindsided and voted off.


It appeared that Mendi's next targets were Luke and Matt. Luke knew this, and attempted to make Matt appear more like the leader. Kim had gained Uli's trust at the merge, making him feel safer and using that to console him into not playing his idol. Abraham approached Luke one day, and told him that Andrei was planning on voting off Mendi and Tea Party members one by one. This revelation caused Abraham and Luke to form a minor alliance. Abraham was correct, for Andrei and Jemarc flipped and eliminated Matt next. This upset many Tea Party members, until Andrei apologized and claimed that he only did it out of fear of an Abau alliance. Also because of a previous deal that he made with Uli.

No longer having any trust in the Tea Party, Luke went to "align" with Uli, and claim that Amos convinced him too. This allowed Luke to gain the trust of both the Tea Party and the Mendi 4. Mick had the same idea, and did so as well after already having Uli's trust. At the following Tribal Council, where Uli received the majority vote, he played the Immunity idol, and voted out Kim. It became apparent that Jemarc flipped on the Tea Party, so Mick and Luke decided to side with Mendi and renege on the Tea Party. So Jemarc was next to go.

Amos and Luke had a conversation where Luke brought up the fact that he was in a bad position. Amos then decided to bring Luke into an alliance with Abraham and Amos' ally JR. The four agreed to vote out Mick next for being really insecure. Andrei sided with them, but JR was too afraid to turn on Uli. With a self-vote from Amos, the Tea Party remained intact as Abraham was voted off next.

After Uli won the next Immunity challenge: himself, Amos and JR decided to vote the biggest physical and likable threat Andrei. However; Andrei, Mick and Blake decided to vote Amos. This left Luke as the deciding vote between the two alliances. Wanting to avoid an ensured tie at the final six and a possible rock-drawing, Luke voted Amos out of the game.

Completing the Mission

Luke and Mick agreed to turn on the Tea Party and vote off Andrei for being the biggest threat. Sure that they had both Uli and JR's votes, they believed it to be possible. Andrei wanted to split the votes between Uli and JR, until Mick revealed that he had the Immunity idol, meaning that Uli could be voted off with ease.

The plan seemed to work well. However, JR flipped to the Tea Party, tying the votes between Uli and Andrei. Luke acted shocked at the tie, and told Andrei and Blake that Mick flipped to Uli and JR, taking suspicion off of himself. Luke was able to convince Mick to switch his vote after bringing up rocks. With this, Uli, the Tea Party's biggest target from the beginning, ultimately met his fate and was eliminated unanimously in the re-vote.

Luke and Mick decided that Andrei had to go for being the biggest threat. Andrei and Blake were set on taking the Tea Party to the final four. Mick managed to win Immunity and play his idol on Billy, eliminating Andrei. This left Blake feeling betrayed and angry at Mick.

The Tea Party Prevails

In the final four, JR felt that he needed to win Immunity to be safe. He succeeded in doing so, meaning that only two Tea Party members would make it to the end. Luke immediately told Mick to vote Blake to throw the target off of himself, then went to JR to attempt to convince him to vote Mick, who he believed to be the biggest Jury threat. Blake and JR didn't hesitate, and Mick was unanimously voted out, leaving Blake, JR and Luke as the final three.

In the finals, Blake received disgust from the Jury for not acknowledging his flaws and throwing the other finalists under the bus. Due to this, the Tea Party Jury members all voted for Luke, giving Luke the title of Sole Survivor.


  • Blake was the only person to remain loyal to the alliance for all 39 days of PNG.
  • With 11 members, this is the largest alliance in a Survivor ORG Wiki Season.
    • It contained 55% of the contestants in PNG.
    • Before being name The Tea Party it had other names like The Sean Haters and The John Stamoses.​ 
      • Kim came up with both of those names.