The Ultimate Ushers
S22 BryceS22 KatieS22 MGM

S22 SolarS22 Trevor

Season Similan Islands
Founder The Silent Assassins
Members Remained Loyal:

Bryce (Day 9-18)
Trevor (Day 9-27)
MGM (Day 9-13)
Katie (Day 9-13)
Summer (Day 13-24)
Solar (Day 9-18)

Day Formed Day 9
Lowest Placing Member MGM (14/20)
Highest Placing Member Katie (4/20)

The Ultimate Ushers is an alliance in Survivor: Similan Islands. They were known to be strong until the tribe swap where three members were sent to the other tribe. Despite the numbers on the Payang tribe, one member flipped and then caused the alliance to be pagonged during the pre-merge stage with only two members surviving until the merge.