Day 21

i'm drtunk but I'm sill here!!!!!

–Tyler P.

god my fucking allies are going to go in a row probably i'm so fucking pissed fuck you shehr


I just realized I'm the only person this season who has been eligible to go home every tribal. Amir has gone to all the tribals, but he did have immunity that one time. So fun fact, I suck the most in this game.

Anyway, this challenge is important because I think after this we will be merging. Merge at twelve in an all stars is standard fair, but man I want to survive this. I've been fighting this whole time to survive, if I went out just before the merge that would suck! Let's real talk here for a second, my chances of winning this game are probably below one percent. I've dropped the ball with trust and social game a couple of times, plus I didn't come into this game with pre made alliances or relationships. (Yes everyone, it is possible to not have a premade deals). But even though the writing is completely on the wall... I'm not going to stop fighting for my place in this game. If we lose, I'll try and convince Amir to keep me over Mihai. It might be hard, but I've fought this far. Not just going to give up. But... I honestly do believe in these guys. I think we can pull out a win. The Bariq curse will end tonight!.... Hopefully.


I dont know what the others did on the challenge, but I feel so bad, like the biggest loser because I dont think anyone coould have done it slower. I just wanted so bad for us to win something that I panicked and I couldnt even type. Some people here played more than once or they can play when they want, I cant do that, so this is why it means so much for me to be here and thus I'm always being so emotional. And I just wanna make the jury, it would be so ironic to go out just before it. This is a bad day, i feel I let my tribe down and I'm really dissapointed in myself.


ok so I talked to Sam and she explained everything and it matched up to what Kevin told me. So either they coordinated stories or they are telling the truth. And I was right about Sam having the idol too YAS @ me!!!! Also Laure outed Molly for having a premade and apparently Ricky & Molly got mad BUT y'all both claim to just have met each other I the game yet Ricky's manga is on Molly's FYM manga page? STOP THE L I E S!!!! Anyway I feel bad for those confessionals where I dragged Sam and Kevin so sorry guys D: also Yap wanted to skype me later on today and talk about the premade because he's claimed to be apart of it. I wanna work with Yap but idk everyone is just so extra messy, it gives me a headache. My plan is to lay low & not piss people off. Make small subtle strategic moves enough to get me from round to round and fly UTR and not rock the boat if I don't need to. Not the most exciting strategy but that's what I basically did in Canada and I won :~D

–Tyler R.

This round is super boring. There is nothing going on at all. I ended up passing Amelia the Idol? I wish I would have kept it lol... stupid.


Day 22

I'm pretty sure I'm fucked. Yeah, I'm going home pretty much. Which sucks. I've been fighting my ass off since day one and now I'm going home because I got myself backed into a corner. I really hope I'm not but... Fuck. This sucks... Guess I gotta flame out eventually. If I go... Then it was fun while it lasted. Fighting every single round to survive. Yeah, that was fun. Oh well.... In case I go, this is my final goodbye.


Yay I made top 12!!! It sucks that Qahtan didn't lose because now there's gonna be 6 middle schoolers and a combined total of 6 old and new schoolers. I'm hoping Yap can stick with us, otherwise we're probably screwed if merge does happen to be next.

I have my doubts with him, but I'm hoping that if he does turn on us, I won't be number 1 on the hit list.

–Tyler P.

Yeah yeah, we win immunity again. The major things to come out of this episode was that I had a nice talk with Sam. So after not being together for a long time, I wanted to repair what we had. So I ask her for a call, and I pour my damn heart out. "Hey, you know that whole Endure Premade bullshit? AIn't real. Hey you know how Ricky and I know each other? Well there's a separation of game, and real life." Oh btw, before Joan went out, he showed me that Skandi found the picture of me, Ricky, and Jessica Frey and tried to use it as damning evidence against us. Heh. It's just funny. Anyway my long talk with Sam to me seemed very successful. Like i told her she didn't have to believe me, but I'm going of my way to say this when I don't need to. And it shows that I really want to do a ride or die with Sam. When really I know I don't because she can most likely beat me in the end, BUT FOR NOW #RIDEORDIE Well she believes me and this opens up our game relationship wide open again. EXCEPT SHE WON'T TELL ME SHE HAS THE DAMN IDOL. I know she has it, but whatever. I'll still have to act surprised when she eventually shares that info with me. So the next night I do the same thing with Tyler R. and I get everything out in the open. I squash the premade bullshit, squash the idea I'm forever loyal to Ricky, and we iron out the past. And whether or not I believe him or not, we say we want to work with each other. So there we go, I opened up a working relationship with Tyler R. and Sam, the two of the more powerful people in the game. So why do this? I just feel uneasy knowing that Molly, Ricky, Po, and Amelia are a tight 4. I think it's bad flashbacks to Endure, but I also know that if I continue to follow this group, I'm just a goat that's #5, possibly worse. And I ain't know Pawn, I'm a Queen