"This Game Really Is A Roller Coaster"
Season Survivor: Sichuan
Episode Number 12/14
Episode Chronology
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This Game Really Is A Roller Coaster is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Sichuan.


Reward Challenge:For This Challenge the castaways competed in a Slide Puzzle. The castaways were given a link to a slide puzzle and were timed. The person who completes their slide puzzle in the least amount of time would win reward.

Winner: Erin L.

Immunity Challenge: For this challenge the castaways competed in a flash game called "Swordsman". The person who got the highest score would win immunity. Swordsman

Winner: TSN

Five Flower Lake

Sent to Five Flower Lake: Erin L. & Jessy

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12: Kaimíng

Tribal Council 12:
Vanne (4 votes)
Alexa, Erin L, Jessy & TSN

  • Note: Emile played his Blossom of Long Life and was able to skip tribal council.

Voting Confessionals

Girl, you waited too long to play the game. I approached you on like 10 separate occasions for us to talk legitimate game prior to these recent votes and you were closed up. If Jessy didn’t have the vote negater I would’ve dragged you along to the FTC. A little tip though... Play the game next time!!


This vote is not about eliminating you, once again im saving my own butt. You are an amazing player and you truly deserve better. im so so sorry. You are an amazing player, but i really hope im safe tonight.

–Erin L.

The only thing you had to do was keep your mouth shut and you would've gone way further. I understood you wanted to finally start playing the game at the Final 6, but trying to get me out was your worst option. You were good while you lasted for being used as my vote, but you were unlucky to try to ruin the chance between a girl like me and winning a show like Survivor.


Vanne , last time , you said what ? "" i don't feel comfortable to talk about the votes "" ok 😊

So why did you talk to me a lot in this time ? You are fucking fake and your friend Alexa is a shit ! Both of you are liars!


Im only voting for you because you have played a perfect game so far. Its about time I start playing these bulls by the horns. And congratulations, you're the highest placing Jessy in this ORG.


Final Words

Damn! The one day I get comfortable, the one day my wifi doesnt work, but RIP me. I think these players are so stupid, i gave them the perception that i was the weakest player left but i guess they saw through that. I wish i played dirtier, but i could always return!


Episode Summary


  • The episode was named after Alexa's quote