These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 28

My whole alliance voted for Rasheid without even telling me? Seriously? Ughhhh....


The game sucks right at this moment. David ruined the plans. We are praying one of us Bazid's can win the reward, send David to Exile, David finds it, he plays it, and hopefully Bartley goes. Moving forward in the game, if it comes down to 4 Bazid's and 1 Idir, I talked to Miguel on what he thought of siding with the remaining Idir (Thang hopefully) to blindside Tyler. He seems totally on board with it. After that, we will vote off the final Idir (Thang) and us Bazid will be the final 3. I gave Miguel a final 2 deal but no way that's happening, there is no way I could beat him. I could end up winning this game.


Day 29

It is so great that I won immunity and guaranteed myself in the final 6. Right now we are convinced that Topher is lieing that he didn't have the time to find the idol so we are going to convince him that we are voting for Bartley which would make him paranoid like last Tribal Council when he used it on Bartley and he would use it on himself. But we are planning to vote for Thang because just in case Topher does eat our crap up and uses the idol on Bartley so Thang would for sure not have the idol being played on him. We hope this works, but Topher may not even have the idol after all.


Day 30

I was talking to Bartley the other day and I was talking to him about possibly splitting the duo of Tyler and Miguel and he screenshot-ed all of our conversation to Tyler. Tyler told Miguel about this and Miguel talked to me about it so that's how I found out. I talked to Tyler and said that I have been loyal to you guys since the beginning (expect for the Alex boot) and I mentioned the convo I made about swearing on my family that I would stay loyal to you guys to the end. He responded by saying "ok. So if I'm sitting on the jury, this convo would be brought up?" And I said in return yes. But I'm lieing. I would be a idiot if I were to sit beside one of them in the end. They have been the stars of the season, and I want my chance to glow. This game is about lieing, manipulating, etc. and that's exactly what I'm going to do for these final Tribal Councils. No more Nice Guy Bryce, he's ready to show his evil side.