Day 1

So this is for confessionals, huh? Well, let me just say these people are in for a real surprise. I'm bringing thunder and lightning with me and this game will be taken by storm. Call me cocky, call me arrogant, but I'm able to be when I got this thing. Watch out people!


It's Day 1 of this experience. When I saw the tribe was divided, I quickly check all my tribemates' profile for email or facebook. In that instant I thought only Sam and I are active, since he is the one added me on facebook first. I didn't realize it was morning to Americans/Canadians now. It turned out that Max/Courtney/Will were probably sleeping. Now everyone is active now. I kinda regret making alliances so early. I hope this is not going to be a sign of threat to others. I don't want a blindside to come on me on the first tribal.


Me, Sam, and Ken have the biggest alliance yet. We're the "Three Amigos!" We have plan that is unbelievable! Me and Ken came up with it. Ken will tell Sam about the threesome, in our first tribal, Ken will tell sam to vote courtney. Courtney would be told she has an alliance of Courtney+Will+me, she will vote for Sam in the tribal. So we can pretend the Three Amigos never existed :)This can also be in a benifit if we merge at 4 members. We will have an extra ally!"


I am just going to share about my alliance on my tribe: Lucerne

We have 3 already Me, Matt and Jad Currently I don't have anyone to suspect who to vote out... But hope we will never lose Immunity Because I hate tribal on pre-merge... I feel paranoid that I might be voted out...


Day 2

So, me, Ken, and Will are in a 3 way alliance. We are pretty much doing everything together. In fact we're keeping record of our Hidden Immunity Idol guesses. It will just be so much easier that way but, I don't want to sheep in this game. I want to make some of my own moves. I think that will help me gain Jury Votes in the end. Anyways, the first priority right now is to go to the merge.


I am not good at guessing game

GUESSING GAME... I will just update my alliance... I am trying to convince wojtek to be an alliance member so that incase we lose We will vote Cal out... Me, Wojtek, Jad and Matt but hope we will win Cause it sucks to be first person voted out and it sucks to lose on a Guessing game.


Seriously, I'm getting nervous. My tribe mates aren't that active. Their silence makes me think something's going on but hopefully...there's nothing really going on. Anyways I managed to talked to Lincoln and made an alliance! It feels great :D


Day 3

Yay! We won our first Immunity Challenge!

I told the Bromosexual alliance that whoever from us wins the challenge in first place must send one member of the alliance (in rotation) to Exile Mountain. That way we will secure the idol clue only to ourselves. I convinced Jino and Matt to not send me and instead send Skandi because sending me might blow our alliance's cover.

I'm afraid that Andrew will get voted out, but with Volatine's disqualification from the challenge, I hope her tardiness is enough to make Ticino vote her out, and keep Andrew in the game.


We would have won the challenge if all of us were activate. I did think everyone was active, but Max didn't submit this time. I do understand sometimes voting out a people will take longer than 3 days. It's tedious, but once you entered the competition, I hope everyone could stay dedicated. I see the losing tribe had only 2 submissions. I'm glad that I didn't lose, but seems like there are extra parasites in that tribe.


I am alliance with everyone on my tribe cal just invited me to an alliance with wojtek so obviously that makes me there 3rd member

But on the other hand I have a great duo with Matt and we have a 3rd member jad... But jad never really talk to me... Well I am on a great position currently so if we have our first tribal council I might be safe but I must never feel that I am safe cause this is survivor anything can happen we don't know but there is a possibility... So Incase we go tribal who should I vote??? So I still don't need to care about cause we are Immune for today's tribal :D