"The Vultures are Coming"
Season Survivor: Azerbaijan
Episode Number 16/16
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The Vultures are Coming is the finale of Survivor: Azerbaijan.

Previously On Survivor

36 days ago, twenty people arrived to Azerbaijan. Sixteen new players, and four returning players, were separated into four tribes. Astara quickly separated into two groups with Austin and Clifford controlling the tribe. Baku was a unit, dominating challenge after challenge. Khizi was split into two sides, and were rarely interacting with one another. Sheki had shifting alliances on a daily basis. There was one rule in Azerbaijan: Play hard or go home. Tribal after tribal saw blindside after blindside. However, a loyal alliance known as the 'Five Guys' formed and dominated the premerge. However alliance member Nick, who was nearly voted out at the first Tribal Council, struck at the merge, taking out the alliance leader, Austin. This let Clifford take control of the alliance and they took out Nick's entire alliance until only Hunter and Jared remained. Hunter flipped on Jared and it looked like he would be the next to go. However Felix, wanting to make a big move, played his idol on Jared and took out the big dog, Clifford. Now, only four remain.

Ella: Ella has played hard from the start, searching for idols and always being the middle man. However, she has also given people false hope and has had multiple fights with members of the jury. Will she be able to sway them or will her outbursts be her undoing?

Felix: He was often seen as just the physical force to the newly formed 'Rebels' alliance, winning three individual challenges. However, he has shown flashes of strategy, finding an idol and using it to take out Clifford. Will this force be able to win his way to the end or will he fall short of the goal?

Hunter: He was originally suppose to be the first gone from his tribe, but has managed to outlast his tribe. His controversial move to flip on his alliance has angered some jury members. Will he be able to explain his game or has he burned to many bridges to stand a chance?

Jared: An underdog since the start of the merge, Jared has had to rely on his social game to stay alive. The only outsider left, there is no where for him to hide. Will he make it to the end or will he meet the same fate as his alliance?

It all ends tonight, who will make it to the end and claim the title of Sole Survivor?


Day 37 Immunity Challenge: Face Layers
The players will get five pictures of multiple Survivor players face that are layered over each other. The person who guesses the most faces correctly wins immunity.
Winners: Jared.

Day 38 Immunity Challenge: Azerbaijan Trials
The final three will go trough five trials:
Part 1: Maverick Bird: The players will take control of a bird and must get through obstacles.
Part 2: Flag Maker: The players will make a flag for the merged tribe.
Part 3: Hand on a Hard Idol: The players will post on their own thread saying they have their hand on the idol.
Part 4: Trololol: The players will post as many pictures as they can on their own thread.
Part 5: 2048: The players will try to add up number squares to get a high score.
The player with the most points at the end of the challenge will win final immunity.
Winners: Jared.


Day 37

Ella was happy to make it to the final four as she was closer to her goal of FTC. She was hoping for Felix to win the next challenge in order to vote out Jared. However if Jared won, she would vote out Felix as she felt Hunter was easier to beat at FTC. Felix wanted to win the final two immunity challenges as he felt Ella and Hunter were the biggest goats of the season and either of them winning the entire game would be a disaster.

At the immunity challenge, Jared won and was guaranteed a spot at the final 3.

Felix was worried that he would be seen as the next biggest threat with Jared safe and wanted to play off Jared and Hunter's dislike for each other to get rid of Hunter. Ella felt she was the swing vote and wanted Felix out, but thought Jared would win the final challenge without Felix, so she was still undecided. In the end, Ella decided to vote for Felix, due to his relationship with the jury. Jared also had a tough time, but decided to vote Felix as well since he felt Ella and Hunter were easier to beat at immunity.

In the end, Felix joined the jury in a 3-1 vote. Before Felix left, he told Ella she had no shot at winning.

Day 38

Ella was angry with what Felix said and was glad he was out. Ella and Hunter agreed to take each other if they won the final challenge. Ella also found it funny Jared confused Austin and Felix in his Rites of Passage. Later, Ella considered going to the end with Jared, as she felt he has been nothing but a goat the entire season.

At the final challenge, Jared beat both Hunter and Ella, securing his spot at the Final Tribal Council.

Ella was hoping Jared would take her over Hunter. Jared also wanted Ella with him as he felt she was easier to beat.

At Tribal, before Hunter could give his pitch to keep him, Jared voted him out, making Jared and Ella the finalists of the season.

Day 39

The final two were excited to begin Final Tribal and were confident they could beat the other person. The two then proceeded to Tribal Council.

In Ella's speech, she stated that she made the majority of the moves through out the season and felt she had a great grasp on how the alliances were throughout the season.

In Jared's speech, he stated that he was extremely social with everyone and was never a target due to his social game and manages to win the last few immunities despite being in the minority.

The first juror up was Jessica. She congratulated the finalists and asked them how the vote offs effected their game. She then told Ella that she hurt people with her outbursts during the season and it was their chance to get payback. She also stated that whenever people came to Ella with a concern, Ella would blame them for having said concern and make them feel bad. She then told Jared that she enjoyed their time together and hoped to talk to him after the season. Ella stated that she felt attacked by Jessica during the fight and went over the votes. Jared thanked for her speech and went over how the votes. Jessica voted for Jared to win.

Joseph was next. He spent his speech attacking Ella for how she treated the jury and that no one on the jury respects her or the moves she claimed she made. Ella responded by saying she did more on Khizi than he did the entire game. Unsurprisingly, Joseph voted for Jared to win.

Next was Austin. He stated that while he felt Jared played a good game, he didn't have the amazing social game he claimed he had as they only spoken once. However, he did say he played an amazing UTR game and asked how his social game was after he left. He then asked Ella for seven moves she made throughout the game as people in Ponderosa have said she didn't make the moves she claimed in her speech. Ella gave 7 moves. Before Jared could answer, Austin voted for him as a majority of the moves Ella claimed were made by members of the jury.

Nifty was next. He stated that he and Jared didn't talk a lot due to conflicting alliances but was impressed by his physical game. He then said he viewed Ella as gullible and that she only made the moves her alliance wanted her to make. He then asked the two to pick between the sword and the shield. They both responded with shield. Feeling like it was more true with Jared, he voted for him to win.

Felix was next. He felt that Jared gave himself to much credit when it came to strategy and the only reason he wasn't targeted was because of his light pearl. However, he praised him for his social and physical game. With Ella, he panned her for her game. He stated that she took credit for moves made by others, was nasty to people, and was poor physically. He voted for Jared to win.

Hunter was next. Hunter warned Ella that she was being rude to the people who have the final say, as she was blaming them for their 'bitterness.' He stated that he felt she played a decent game. Hunter said Jared wasn't really good socially with him and asked to write an essay about anything. Ella stated she felt she was the person behind a majority of the votes and Jared wrote his essay on Alexis Maxwell. Hunter voted for Ella to win.

Next was Rob. Rob stated that Ella played the role of the backseat driver and that she took credit for moves that others made. He also stated that others had built her ego up only so she would be loyal to them and them alone. Rob praised Jared for his immunities wins but asked what else did Jared do to be Sole Survivor. Jared stated he placed votes accordingly to where he didn't burn bridges with people that could help him in the game. Rob voted for Jared to win.

Nick was up next. Nick praised Jared, saying he was proud of him and his game. He then called Ella 'the most delusional goat he has ever seen.' He bashed her for trying to take credit for things she didn't do, her obvious lies, and her undeserved egos. He voted for Jared to win.

Last up was Clifford. He started with Ella. He said she took credit for other peoples moves, lied for no reason, played the victim, wasn't loyal, insulted jury members, vindictive, delusional, and didn't gain the respect of the jury. However, he refused to rip into her due to their close relationship. However, he did say that she didn't care for him like she claimed she did and it showed when she villainized him and made him feel low. In the end, he said he was voting for her out of pity. He then praised Jared for his game. He voted for Ella to win.

In the end, Jared beat Ella in a 7-2 vote, making him the winner of Survivor: Azerbaijan.

Tribal Council

Day 37

Tribal Council 17:
Odlar Yurdu
Felix (3 votes)
Ella, Hunter, & Jared
Hunter (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

Well, I did what I could and I sincerely hope it was enough. So please, take your dance pants and dance on out right through the door.


Day 38

Tribal Council 18:
Odlar Yurdu
Hunter (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

i wanted to do something cute since it was the last vote off but hunter was lowkey boring so i couldnt think of anything


Final Words

Pretty disappointed in Ella and Jared, but more so at myself. I would have had this game in the bag, but I went short by like 2 points in the challenge. It's been a fun ride, and I hope Jared pulls this through.


Hunter didn't submit any final words

Final Tribal Council

Final Tribal Council:
Odlar Yurdu
Jared (7 votes)
Austin, Felix, Jessica, Joseph, Nick, Nifty, & Rob
Ella (2 votes)
Clifford & Hunter.

Voting Confessionals

Ella, I know Jared hasn't replied to me yet but people proved some of your points wrong, so I'm sorry, but my vote goes to Jared, congratulations on winning the 29th season.


Ella. I'm casting this vote for you because I didn't play this game to play like a sheep. I played with my flaws on the table and my heart on my sleeve and so did you. Jared may have won this game, but he didn't win me. You did. In spite of everything. My vote is for you to win this game. And one day, when you come back, come back the fierce goddess you know you are. Lots of love - Big Cliffy


You pulled it off against all odds, and I'm insanely proud of you, you little shit. Love you buddy!


I'm not necessarily voting for you because I think you will win or necessarily should win. I'm voting for you to win because I believe you don't deserve nothing. I know what it's like to go through FTC. It sucks and the first time you go into it you'll feel attacked, try and make it seem you were a huge player in the game and occasionally attack the jury. I feel if you play another game you'll now how to represent yourself just like how I learned to. Jared did great at answering my questions and I want to vote him, but I feel you tried too hard and actually played well, but had a hard time explaining your game, to no receive a vote. Receiving no votes is a pain in the ass at FTC. Especially if someone votes for someone else but uses a GIF of you in the their final vote.




This is for being able to present yourself better in the jury speeches, something Ella didn't quite figure out.


I am voting for the person who deserves this for playing the best game


Still in the Running

Astara Baku
Jake R.
Khizi Sheki
Jake N.


  • This episode title came from Clifford's jury speech.