Day 11

On a good note my target Domca went home... but on a bad note a person who I thought i could really trust betrayed me today. TJ and I were meant to be the close allys AND I KNEW, I JUST KNEW Him and the black bitch were closer. Today natalie told me he found the idol and i asked how she knew and she told me he tolde her before the third challenge. Fucking dickhead, im so pissed right now... I THOUGHT I COULD TRUST HIM AND HE FUCKING BETRAYED ME. Thats it IVE HAD IT UP TO HERE im a lone wolf in this game, fuck everyone!!!


So last night before Tribal Council, Dylan was running around trying to make sure he was safe and wasn't about to get blind sided. He kinda got on my nerves and i snap at him to stop being so paranoid. The next day, i felt pretty bad for yelling at him because i realized he's just a kid and needs reassurance every once in a while, so i apologized and started to talk to him about his life and stuff like that. He's a nice kid and he just wants to fit in, that's all.


I am expecing a tribe switch next, which makes me nervous. Even the best players could be screwed in those situations. So I have made my peace with Nick and we might work together if we have to. Though, I could flip on him and go with Aaron if I have that option. I have to get to know Aaron better first and well, see the new tribes.

Ellie is trying to gain my trust by showing me the hidden immunity idol clue Nick received from redemption island. She said J’Tia is number 2, so I asked to see a screenshot, which she happened to have. But she will give it to me later.

There are so many possible right answers to what the idol could be, so even with two clues, the chances of finding it is tiny.

With the first clue we got for winning immunity, the possibilities narrowed down to over 200 possible answers. With this second clue, its narrowed down to 60. So the chances are much better, but still not very good. More clues would be nice.


So, that's over. We went to our first tribal council and collectively voted out Domca. The tribe saw her as liability in challenges, although I thought in the ones she participated in, she did well enough. The real reason she was voted out had to do with her perceived inactivity. Granted she didn't interact much, or with any substance, I was able to talk to her a little bit, and I do agree with her self assessment of being a non-threat. She could've been a vote in The Rule of Two's pocket until we didn't need her anymore. With the conversations that have happened since the vote, I'm thinking that we made a mistake by not keeping her.

TJ informed me that I'm being seen as a challenge threat by the powers that be on Jivaro, and Natalie told me that TJ's himself sees her as a Parvati, and me as a Terry Dietz (makes sense, Terry and I share a birthday). As flattering it is to be seen as that type of competitor, it puts a huge target on my back. Not to mention that Ieuan is leading some cross tribe alliance that includes many of the remaining Jivaro members. This revelation led to TJ offering me the hidden idol, in the event of a tribe switch and that I may be vulnerable. I of course accepted his offer. I have been racking my brain on how to get Nick to give me his tribe's idol by playing up being on the bottom and needing help. I'm working on Aly, and trying to help her find Huanca's, but now I've got people giving me idols, well at least one so far.

Nick also spilled that he wants Alf or Jessy out from his tribe, confirming that he is working in tandem with Jossue and possibly Ellie along with Ieuan. I thought it could've been because they voted against him at the first tribal, but it turns out Jessy wants to make a Black Widow Alliance with the remaining girls in the game. This is an idea that is prime for subterfuge for the Rule of Two. I suggested that Natalie can approach them with me as her ace in her pocket, a 5th vote in every tribal council. And if I can sell Aly on having a secret alliance, working together, I've got my final three. TJ might not be happy with this, but that's the game. Don't hate the player, hate that the player played you. Apreesh!


So after hearing that Ryan is just a huge challenge threat and that he has a big target on his back, I came up with this idea to give him my Hidden Immunity idol because I believe that there will be a tribal swap or shuffle next. Natalie and I will be able to talk our ways into the new tribes fine, Ryan might not be able to because of the target on his back. This way, my main alliance will be safe and intact.


Anthony lost the duel, I was kinda hoping that Domca would lose the duel just so Anthony could eventually come back into the game. Even though I voted him out I believe he'd side with me.


The past few days have been pretty slow tbh. It's good to know we won that immunity because if we would have lost, me and Aaron would have chose between either Jesse or Jody, which would have been so hard lmao. He originally approached me with that deal because Jesse asked him about an alliance with him, me, Jesse, Ellie (of course what alliance is she not in?), and Nick (who I wan't out ASAP because he is werkin' his social game.) We agreed to him because I mean what else would I say, no? He said it was up to me to choose who we go with and I said I guess we wait until the next time we have to vote.

As for the tribes other than Huanca, I would say I am closest with Ryan. He could easily be talking to everyone else like he is to me, but whatever. We talk alot and I hope he is genuine. BTW WHO THE FUCK MADE THIS IDOL CLUE LIKE ITS IMPOSSIBLE. Also, sorry if this makes no sense because it is 2 in the morning and I have no idea what I wrote k.


Ok well we swapped >:) so Im going to stay loyal to TJ and (vomits) Ieuan but the only way we can do that is to flip Alf... so being the mastermind that I am, I have went to the Huanca people and practically told them that I want to flip to them and that i hate my old tribe. I got TJ to send me fake messages where he was really condescending to me and then i screenshotted them and sent them to the Huanca tribe. So what this is gonna do is take away Huanca's focus on Alf so then TJ can flip him to us and me Alf, TJ and Ieuan will be in majority. and the best thing is, is that jody, aaron and jesse think that im with them and that they are in the majority ^.^ oh im such a goddess :)


The new teams are definitely working in my favour and im happy i made it to the first merge! :)


We swapped tribes. On the new Ocaina it's, Myself, Jesse, and Jody from Huanca, TJ, Ieuan, and Dylan from Ocaina and Alf. Almost immediately Dylan and TJ approach me with a plan to take each other out and honestly I was a little surprised by that. I thought Ocaina was a big happy family.


Looooove this new change. While it split the alliance consisting of Me, Aaron, Aly, Ellie, and Nick, it isn't a big deal. Ocaina had problems that I didn't know about and they play well to our hand.

TJ and Dylan are really at odds. Luckily Dylan is AWFUL at this game! Jody, Aaron and I arranged to convince him we are going to create an alliance with him in it. So we make a group chat and Dylan is in love with the idea because apparently he was next to go and he's quite disliked. He then says, "who do we vote out next? Aaron?". Followed by, "I mean Jesse?", followed by, "Oh wait I mean Ieuan!". He went on after that about having the wrong names in his head because he was talking to other people in other windows.

Epic fail.

Note to Dylan: Check the window you are in before you send a message. It's a bad idea to tell the people you plan on backstabbing the fact you plan on backstabbing them. Dumbass.

Needless to say, we can't wait to write his name down. TJ will be all for the idea so we're back into a majority position in the tribe. My biggest concern now is that Aly, Nick, or Ellie end up going home over on Jivaro...Although if one of them has to go, I sure hope it's Ellie. I've never seen so much go over one person's head. If I had to choose to have a conversation with her or a wall, I'd choose the wall. Her failure to understand common sense, basic ideas, and normal vocabulary is giving me cancer.

Forward we go!


REALLY MODS? YOU HAD TO DO THIS TO ME? So I am separated from my whole tribe, BUT I am on a tribe with the 3 non Huanca people I am closest to (Ellie, Jessy, and Ryan.) Although I do not have solid allies on this tribe, I could see this benefiting me in the long run. 1) I am a free agent! Everyone knows I have no allies so it would be easy as hell to get me on their side because they think I am desperate (which I am :[) 2) Them 3 will be HUGE targets on nuOcaina so that's good and bad I guess. 3) you viewers, this is exciting... I HAVE OFFICIALLY STARTED THE ALL-GIRLS ALLIANCE. It was pretty convenient since they were all on my new tribe and there are 4 boys against 3 girls so..... >:). Hopefully the girls don't get smart and stick with people who they know and not with total strangers. *fingers crossed*


Hey guys! Here's my confessional:

I am so excited about this new tribe switch! With two other members of original Huanca, I most definitely feel safe. I quickly learned that there were some major cracks in the original Ocaína tribe between TJ and Dylan. Luckily for me, both of them are on my tribe and are begging me to work with them. I feel in control, and I cannot wait for someone to be completely blindsided come next tribal council.


So, Domca was the inactive I had thoughts it was her but I was not 100%... The way they sent her off was unacceptable, and for Dylan you better watch your back. I'm hoping for a tribe swap and more clues to the HII, I told my tribe a fake second hidden immunity idol clue I've got to make sure they don't get anymore clues because If they find out I'm in a bad position.


The new tribes just happened to fall into my favor. I managed to get Natalie, Ryan Ellie and Aly to form an alliance with me. We need to stay strong as a tribe and hit the merge with a majority advantage, if we don't we'll be picked off like fly's. I feel the core could possible be me Ryan Ellie and Aly. I have another cross tribe alliance consisting of Jessy, Jody , Ellie , Aly ,Aaron and me.I'm in a strong position now and the idol is in sight the thing I fear is an all girls alliance.


I've made so many promises with certain people it might come back to bite me, but for now I've found out that the All girl alliance is real and is a big threat to my dictator ship. It's all the girls versus Me Ryan and Jossue, Ellie is undercover getting information. I have a strong bond with Jossue and Ryan now and all we need to do is hit the merge with some confidence.


So we had the tribal shuffle happen and I got placed on the Ocaina tribe with my old tribe mates Leuan and Dylan, and then the three amigos of Jesse, Jody, and Aaron. Then there's the swing vote in Alf. He's the one I'm trying to pull in. He seems game so that's good. I did go a bit postal when I heard i was the main target, yelling at the three amigos. After cooling down, i put my game into play and pulled in my boys and came up with a plan. Let's see if it works.


Tribe swap huh? I saw that coming, however I am really nervous about my position in the game now. I could be in the best position since the smart way to go for both Huanca and Ocaina would be to stick with me, make a 4 people deal and take the others out.

Aaron talks about wanting to go to the end with me, he doesn’t think he can beat many of the people from his original tribe in the end, I want to buy it, but chances are I might be taken out, I am lacking numbers unless old Huanca sticks with me. Aaron and I are aligned, he seem like a much more trustable and good guy than anyone else I have met so far, I really want to trust him, but I keep telling myself “this is a game, stick with him for your own benefit, but do not trust”.

I wish I had an idol -.-

Apparently the old Ocaina tribe is talking smack about eachother to old Huanca, wanting to target eachother, which is dumb. Like, is this Peru or Cagayan? Me on my own (Sarah), Ocaina targeting eachother (Beauty tribe) and then Huanca sticking together (Brains).


I just have to show some hilarious conversations.

Jossue: People are too paranoid its really dumb. Well I hate to say it but I have to work with nick. Ryan is really cool so were sticking together and jessy too.

After Jossue said that, this came in from Nick.

Nick: I can keep you safe in your new tribe

Alf: Oh? How?

Nick: I know most of them and I can get them to keep you in the game

Nick: Are you good friends with Jossue?

Alf: Jossue is alright, but I wouldnt say super close no


Nick: I need him to cooperate with me

Alf: You want old Jivaro to stick together?

Nick: I want to work with Jossue

Alf: I'll talk to him

Nick: thanks man

Alf: He seem fine with it

Nick: alright, that's cool

Alf: I think you can trust him

Nick: Ok thanks

Alf: Who are your friends on my tribe? I dont know who to trust and listen to

Getting pulled in both directions, which I guess was expected.

Nick: Ok, I would suggest sticking with Aaron and Jesse. They are really loyal

Then Aaron and I talked. I told him that Nick had promised me to make his friends on our tribe keep me safe.

Aaron: Yeah nick just started talking to me.

Alf: The friends who would keep me safe.. lol well, thats aparently you and Jesse. I kinda laughed as he said that. As if you would keep me safe because of Nick and your own free will

Aaron: Hahaha nick believes me and Jesse have a thing with him

Alf: I can tell xD

Alf: I just found it funny, since the reason I spoke to you in the first place was your suspicion about people giving him clues in one of your tribal councils.

Aaron: It's pretty funny xD

Aaron: Hahaha nick just let me know that he can get you on my side xD

Alf: Haha!! I'm laughing xD

Alf: Well, be sure to thank him for getting me on your side xD

Aaron: This is so perfect it's not even funny

Aaron: Oh I'll thank him xD

Alf: Ill thank him very nicely too xD

Aaron: It's so unfair how perfect this xD

And then I sent Nick a thank you for helping me out so much message. This is perfect. Well, that decides it for me, I’m sticking with Aaron. Nick is going to think we are with him because he got us together, I love how he thinks its actually his doing. That guy really overestimates himself.


Ellie provided me with costly information today, thank god I became close with her...An all girl alliance is formed but if we're lucky and hold tight, me Ryan and Jossue should be safe. I'm the one controlling these two the thing that scares me is if they have been lying to me.. And Paranoia comes into play.


Day 12

The Rule of Two, simply stated, is there are always two. One to embody the power and one to crave it. One Master and one Apprentice. When the time comes for the Apprentice to take over the role of the Master, the Apprentice must challenge and defeat the Master. However, if the Apprentice is defeated, a new one must be found and cultivated in order for the Order to survive. There are always two. No more, no less. However, double agents and potential apprentices must be sought out, in the event the Apprentice fails to dispatch the Master, and to reduce the training period. My Rule of Two alliance with Natalie is just this. Two people working with a common goal. I've begun the process of evaluating Aly as a potential Apprentice, should the need to turn on Natalie comes. I don't anticipate this being the case right now, but with the news of an all girl alliance in development, I need to make sure that I have some allies with an information pipeline. Allies that see me as an extra vote to control numbers now, and at the merge. The four of them are going to need more than themselves in order to progress. Being 5th out of 5, at first glance, is where this puts me, however if the relationships with Aly and Natalie are true, we will be the final three.

Today started off with a bang and only got faster. Waking up to a duel result with Domca completely dominating, and then having to switch head was spinning. Now about 10 hours or so after finding out, there have been many conversations, everyone trying to see where they stand. I was lucky enough to get moved to a tribe with my number 1 ally in Natalie, and with the hidden idol in my pocket. Aly coming to this tribe is perfect too. Even though we have all the girls on our tribe, and they outnumber the guys, I'm not panicking. I have to trust in my relationships that I've built with Natalie and Aly, and try to pull Jessy in to get rid of the second biggest target in the tribe, Nick. I want to keep a bigger threat than myself in the game at all times. Still trying get a read on Jessy, but word of an all girls alliance is getting around. Ellie has been very easy to talk to, not much by way of strategy, although she did put out there an invitation to work with Nick, herself, Aly and Natalie. I have a feeling Nick has a good chance to have the idol, he has received 2 clues from RI winners, along with the clue the tribe has, so I'm operating under the assumption he has it. I'm not going to do anything to raise his suspicions, just keep telling him what he needs to hear, and not asking too many invasive questions. I'm pretty sure that he believes I'm with him.

The results of the immunity challenge are going to be huge. If we win, great. It will also show the true colors of Nick and Ieuan, being as TJ is stuck there with no idol. Dylan has been throwing TJ under the bus, I know Ieuan says he wants Dylan gone, but we will see. I'm pretty sure that Ieuan has the people he has been making deals with pre-switch, so TJ might be out of luck. I'm feeling a little bad that he gave me the idol, and I am unable to give it back, but better him than me. I am hopeful that he can out Dylan as a floater, and he will continue to bounce from majority to majority. He's a very emotional player, one that can get hysterical, and plays a little too hard at the wrong time. If TJ sits back, I think he can make it through.

As far as RI is concerned, Domca has proven herself to be quite formidable in challenges, and whoever is sent there is going to have to bring it to eliminate her, preferably prior to when the RI inhabitant gets to come back in the game. That's all for today. Apreesh!


Well this tribe switch has been eye opening. I learned that Natalie is a really bad liar. I also learned that this girls alliance doesn't really include her anymore XD Or at least in the future it won't. So today I spent some time talking to Ryan and Natalie separately. I asked one question. "Are you close with Natalie?" I asked Ryan. "Yeah pretty close why?" He said. "Are you close with Ryan?" I asked Natalie. "No not really." She said. "Oh really? I think he's great. He also told me you guys were pretty close but he's super sweet." I said back to her. "Oh wait I read that wrong I am close with him :)" My face the whole time was like -_-. Then after talking with them for a while I asked "Was old Ocaina united or a hot mess like the other tribes?" Anthony's response was "Ehh pretty broken because there was a final 3 alliance with two not included" and Natalie's response "Really united for the most part." Lie to me once shame on you lie to me twice shame on me. Natalie is not to be trusted.


So yea... That alliance isn't gonna happen.


Oh man, what a jam I am in. After trying to pull in Alf, he was honest with me and told me that he was going to side with the three amigos of Jody, Jesse, and Aaron. I can't be mad at the guy, he was straight forward with me. I then had Dylan continue to bad mouth to the power alliance. I had him also mention that i had the Hidden Immunity idol, and hoped that the three old Ocaina boys could throw off the votes if they decided to split them. I then started a few arguments with Aaron and Jody, hoping they would believe I'm being a jerk because I want them to vote for me since I have the idol. The plan seemed okay until i found out that Leuan flipped on me. After confronting him about it, he admitted it and said no hard feelings. Well Leuan, I'm going to screw you. Bad, bro. I then had Dylan start mentioning how much of a threat Leuan is and how dangerous of an under the radar player he was. I'm hoping that since they think i have an idol, that they will split the votes between myself and Leuan, and Dylan and I could piggy back our votes onto Leuan and eliminate his traitor ass. If not, Redemption Island here i come!


Today I thought about my own strategy and gameplay, I feel like I am very focused on both the social and the strategic aspects of the game, which are both important. When it comes to alliances and loyalty… Well, I mean, I still have options, I have kept my Nick option open, I got Jossue, I got Aaron. But I do not feel like I am stuck with anything, I just feel like I can do whatever I want based on what I think will benefit me.

If I backstab an alliance, I can simply just say “sorry, but I was loyal to this or that person” since its true, whoever I am loyal to, I will be loyal to but I can not be loyal to everyone.

All I know is that I do not want to go to the final with Nick or Aaron if I got a choice. Not sure if Jesse would be a good final opponent either, those guys are so damn likeable and good at the game, I might beat them, but it’s not guaranteed. The final is quite a bit down the road of course, I could find myself voted out next time for all I know, but I am not playing the game as if I am leaving tomorrow, I am playing it and thinking long term.

At the merge, I will be in the middle or partly in control. The way things are going, it looks like Nick will enter the merge thinking he is in control and thinking he is playing everyone when in reality he is the one being played. There doesn’t seem to be any sides, Nick thinks he got a thing with Aaron and Jesse, but he doesn’t, Jossue is for now working with Nick. I can imagine the merge being Aaron and Jesse in control, Nick going early and then I just go wherever I can. If Aaron is honest about wanting to go to the end with me then that’s great. But something tells me I will end up working with Jossue again if I can. I don’t think Jossue is very likeable and his gameplay got some flaws, my own gameplay is good enough to be a winner and I am likeable enough to win.

Aaron said that he wouldn’t feel comfortable with Jesse or Aly in the final, which I can easily buy, Jesse is great and he seem very intelligent and Aly seem so likeable and fun.

But with all this said, I still trust no one more than I have to. I have to cling onto Aaron for now and make it to the merge, then we will see how things look when we get there.


I meant to get this in yesterday but so much was happening around camp. With as much as I've been talking to Aly pre-switch, I had yet to solidify a final 3 agreement with her. Natalie made a point that we should tell her how close we are in order to bring her in even more, and before I could bring it up Aly proposed a final 3 of her, Natalie and myself. With TJ looking like the target on the new Ocaina tribe, this is the best move for the Rule of Two. Not knowing how the immunities are going to shake out, who/when the RI resident will be returning, and TJ's status unknown, we had to make this move out of necessity in the tribe, with Jivaro's current dynamics. Aly also said that she thinks she has Ellie in order to vote out Nick. The plan is for the 3 of us to team up with Jessy and Ellie in a final 5 pact, then take them out then. I've got a plan in the works to hopefully show Jessy and Ellie that I can be trusted in a perceived girls alliance. It has something to do with the fake immunity idol I've spent most of the day whittling out of a tree stump I found.

In the meantime, I'm going to need to continue to play up to Nick that I'm with him and Jossue to target Jessy. The group feeling is that with the 3 clues that he has to the hidden idol, the likelihood that he has it is high. So we are going to make sure that he believes he has the numbers to vote out the person he wants. Then at tribal, the 5 of us are going to #blindeside him.

I've gotten a chance to talk to Jossue a little, not much about the game though. I'm trying not to come across as more of a threat than he already thinks I am. Showing that I'm a team player, and sharing about real life may let his guard down. However that first vote is going to show him that he got played. Of course I may be the one being played, but I've got to put trust in people to get further in the game. Apreesh!


Day 13

If we aren't going to tribal I live another day, if not I'm afraid you might be saying goodbye to me tonight.


TJ and I made up and don't hate each other anymore and I feel really comfortable with my new alliance :) sad I had to jump ship on some old Ocaína mates though:(


Just a few days ago a tribe swap happened and it could not been any better for me. The girl's alliance that Jessy talked to me about is finally coming into play but I am only to stick with them until Nick and Jossue are gone. So Ryan kind of roped me into an alliance with Aly which I am not totally comfortable with because I dont her but I am trying to get to know her. Ryan and I are looking for the idol and I hope that Ryan or I finds it before Nick. The other day I was surprised to know that I'm being targeted by Jossue and Nick which I don't understand maybe because I am nice to people. My other ally TJ it is not looking to good for him since he is too smart. I truly hope that he can pull something out of his sleeve.


The plan for this vote is simple. Make TJ think its him to flush any potential idols on his side, when in reality Dylan is going home. Dylan apparently said TJ got the idol, I don’t know if this is true or not, but either way, its always a good idea to be careful.

I feel like Jody might take things too far by talking to TJ about “sorry its you, but lets make a big move, use the idol and just take whoever you want out”. I don’t feel like that is necessary and it bothers me a bit, why not keep it simple?

But oh well, as long as I am safe and as long as I make it to the merge, I don’t care too much about what happens. I just hope I can get to the merge with the Huancas so that I have a good alliance option from the start.


Well, we lost the challenge. It required 3 of us to each write a chapter that related. I requested that I sit out, because I am "not good at writing." Well in all honesty I wanted to throw the challenge. I want the ball to start rolling, I' a writing major. I write for a living, I write short stories for fun. I would've had this challenge in the bag. However it's time for the ball to roll.


It's great we're not going to tribal, but the sad fact is it's TJ going in the other tribe, My blessings go out to you TJ and your adventure on Redemption Island... And as for Jessy, you may have the bigger mouth but you don't have the bigger brain.


A last minute change up on who to vote occurred, it's sad to see Dylan go but he was too much of a threat TJ and Ieuan are on the outs on that tribe, it'd be great to see the so called "strong tribe" Crumble to bits... It kind of just shows how incapable they are as a tribe and how they fall when they are in a tight position, Live long and prosper Dylan. Get you and your goddamn pony tail the hell out of this island and head to that hell hole called redemption island. Where you will hopefully lose and be out of this game.


Confessional for the last couple of days: What a crazy couple of days. After since the merge, all of the original Ocaína members and Alf have been trying to work with Aaron Jesse and I. Luckily there is an idea that TJ has the idol. We want to make him feel like he is going home, so he uses the idol and we can blindside Dylan. Dylan is a loose cannon and cannot be trusted. He was in a message with Jesse and Aaron and I and talking about voting out both of them? Like actually, what? Therefore we are killing two birds with one stone. Although Huanca is no longer a tribe, it's still strong!