These are the confessionals made within the episode.

Day 11

We actually did manage to get Charlie out. This finally proved that I can trust my allies in Zuma 100%. We also managed to flush Charlie's idol which makes me feel even better.

But what troubled me a bit was that he actually said to me he got hurt cause I didn't tell him he was going. Yet he didn't even tell me about his idol and his alliance with Sharky! And he badmouthed my tribe too.
Still, I do feel a bit bad cause honestly, I don't enjoy voting people out. But it's the reality of the game.

In other news.. ADAM HAS THE IDOL. Hickman did say dibs on Harry, but Adam actually is Harry Potter! And I got to say "Holy cricket! You're Harry Potter!" I was originally saving the "holy cricket" for when I find the idol myself, but it is even more fitting in this context.

This makes me feel glad. Someone I trust 100% has the idol. And someone who I can't trust doesn't have it! So all I have to do now is snag that second idol to secure our alliance.
I'm really glad Adam shared that information with me. It shows he really trusts me, as I trust him too.

As for the last immunity challenge, I managed to find out that it was Ash's and Hunter's idea to gang us out. No worries, they lost a possibly ally thanks to that and also made themselves targets. Besides, this is just the proof we needed to know that they are working together. The major issue here is though that they are both leading their tribes.

When it comes to the twist the mods were speaking about, we don't exactly know what it will be yet. Some say swap, some say absorption, some say mutiny. To be honest, I would prefer the third option because then Taylor could change tribes and he would be safe once more.

But we shall see what it is. I have a feeling it's going to be a Triple Tribal because we know it will come sometime soon. Mike is our option in that case.

Oh also.. it seems Rolih really sucks at challenges. So the fact that they won the last one shows that they definitely weren't playing fair. Let's hope their suckiness at this certain area will help us push them into tribal once more.


So, we all collaborated to make sure Zuma lost the challenge. And now Charlie one of my closest allies from that tribe, is gone…and yet…I really don't care. All-Stars Bitch!


So, I'm still with Hunter/Henzzy, but since we haven't gone to tribal very much... things have gotten quieter, and I'm starting to get paranoid. I found out that Hunter/Henzzy also have a 3-person chat with Uli, and, like... It just seems off, because I *think* they're protecting him, and maybe trying to play me, but right now... I think I kinda gotta let that happen. In such a small tribe, I don't have much wiggle room, and it sucks. It really does, but I just gotta hope that the H-Bombs really are loyal to me, and pray that this works out.

Me and Gerda are like, the most beautiful people in this game, though, so nobody better get in our way. :)

I'm glad that the Wieners tribe is so divided, though, because I feel like maybe I can get Gerda to come to the Dark Side. <3 I'm tight with Ash, and if I really am tight with Henzzy/Hunter, then having Gerda is just like an added bonus, because, let's face it, I don't think anyone considers me a threat. If you had a list of: Me, Ash, Gerda, Henzzy, and Hunter, who are you gonna pick off? The 10th boot from Hawaii that lost to someone with a terrible FTC performance in his second season? Nah, I'd bring him to the end and pull off the same thing. But, this time, I'm ready for it, and I'm not gonna back down.


sooo.... I found... (Screams)... I found THE F*CKING HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL!!! And I'm like, trying so hard to calm down right, because i'm just so freekin ecstatic. Oh my god. It's all thanks to charlie too... Thank you charlie, i am so glad you're out! :D Just kidding, sorry dude, but i mean, this is the happiest moment i've ever had on the org! Ah, I'm so excited. I can control this game. This is what highlights me! I am now officially special! (Screams) I don't know if i should tell anybody though, I think I'm gonna keep it secret. But man, I'm gonna surprise some bitches. Nobody thinks I can do it, but I believe in myself. And this idol just pushes me further. I am so happy right now, and I feel more confident than I've ever had in this game. Watch out people, Jhet is back in the race :D


So I was sorta in on the plan to take out Charlie. I made an alliance with Mike and told him that I'm solid with him. I know that Mike is close with Charlie and that he wants to work with Sharky. Sharky on the other hand wants to work with Mike but ONLY till the early merge portion. So I had 2 options.

1.) Tell Mike about Sharky's intentions - Doing so would put Mike on my good side but would put all his focus on taking out Sharky. I can't do that because I need both Mike and Sharky to help me take out Hunter

2.) Keep Mike in the dark - This seems to be the best option, because I don't see myself going to the end with Mike. I need both him and Sharky to work on my plan to take out Hunter. So by getting Sharky to gun for Hunter (which I think i did), It'd be so much easier to get Mike to gun for Hunter too (which I also did by planting seeds in his head and saying that Hunter indirectly caused Charlie's elimination). By doing this, both of them stay on my side and help me eliminate Hunter.

If I do manage to beat Hunter, then I'll end up as the douchebag who blindsided him twice. But Hunter is just way too much of a competitor, there's no way I'd have a chance at winning this game if Hunter and I were on the same tribe.

Don't worry, I won't be making the same mistakes I did this season. I saw how hurt Hunter was after I deceived him in Korea, so I'm not gonna make any FTC promises this season xD


I'm so ready for this game to pick up the pace. In my last two goes at winning I've never been able to play the game the way I wanted to play - in Hawaii my alliance failed and my only hope of winning was through immunities and in Cuba I was out before I could start. This time I want the win so much. I've given myself options, I'm not locking myself down, I'm building relationships and I'm playing hard. If I need to cut a close tie to make another, it's happening. I'm not here to lose.


I hate tree mail. I don't want a tribe shuffle, the mighty hippos have a good thing going right now, I don't want that to get screwed up.


The tree mail is unnerving. I'm suspecting either a fake merge, a triple tribal after the immunity challenge and then 2 tribes of 8, or a schoolyard pick that goes into 3 tribes, then a triple tribal... Either way, I may be screwed. So I'm trying really hard in the reward challenge so that Tambo can get an advantage in the immunity and be safe if there's a triple tribal. Then maybe one of the other tribes can have fun in a group of 4.

But I'm pretty sure Zuma's going to try really hard this time... heh. I am going to kick their asses, I already have a 1:17 and I know exactly how to go through the challenge.

Also, can I say HOLY SHIT YES I OUTLASTED CHARLIE!!! And had a small part in the reason he went (Zuma's loss being due to my plan). I am so happy. Now to beat his 49 days... 6 more days until I can do that. As soon as Jhet goes, whether or not that will be my fault or not, I will be the last Nepali standing and hopefully the last female, too. Then we can go from there...

I am climbing rungs on a ladder of goals, and with every person I outlast, I'm getting closer... and closer to the win.


Seriously where do you guys find these games? What's next, Attack of the killer tomatoes?


I just realised.. I'm a DOUBLE AGENT! I'm working pretty much with the winners and keeping Gerda and Adam safe while everybody else belives I'm working against them. At least, it's obvious isn't?

I'm the only one who knew that the Anti-Zuma Coalition worked together to beat the winners so they would go to Tribal Council, and I'm the ONLY one who knows that Gerda, Lloyd, Hickman and Adam are in an alliance, and the only reason why the vote ended in a 3-way tie was because Gerda said Charlie found teh second clue, so they split their votes with Charlie and Mark voting Lloyd! Hihihi!


Well tree mail came today and excites me for the future. Someone please get me off Hufflepuff and take me to where i belong!

Im set for this switch i feel i can do whatever i want come the switch because there are heaps of there people with bigger targets than me. i could easily manipulate people to becoming friends then have some kind of 'special bond'. I know my game, they don’t..


I have to trust ash now, Adam betrayed me and right now i dont trust him at all. well i kinda do, but i want to get rid of all of zuma now. They will pay for what they did.


Well... There goes my potential showmance. I guess the one good thing that came out of it is the Idol was flushed for now... But I would've preferred for it to stay in Charlie's pretty hands. However, Ash must be ELATED. She probably had a double orgasm when Charlie revealed he left with an Idol in his pocket and his tail between his legs.

At least now I know that Gerda is in a good spot on her tribe, and the winners seem to have a target on their back... Now I just have to gather a few people, just 2 people, who'd be ballsy enough to team up with them when the time is right.

This reward challenge is fun, it's a cool bonding experience for Tambo, even if we're about to have some potentially disruptive twist.


Lincoln, Alfons, Bailey, Wojtek, Trace... I hope you see how wrong that sounds, which is why I think this makes a perfect confessional for the perfect episode title.. You're letting us play with cute little furry balls :|


Ben is literally the sweetest guy ever.

He is actually sacrificing himself to make sure that I stay in the game.. He said that my hosting made him enjoy ORGs. This means more to me than he knows.

Also.. Charlie said to me that I am like Ethan. A winner with a perfect image that will get ruined in All Stars. I am kinda hurt now. But then again.. It's not like I am all of the sudden NaOnka Mixon who pushes people aside so she can get the idol clue.
But the fact is, when you return for a season, you can't play the same cards as you did before. People are familiar with your gameplay, they expect you to make certain moves. But honestly, if someone judges a person by the way they play on Survivor, they should think again. Cause Survivor is just a game, where we all are forced to lie to get forward. It's like in Game of Thrones: you win or you die. Of course, thank goodness, none of us will have to suffer like poor Ned Stark.

And it also isn't like I have stopped being who I am.


Day 12

Sweet merciful Zeus, Tambo finally wins a challenge!

So with 19 people left and an upcoming tribal there seems two likely paths this game might take: once down to 18, one tribe will win immunity and the other three vote of one member, then we dissolve/swap into three tribes of 5; or we dissolve/swap into three tribes of six, then all tribes vote off one member. I think the latter is more likely.

Mike has apparently brought Adam into the fold so that we have Ash, me, Mike and Adam. BTW, do people really think Charlie's boot was so shocking or crazy? The revote seems to point to the most obvious answer: Lloyd and Charlie were on the outs and voted for Mike, and the other four split the votes between Charlie and Lloyd in case Charlie played the idol. So yeah, if Mike and Adam want to work with me they're going to have to lose Gerda and Hickman unless we do a Tambo-Zuma alliance but that's kind of boring. I've also told Ash we could probably rely on Hunter, Gerard and Henry if need be. Gosh, it looks like I have a few bright and exciting opportunities to explore. So Bright! So exciting!


This challenge SUUUCKS! Seriously this sucks balls... (pun intended)
Really? I mean this is aggravating as hell.


So the theme of this challenge for me was familiar faces: ugly celebrities and furry balls.

The first part, THANKS TO ALFONS' WONDERFUL REWARD~~~, was a piece of cake. We had the first letter of each name, and Taylor found Orlando Bloom. Our tribe really came together for this.

But now there's the furry ball challenge, that I know Uli is great at. I tried to outdo his PNG score for good measure, but he's aware that people are gonna try to come for his weave... So he definitely will do his best. He asked me if I'd outscored my last performance, and I told him I tried. I'm curious to know how he read that!

I hope our tribe will be safe. That's all I ask for.


I have a look for the Hidden Immunity Idol buried below our flag...



fuck i'm gonna get voted off if we lose


I am so mad.. We lost again because Lloyd didn't show up. He was literally gone for like 15 hours and that's why we lost the challenge.. I mean, if you're going to be on All Stars or any season for that matter, at least be active...

I mean, otherwise there is no point in making such a commitment.

And now I have Uli here who is gloating cause he won. Seriously, why be so mean to people. I mean, I have seen that Uli can be nice and friendly but every once in a while I see this side of him that really puts me off. He seriously is too full of himself which is why he can't win the season. It'll balloon his ego. I think PNG already did...

But yeah, right now we have to make a really hard decision. If Lloyd still doesn't show up, we are not sure we are keeping him because we can't keep losing because of him....


Tambo, Mpilo and Rolih all won immunity, and Zuma's going to tribal tonight. I'm really happy that I'm safe, because if we lost, it would be my fault. I had the worst score by far.

Taylor's scared that I'm going to vote him off (good Taylor, be smart), I'm scared he's going to overpower me, other people with social games like mine threaten me. Ah, fear, it controls your game. Fear and paranoia caused me to blindside Kevin, and fear is driving me forwards. Fear is a good thing, fear is natural, fear is conquerable.

Anyways, everyone thinks the tribe swap is next, and I'm terrified that I'll get put on a bad tribe without any allies and get voted out! No way am I letting that happen. :)


Me and Adam pinky swore that we will do our best to make it to the end. I have a feeling that there will be a switch very soon and that I will lose Adam. But I am sure we can work something out. I hope. It would be so awesome if we could get to the end again. Then again, why not?

There can be miracleeeeees when you belieeeeeeeve...


Confessionals are oh so NOT fun once you start losing. But they are fun when you have immunity idols. And probably, the only one in this game right now thanks to my good friend Charlie. So now, I have a safety net. In today's challenge, I played good, just not good enough to win. A few more thousand would've most likely done it, but oh well. I'm confident, but only up until tribe switch. I know I'm not liked as much as some other people, or even respected because of people like Hunter, but I'm not afraid. I have the social master Gerda, Hickman, Alejandro, and Marish who hopefully have my back, and also I think the idol will cause a blindside or two. We shall see. All I know is, the childish ignorance is in this game, and it's strong. Stronger than the stench of Lex's sweaty tears after Boston Rob votes him out. I'll probably end up voting for my first or so ally in this game. But we'll see!


FUCK THIS SHIT. Im sorry adam, your a good guy but you ruined everything. we had 3, we could have pulled someone over. except you had to vote out charles then. now we have minority and im going home. Gerda told me. So thanks Adam.


I just had one of the hardest conversations ever with Mike.

But I decided to tell him he is going home. It's the honest and overall right thing to do. I didn't do that with Charlie and I think it's important that I did it this time.

Still, this is not the only reason why I am voting out. I know he is pretty close to Ash and I hear he is a ruthless player. I just cannot take that risk.

But that doesn't mean I am not feeling bad about voting him out. He is seriously fighting to stay in and I really admire that.