Day 1

Emma's first video confessinal day one

Emma's first video confessinal day one


So, as soon as everybody got together, it was a mess. And then people are talking about NBA, Finals, etc., and I'm like, really? Already? I mean, those things are not popular topics in my country. It feels like exchange program all over again!


I'm feeling kinda scared now with all these things happening. People are expecting all kinds of things to happen after the first challenge, and I'm thinking about creating short-term alliances. This can be either really good and save my butt, or blow up in my face because it's too early. I guess that right now, the best I can do is win this fucking challenge!


I have so many allience I do not know who to trust. The only person I can really trust right now is heather. From Josh


So last time you all heard from me I was getting utterly destroyed at the Indonesia final tribal council. I still maintain I should have won that game for I accomplished by goals where as Casey didn't, but at the end of the day it's the jury that decides the game and the whole two votes I got still meant something as they were from two people that actually played the game and understood what was going on.

Anyway I was nervous about coming back, I was afraid my reputation would proceed me and I'd be in trouble. Hopefully the negativity surrounding me will remain where it belongs: in the Cape Verde viewing lounge where Jaylen and Eddie can bro out about how much they hate me.

However, this might be the format that is right for me. Sure it's hard because for a brief period of time I've been charged with keeping my mouth shut, but I think it will pay off in the long run. Apparently I'm suppose to be some kind of tribe leader? That is where I see opportunity. That means I'm suppose to be someone these newbies will have to look up to and seek guidance from, which makes me valuable. Not to mention they have time right now to get annoyed by each other and build egos that don't involve me whatsoever. I have a chance to show these players I can be someone new.

That whole strategy where I just picked fights with people and kept it consistent, because I knew it was an easy path of getting to the end is behind me now. No longer am I the Laure who sits on the side lines and worries about who is a bigger goat than me. I plan to take action this time. If the action gets me out and it results in my early demise I guess it would be worth it. I would hate to be a flop during my second time, but playing it safe or the way I played in Indonesia doesn't get the jury to vote for you in the end. I must become someone new. Something new.



So yeah, it's the first day and it's been fun so far. The One World is a bit lame since nobody says anything, but the private talks have been going well. I've talked to Gavin and Konrad, and both give me a good feeling. Gavin feels more dangerous than Konrad, but maybe Konrad's just fooling me. I don't think and hope so though. I've been playing Constellations a lot, but I'm still nowhere near Evan's supposed score of 15 millions. Hopefully he's just tricking everyone, but you can never know for sure. I'm mostly glad this thing's finally started though - I've been waiting for almost a whole month! I have five goals for the season, and I intend to fulfill them all.
  1. 1 is to not be the first boot, something I should be able to accomplish.
  2. 2 is to survive this until my birthday in a week.
  3. 3 is to make it to the Jury (and merge).
  4. 4 is to make it to the F5.
  5. 5 is to (pretty obviously) make it to the FTC and win.

My guess is that I make goal #3, but who knows? I might go before or maybe even after that. Since this is my first ORG I just want to do my best. I'm going to do everything I can, and I hope everyone else will too. This is going to be the best season ever!


I FINALLY MADE IT! It seems like I have a lot of support :P. Anyways, I've applied like 8 or 9 times. Is that a record? Lol. Anyways, Josh and Heather stated talking to me right of the bat. Heather was talking to me about personal stuff like the weather. Josh was talking strategy. My guess, he's gonna get blindsided at the final 10 or 9. Ik that, I've been there a million times. Josh asked for an alliance and we agreed to pull in Heather (my idea) and Nathan (Josh's idea). I see a player who plays somewhat like me in Josh, strong and strategic right of the bat. Which is HORRIBLE. He will get blindsided for being a massive threat post merge. Anyways, there will be a salvation style boot day 1. It is inevitable. I how my past as a major powerhouse strategist direct come back to bite me. Or the fact that I'm popular among the fans. I hope my past isn't discovered. I hope to play under the radar pre merge then assert myself as a power player at F6.


So, I think i've gotten along with people very well. Right now i'm playing a low key social/strategic game. I am working with Violet, Blake, Heather, Evan, and Odd. My closest ally is Heather, she is a goddess <3


So, it has been almost 18 hours of game, and people are all about the challenge. It's a tough one, because it demands a lot of attention, patience and endurance, which are things that I don't excel at. I was hoping it was something more logical, you know? Anyway, I got fairly below two million points, and I heard people are getting over fifteen million, so I hope people are reading their scores wrongly, and instead getting around a million and a half.


So, I've talked to a bunch of people and we kinda have something going, because I don't think the worst performance will be eliminated right off the bat. Then I'm trying to collect a certain amount of people that can have my back if there is a vote or a school yard pick. I'm just worried that I'm being too aggressive too soon and this blows up in my face.


In my opinion, in this stage of the game, the social aspect is the worst one. There are too many people, and just in case, you have to make sure you talk to all of them, it's annoying. I can't wait to get to tribal phase and talk to my four only!


Well, of I don't have Heather, Nathan and Josh, I know have Nathaniel and Konrad. I have 1 foursome and 1 threesome. I hope these alliances will carry me to the end like my other alliances fail to do. This threesome is a nice safety net.


I am really trying to lay low for now. I don't want to make to big of moves too fast. Because if I do, the target will be bigger than Jon Misch's ego."

"The challenge was ok. I got about 89,000 so hopefully that'll be a good score to show off from:)

Did I mentioned I am SO PUMPED UP!!!!


So this is weird to be writing, because it's not really a pre-game confessional, but I'm not actually introduced to the game yet. Either way, I wanted to make sure I got some words out there before the twist happens and I inevitably meet a super-early fate.

I'm so excited to be back! The bitch hat I proverbially hung on the wall in Kamshitcrap (I say that with love, I swear) is calling my name and ready to come back into my life, but I'm nervous. Not only am I one of three returnees in a mostly newbie season, I'm coming in late. These new kids may have already made alliances, figured out their numbers, and decided who they want to play with to the end- and Emma, Laure, and I haven't even made our grand entrance yet. So right now, I'm establishing bonds with Emma and Laure- it's kind of the only option I have for now. I like Laure a lot, and would love to work with her even if it weren't a choice. Emma is great as a person, but I don't really know how she plays- the one game I've been in with her, we were never on the same tribe. So I'll probably ask around and be wary.

I do know some of the newbs, though! Reid used to dislike me a lot- I hope he doesn't still. Scoot and Nathan are Tumblr kiddos and I adore them quite a lot, and hope I end up with one of them- I know they're both super trustworthy. Other than that, it's a lot of fresh faces who hopefully didn't see my game in Kamshitcrap. Even so, being the new kid kinda sucks. I'm hoping that alliances are broken when the OneWorld twist gets broken and tribes are formed, and I have a way in. Otherwise, I'm a late premerge boot at best.


Second confessional! Firstly, I can't believe I thought Evan might be lying! He's an amazing guy, and I really hope he makes it far. I kind made a pact with him to tell each other if one of us was getting talked about, and I'm not gonna betray him. I really hope his 15 millions is enough to make him immune. Other than Evan, I've also talked to Nathan and Reed/Reid/Spu in private chats. Nathan seemed nice, unfortunately not so much more, and Reed/Reid/Spu almost immediately wanted to make an alliance with Konrad and me. I told him we'd have to talk to Konrad first though. I went to sleep soon after, and during that time Konrad and Reed/Reid/Spu (I really need a name for that guy) made the alliance without me. I'm sure it's a great alliance, I just don't trust Reed/Reid/Spu and Konrad 100% yet. I just got to know he goes by Reid. That's great to know. He reminds me a bit of my dog. His name is Spencer Reid, after the guy from Criminal Minds. Anyway, back to the subject. I'll probably get to know them more soon. After all, it's just gone a day so far! Sigh. Just got to know we're only waiting for Rhea. Apparantly she's stuck in school. Our Euro Alliance (preliminary and probably final name) are thinking about who we'll vote for. I know who I'm not voting for, but now completely sure of who to vote for yet. I don't think I'll be immune, but I don't think I'll be amongst the tribe choosers either.

Anyway, it surprised me the small amount of people who actually read the bid for the season. I'm the only one I've met so far, and I've had to show the bid for 8 people. Most people are pretty upset to know all twists but one, though I kinda like it. That secret twist is exciting! I really hope I'm surviving long enough to find out what it is while paying! I've talked to everyone but like five people, though some I've seen in the group chat from hours ago. I just live in a bad timezone. Violet and Tyler are the ones I haven't talked to nor seen, and the alliance is thinking of targeting one of them for the first TC. Anyway, I'm not gonna write more now, then people won't read it all. One thought is still in my mind from before though: this is going to be the best season ever!


The sad truth of the matter is that for many, the game has ended before it has begun. For whom the bells have tolled shall be apparent in the future... ;)


I wake up from my nap and I'm blown away by the twist and by the presence of these three returnees. I liked it, but I really don't want them to hang around for long, this is a newbies season!


Reid is so annoying. He is so full of himself, and... JUST DIE, CREATURE!


Just to highlight: REID IS ANNOYING! Blabla.... I'm good a spammer, I'm better than you, good for you...


The results are posted and a few people got over 2 million points. I played this game and it took me a long time to get roughly 1.8 mi... Don't you people have nothing to do to keep playing all day long?


As people are getting picked, I'm starting to believe that my alliance doesn't have my back as I thought they would... It sucks! Haha


I kinda wanna be picked by Evan, and hope that he picks me because I believe we had a bond. But Corvo is such a terrible tribe name, and the color sucks! Haha


Yep! As soon as Konrad picks Nathaniel, I know this freaking alliance was bullshit!


Evan, you son of a bitch!!! Honestly, if I get picked, now I wanna get picked to Corvo. I'll just create chaos!!


Konrad picked Nathaniel, and right after comes to me to say it was the hardest decision for him, because he wanted to pick me or Heather so bad... Dude, I'm not stupid. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. It won't happen twice!


I'll probably be asleep when it's my turn to pick, but anyway - I pick Reid. I'm fairly certain he won't get picked before I can pick him.


Konrad is really thinking he is fooling me. He is still coming with the whole speech that he should have chosen me or Heather, but I know he didn't plan on choosing us. It sucks that my life in this game is on his hands, but if I stay I'll slay him in the first good opportunity


Use as you see fit

Opening Confessional "You are looking at the winner of this season - the SAVIOR of Cape Verde. That, or some mouthy asshole that gets blindsided but will return in the future anyways."

Challenge Confessional "I came into this game with the notion of throwing challenges, but with immunity on the line I have to shoot high on this one. I'm assuming that the 3 highest scorers will win and will all vote someone out, and there's no way in hell I'm getting caught in a 16-man crossfire."

After the twist "Well shit. I'm glad I did well in this challenge, but it's a catch 22. Hopefully the returners will respect me and pick me early on, and I can be kept for most of this premerge because I'll help the tribes in challenges. On the downside, the target on my back is never more clearer."

On Lindsay picking me "I'm pretty satisfied, Lindsay picked me second overall. She definitely isn't as sharp and clever as Laure, but not as airheaded as Emma. This is someone who was voted out for being overly faithful to her alliance, so while it'd be ideal to preach loyalty to her, I think she knows she can't play such a game and expect to win."

On Isaiah and Violet "You all remember that faggot flamer Dylan back in Peru? Yeah, Isaiah is basically his fuckbuddy. He knows me, and we don't like each other. I'll do my best to conceal this conflict for now, but the first chance I get, I'm pulling the trigger on him. From what I've heard he's already have preestablished connections with Violet, and maybe even Blake, so that's fucking wonderful. I'm coming for you assholes."

On picking Josh "Josh isn't the smartest kid. However, he's very straightforward and I think I can trust him for now. The problem with players like him is that he can do the wildest shit at the most unexpected times, and no one would have a proper read due to the unintelligible way he carries himself. Pray for me."

On alliance with Pedro, Josh, Heather, and Konrad "It's always good to be brought into an early alliance rather than start it. This group here could either be a huge fucking failure or a solid foundation for my run to the end. We've literally known each other for 30 minutes and this foreign kid throws us into a group. Let's hope it works."

On Heather "Heather's hard to read. Part of me wants to take her to the end, she's very social and no one would go for her, so I wouldn't have to worry about keeping her. On the flip side, she has this wild card type feel to her and hasn't really opened up to me just yet. Her answers are very choppy and sporadic. It may be the way she usually acts, but still. She claims to have liked me the most, and that she wants on my tribe. We're just going to have to see how this works out."


I love everyone yasss Evan was the first one to talk to me he is really nice but i am most threatened by him. Gavin is probably gonna be my closest ally i hope.. i mean he is amazing.. and he is really nice! He was one of the newbies that i got really close quickly with! Konrad was also really nice but he got picked rip that is all for nowww. but i got a feeling things will be messy soon haha


A couple of things I wanted to say first

So the game has started and I couldn't be more excited for that. We all waited so long for this and it's finally happening! I'm glad I got a chance to meet all those people. So far talking to them wasn't the hardest thing to do - most of them pretty much try to stay afloat so they'll go out of their way to be polite and kind to others. You don't want to come across as a spoiled brat on your first day, do you?

It's a shame our cast has been cut. Cape Verde seemed to me like an awesome season from the bid (there are definitely pros and cons to three tribes, but other than that, awesome) and I'm not happy Rome "screwed us over". I feel like inviting returnees was a good idea from a technical point of view, but personally I'm not a big fan of it. I was hoping for an all-newbies season, so I could have better chances. Returnees have so much more experience than other players this season do and definitely know how to make all these first-time contestants "fall for them". Also girls playing here still are treated like some sort of a novelty. I'm not bashing women by any means, they are, in fact, fierce competitors. I'm just saying suddenly my chances of winning became smaller ;) "Favourites" may be huge adversaries in the future so I have to make sure I won't become one of their dogs. Sure, I will try to talk to them and get to know them better, but I prefer to keep my distance at this point. The exception to this rule is Emma, who I like the most out of the three. I'll make my efforts with her while keeping in mind she may be dangerous.

The game

At the beginning of the season EVERYONE started to write eachother messages. "Hi! Hello there! what's up! good! how about you!" is a formula I've seen pretty much in every conversation I had. I won't blame anybody for that (because how do you really start a convo with a total stranger) but I also like to spice things up in any chat and bring up the most random topics possible so they wouldn't seem so forced. For example, with Emma I talked about our love for pizza and hate for grammar, with Heather I brought up "the final exams talk" and with Josh we talked about sports. I. Talked. About sports. With another person. xD Let me just copy and paste what I told Mitchell, when it happened: "I just can't contain myself at this point and have to share - I'm talking with someone ABOUT SPORTS and that's the most bizarre thing." So there's that.

My strategy

My plan for the first couple of days is to get through as many people as possible and use One World twist to my advantage. I want to appear friendly, a bit crazy and energetic. I make sure to be a compassionate listener. I also try to crack jokes from time to time in hopes of being perceived as "the funny one", hence the picture I uploaded on facebook and friendly irony towards Joan. I didin't want to create bigger alliances at this point - having 1 on 1 conversations and bonding with individuals was more important to me. After all, we are still to be divided between three tribes. Some people weren't as patient though and there are some pacts I became involved in. Here are all the "official" ones I know of:


Pedro's Alliance: Pedro, Josh, Evan, Heather and me. It was the first pact I was invited to. We quickly bonded and shared some ideas about the game. Lately we've also been discussing the plan of evenly dividing ourselves between two tribes and I believe it may actually work, but I have to put an extra effort so it can work as I planned. There are two factors here and my success depends on them. I'll write about them later. I could consider this alliance a real one if it wasn't for Pedro's temper. He's nice, but also all over the place. He considers himself a leader, but frankly, he's not fitting that role, as it's others who have control. In F5 scenario, he's the first one out. (but they also may want to keep him as a goat and vote me out, because at this point I'm considered a challenge threat.) If this alliance is SOMEHOW going to work all through the merge, I think Josh will take the wheel, maybe working closely with Evan or Heather.

Euro Alliance: Reid, Nathaniel and me. That was Reed's idea - he felt that he could talk to me (because of my approach in our conversation I believe), and he said he trusted Nathaniel. Reid quickly made a chat for our three. We were even discussing names. The deciding factor was that me and Nat are both from Europe and Reed claims he is "90% European". I proposed "The Originals" since Europe invaded and repopulated America. But Reid said "No. Euro alliance is better". Okay dearie, you don't have to be so possesive... xD But I agreed to this name. It's not THAT bad. (though it will look terrible on the wiki) Ultimately that's the alliance I went for when tribe division started to happen, still I will make sure to keep in touch with Pedros' alliance members. Pedro's alliance is a big one, so there is a higher chance that someone out of these four people will end up with me. While having the whole Euro alliance with me and maintaining the link between me, Reid and Nathaniel, I believe if someone from Pedro's alliance will join us, we can have 4-2 majority with me being a bridge between three people in that "4" votes. If I chose Pedro and others immediately, I would just become a sheep. The choice I made is supposed to give me control in Zaranha.

Gavin's alliance: Gavin, Scott, Nathan PC and me Gavin was the initiator of this. He said he trusted me and he also trusted Nathan and Scott. It was a bit random and unexpected to me - Gavin is surely someone who I like and who I can potentially trust, but as I said, I wanted to maintain individual bonds with people first and create alliances after picking tribes. I couldn't say no to Gavin's idea though, could I? I ignored this pact while picking the tribes, maybe because it happened so late. Still I will make sure to keep in touch with Scott and Gavin, if not for feeling secure, then for having someone who can tell me what's going on.

My own 2-person alliance with Emma Obligatory pact with a returnee. I will explain my relationship with her in detail later in this message.

I know there are many more alliances that I'm not aware of. (for example, apparently Violet has some and I don't know who her friends are). If I had to make a prediction, I'd say there will be even more connections people will want to take advantage of before the split is over. But who are they kidding? All these alliances will fall apart. Sooner or later.

First impressions

There are many people I talked to since the beginning of this game. Here are my first impressions of them:

Pedro: He is super eager to play. On day 1 he created an alliance and it so happened I was included. Although I admire his spirit and child-like joy he brings to the table, his game seems a bit transparent to me and he tends to be hot-headed. Maybe that's language barrier, still the brightest players wouldn't think of a plan that requires nine people. In one alliance. On the first day. Come on xD I wonder how easy/difficult it would be to manipulate him.

Heather: I immediately was drawn to her and I really tried to bring my compassionate nature to her attention so she could trust me, because for some reason I trust her. She's a bit quiet, but so am I irl. If that's who she really is, a quiet and kind person, I'd totally like to work with her. I really hope she's not a very strategic player though, who acts a certain way to make herself look friendly, and then stabs you in the back.

Reid: He's kind of a random person to me. I talked to him a bit and I don't feel like he is very intelligent, so our conversations don't last long. He told me he applied 8 or 9 times here... And he was accepted in a season with 30 applications, right? That speaks volumes about him. Of course I'm not hating on him, still I don't feel particularly comfortable talking about strategy with him as he is hot-headed, too quick to act and already spilled the beans about something. And also I'm a bit mad at him because he just dismissed my amazing idea for a name for our alliance! xD Note: I just noticed he's 14. He was born in 2000's. I'm 10 years older than him. I'm. Ten. Years. Older. Than one of my allies. This is starting great xD

Nathaniel: He seems like a cool guy. I wanted to become friends with him because we're both from Europe and the rest of the cast is pretty much 90% Americans, so that definitely brings me and him closer together. I want to work with him in the future. He is very chill and easy to talk to. Although sometimes he's not particularly attentive in our conversations, I like him. One thing bothers me though - he called me a threat. That is never a good thing, even if it's said by someone, whose native language isn't English.

Josh: Or who I like to call "the starfruit guy". His mangatar looks menacing tbh xD As for his personality, the alliance created by Pedro somehow connected us, but I don't feel really connected to him. For starters, he's a die-hard fan of sports and he looses me at that. Second, I have a feeling he may be an aggressive player who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Potential threat. Our conversations felt a bit forced, but I appreciate his "let's cut to the chase" attitude. Note: He JUST confirmed he tried to have the lowest score so he could be a captain. And for two days he was moaning he's just terrible at challenges... Ha ha. :>

Evan: He's kind of neutral to me and there would definitely be pros and cons in aligning with him. He seemed friendly and very open about his score in the first challenge which may be a proof of truthfulness. Still I believe he focuses on playing the game far more than he shows. His score was pretty good and he would "win" if it wasn't for me. I talked to him rather openly and even moaned about being seen as threats. The only question is: will he try to become my ally in the future, so that we can both succeed in challenges, or will he try to get rid of me sooner than later so he can be in a power position.

Gavin: I believe his strategy is similar to mine. He's very easy to talk to and he was the only one apart from Heather, who made me feel... I don't know if that's a good word, but "welcomed". (in other cases it was me who tried to make the convo more lively and the person followed). He's nice, but we also talked a bit about the game and he proved to be more strategic. His social game (from my perspective at least) is great. But I have this feeling that he's not perceived as active. It worries me too, that he was picked first by Emma.

Isaiah: I talked to him once. One of the first things he said to me after I introduced myself was "Why do you wanna talk?" and then he proceeded with one or two word responses. Like... How unaware can you be? We all know every conversation about "life" is a charade at this point, but why did he not play along? If he is the same with everyone then his chances of making it far are slim. Of course I tried to mask my disappointment and we ended on a good note, still he gave me a huge first impression of not being a great person to talk to and to cooperate with.

Nathan PC: We talked a little bit and it wasn't bad, but it wasn't amazing either. He's not oversharing like I am and our personalities may clash a little bit. I shouldn't say he's boring, but nothing better comes to my mind. I somehow ended up in an alliance with him and that's how we got to know eachother, but I personally don't believe we can become friends and true allies in the future. Reid apparently likes him.

Scott: He is a cool dude. I would compare him to Gavin. He's easy to talk to, seemed nice and atentive. I would like to get to know him better, although he may also be a stronger player who hides behind this nice persona. I definitely will have to talk to him more before I can make my mind about him.

Violet: I started a conversation with her and she just didin't respond, yet someone (I don't remember who) said she talks to people. She scored pretty high in the challenge too. So I'm sitting here like "why do you ignore me?". If she doesn't want to talk, then I won't force her. It's a shame though.

Rhea, Blake, Tyler, Brayden: Didn't talk to them yet.

And then, our lovely returnees:

Emma: If I had to end up creating a long-lasting alliance with a returnee, I'd pick her. We shared our love for animals and pizza, we talked about swimming a bit, nothing really special, yet I feel we bonded. I'm sure after competing in two seasons she learned how to manipulate people and maybe she will try that on me, but I will still play along. I want to get through her, because completely ostracizing all returnees is not a good thing.

Laure: Of course I had to end up in her tribe xD She was described as a villain who always picks a fight and she placed 2nd in Indonesia. A threat right there. Of course I have to get to know her better and we have a perfect opportunity for that now, since we're both in Zaranha, but I'm a bit apprehensive about trusting her. I'm not really sure if I can really bring myself to cooperate with anyone who is openly rude. I'll give her a benefit of the doubt, but if she will ever be rude to me or to anyone, friend or foe, I'm done with her. Note: She proposed "Waffleo" initiative on the tribe chat ("We Are Friends Friends Love Each Other") and said she will not be as mean as last time, which I find hilarious. Note #2: She tries to make herself look weak: "Warning I'm not that good at flash games. I'm horrible at puzzles, but Emma and Lindsay don't even try because that game was easy soooo". Soooo I don't buy it xD Note #3: It seems like everyone is wary of her and it sort of gave me an edge today, when me, Nathaniel and Reed were talking about who we should pick next for our tribe. Because of Laure's villanous nature, I can propose anyone to Nathaniel and Reid for the pick or for future alliance just because "They would probably vote Laure with us". Even though I'm not particularly happy about being chosen by Laure, I love the fact that we have someone in out tribe who we can blame for anything.

Lindsay: I talked with her a little bit but I can't base my opinion about her on that. I'm yet to discover what she brings to the table. I'm curious about her though.

Additional notes

Important note about Heather: Ahhh, something came up and I sadly can't trust Heather as much as I originally planned to :( As I mentioned, there is a plan that Pedro's alliance should split between Zaranha and Corvo (2 people in yellow, 3 people in magenta). I already managed to convince Reid (who will be picked by Nathaniel next) that he should take Heather and I am even proud of myself for bringing up very good arguments for that (I will mention them later). But when me and other four in Pedro's alliance started to talk about the division strategically, Heather gave me huge signs she doesn't want to be with me in the tribe and prefers to leave me with Pedro. It seems like she is far more comfortable with Josh and Evan than me alone. She didin't say it to my face and also tried to "blame Josh" that he is set to pick her and she can't do anything about it. But I'm not buying it. I feel like she might become suspicious because I picked Nathaniel and also she goes for a safer bet - Evan and Josh - so she can actually be more comfortable with potential numbers. I can see the strategy behind it and won't blame her for trying to secure her position, but I'm sad now. I really really wanted to work with her and I wouldn't do anything during this pick, to hurt her game. And she would totally be safe with me, Nathaniel and Reid, I would make sure of it. Now it seems like I'm left with Pedro who is unpredictible and too eager to make moves... And that's not even 100% final since Reid will not pick him easily.

The two factors I mentioned in Pedro's alliance description are: 1. the choice now lies really in Nathaniel's hands (by that I mean Reid's hands because we're set on picking him), not mine so I have to go out of my way to convince Nathaniel and Reid to pick Pedro or Heather. In Pedro's alliance we decided Heather should go to magenta tribe and Pedro to yellow. Before, I thought we were set with Laure, me, Nathaniel, Reid and Heather, but that changed - what I want now is Laure, me, Nathaniel, maaaayyybe Reid and Pedro. If Reid actually picks Pedro, that will be a miracle (the kind you worked on very hard) because he said Pedro annoys him. Oh joy. 2. At this point I have to act in front of Heather, Josh, Pedro and Evan as if I didn't think Nathaniel's pick through. I maintain this "sorry for screwing up" kind of attitude and that is supposed to help me keep in touch with their plans.

The arguments I proposed to Euro Alliance to convince them they should pick Heather next: Maybe Heather? She placed in the middle (of the challenge) so that pick wouldn't attract attention. Also I feel like her and Laure's personalities will totally clash. And that's good for us xd" So by making Laure an antagonist I can sway Nathaniel and Reid. Hope it actually works.

The argumens I proposed to Reid to convinve him he should pick Pedro next: "Pedro can be easy to sway and also he expressed STRONG dislike for Laure. And as far as I'm concerned, we can't let Laure have control in this tribe". (to these Reid answered "he annoys me". Reid is very, very cooperative, haha)

My score in the challenge I aimed for immunity, since that information was in the bid. My score was the best one and the second person got like 22 million points less than me. But it didn't grant me the immunity and now I'm painted as a challenge competitor. I can be seen as a threat and that's the last thing I wanted to become and it may ruin my strategy. It was a bit stupid of me to send this huge score in. Now people are totally aware of my abilities with online games (well, maybe not abilities but dedication in getting the best possible scores) and that scares the hell out of me. Not only that but with my score I was a guaranteed first pick when tribe division started. And it had to be Laure who picked me... I definitely see some good sides to this, as I get the sense of how I can play with Laure in my tiribe, but earlier I was a bit mad about that tbh.

The first lie So Pedro's alliance thinks Nathaniel FOR SURE will choose Heather or Pedro for Zaranha. Since Heather is apprehencive about being with me, I told her that Nathaniel doesn't like Pedro and that I'm not sure if I'll be able to convince him to pick the guy from Brazil. I know it won't change Heather's mind and she will still prefer to join Evan and Josh, but if I actually make Reid choose Pedro, it can be seen by Pedro's alliance members as a huge success and also create an image in Heather's head that my tribe is ruled by chaos. If I moan about it enough to her, our relationship could become more personal, and that's something I can work with - selling her a few stories is a good bet I think, since she doesn't want to be my close ally.

Laure starts playing the game Nathaniel is sleeping so he won't make his choice until later today. That gave Laure the time to talk to me. Laure became aware that Reid is going to be picked because apparently Reid made it obvious (that's what I was talking about when I said he spilled the beans about something). So our returnee tries to convince me that Reid is a liability (I definitely see what she means. Reid actually MAY be a liability in the long run, and if he screws up in a challenge after we have two tribals, I would definitely get rid of him, but at this time I need a majority and for the first couple of rounds Reid may help me). She asked me if I could talk to Nathaniel about the pick and make him change his mind because "her tribe last season sucked and she wants a good one this time" and "you have better contact with Nathaniel". I played along, reassuring her I'll do that. That gave her the courage to try to manipulate me further - she "tries to be weary of liabilities" and said Isaiah is fishy. But I can see through it. She just wants someone SHE can work with to be picked and knows that she can only make this happen by using me, as I chose Nathaniel and in her mind that means I can maybe influence him. Also she approaches me like I'm a good candidate for her ally. How about no, not until the tribe division is finished.

Blocking on facebook Reid blocked Laure on facebook... ... ... ... "becuse she annoyed him" ... ... I'm dying. He said he will unblock her soon and I'll make sure of that. But damn, that was... not a bright decision. And certainly not a good move in the game.

Conclusion Here is the summary so you won't get lost.

1. I want to have two people from Euro Alliance and one person from Pedro's alliance in my tribe. At this point the most fitting person from Pedro's alliance is Pedro. I want to be the bridge between people and ultimately control Zaranha. 2. I want to maintain my easy-going persona and talk to as many people individually as possible. 3. I need to talk to the rest of the cast. 4. If Laure isn't a villain this season, it may be a good idea to paint her as one. 5. I need to play both sides - Pedro's alliance is the first side and Euro alliance is the second. 6. I love this game. 7. Reid is kind of a loose cannon. So is Pedro. It makes me a bit scared tbqh. 8. Potential threats: returnees, Josh, three people from Pedro's alliance, maybe Scott. 9. I'm disappointed by Heather. 10. Much more that I missed.

Final additional note It may appear as I'm very cocky and full of myself, thinking "my perception is reality" but that's not the case. There are 19 different minds in this game who have ideas of their own. I will never know everything. I also doubt my decisions all the time. I constantly think my "easy-going persona" is actually annoying as hell and people perceive me as a joke. But. I can't let my doubts get in the way. I absolutely need to fulfill my plans in order to go further. I have to be strict and I need to believe I CAN do stuff because only that way I can succeed. That's why I will do my best to be meticulous, strategic, manipulative and confident. I need to believe my choices will bring me profits. And talking like "stuff will happen how I want them to happen" helps me with that.

PS. I think I was writing this confessional for 7-8 hours.


Day 2

Really liking my new tribe have plenty of allies on it so far


I cant wait for the Returnees to rip eachother apart (Lindsey Laure)

I cant wait for the Returnees to rip eachother apart (Lindsey Laure)


Third confessional. Some people say I do too many of these (doing one every RL day), and I probably do. I have so mcuh to say though, especially this day! Let's start with yesterday. Joan tricked me! I was so not expecting those twists! Or well, I was expecting either 3 players to return after being voted out, or three old players to join us, but I really didn't expect it to happen as it did! Anyway, I recognised Emma the best of them (because of her Hunger Games history), but I also recognised Laure. Lindsay I barely recognised at all. About the scores - Konrad (my best ally) got highest score, by far! I'm so happy for him! I'm also glad for Evan. Tyler was a surprise though. Since he's done nothing socially I guess he needs to be good in challenges. Me getting the fourth (fifth if counting Laure) highest score was a nice surprise though! Didn't expect that at all! The tribe selecting system is also nice. I wonder what will happen to the person not picked though... I'm on the same tribe as Laure, Konrad and Reid (+ 2 more currently unknown people). Laure wants us to follow WAFFLEO (We Are Friends Friends Love Each Other), she says she's changed, something I kinda believe. The other Euro guys want her out immediately though. Konrad is a great guy, and I'm glad to be on the same tribe as him. I'm not sure about Reid though. Apparently his pick will be "a surprise the rest of us will like", but I'm not sure I trust him. After all, he did block Laure on FB -_- I also kinda get the feeling he and two other people have an alliance together...

Out of the other tribes, I think Alto looks awesome. Everyone in it so far are great people, and I think they'll do great. I almost wish I was on that tribe. Corvo though... I only like Evan in that tribe. Hopefully he makes it the furthest out of them. Talking about getting far, I talked to Gavin today, about lots of stuff. He knows about our alliance (though he thinks Laure's in it as well), and we promised each other to not vote at each other in a possible merge. We also promised each other to convince the rest of our tribes to give the other clues at the Plaza. Only one tribe will give the other of course, but it's worth the risk. I trust Gavin 50%, but there's a 50% risk he's lying to me. Especially because of the things he said to Konrad, about an alliance in our tribe wanting to vote him out. Konrad came to me about it, and I told him everything Gavin and I said. Oh well, not everything, not the potential merge things. Gavin and I also made lists, of least to most dangerous contestant. Gavin's ranking: 19. Rhea 18. Blake 17. Brayden 16. Nathan PC 15. Josh 14. Isaiah 13. Pedro 12. Tyler 11. Heather 10. Scott 9. Gavin (Me) 8. Lindsay 7. Laure 6. Violet 5. Reid 4. Evan 3. Nathaniel 2. Emma 1. Konrad

My ranking: 1/2/3. Konrad, Evan, Gavin 4. Nathaniel 5. Laure 6. Emma 7. Scott 8. Nathan 9. Josh 10. Lindsay 11. Reid 12. Tyler 13. Pedro 14. Violet 15. Heather 16. Blake 17. Brayden 18. Isaiah 19. Rhea

Konrad said he'd make a list too, after his confessional was finished. Assuming it takes as long time as his last confessional (8 hours), I'll get it by tonight! According to Laure, Reid made it obvious he and I share an alliance. Sigh. I really hope I won't regret picking him. Anyway, it's dinner time now, so I gotta go! New confession coming tomorrow! And as always: this is going to be the best season ever!


Tbh wtf

Tbh wtf


I really like my tribe. This is the one I wanted to be on. I did tell Isaiah I owed him because he picked me and I didn't have to worry about being last. However, there is an alliance in the making.

So, I made the first alliance of the game (as far as I know), the Goofy Goobers. I really like this alliance because I like everybody in it. I feel like I can carry with these people for a while. Sadly, Gavin kind of wants Isaiah out. I feel bad, but at the same time I only promised him a spot on my tribe, not anything else.


First of all, I did TERRIBLE at the challenge. I was so embarrassed. I should have tried harder. I thought I got a good score but then these people all got past the million point and I was just like "WHAT!?"

The Corvo Tribe...I'm going to be honest I felt a bit like an outcast at first. Especially since the first thing I see as soon as I enter the tribe is Evan saying, "Why did you pick Blake?"

I just felt like I was not liked at all cause of my poor challenge performance. At that point I knew I had to rely on my social game to fit in right away and try to form relationships with people. I've been talking to Heather, Josh, and Violet.

I was a bit mad at Evan at first, but I knew I kinda had to take the first step and approach him. So I did and I think the conversation ended on a good note. I might have good relationships with four people now. I haven't talked much to Lindsay and Tyler yet just cause I don't know how to connect with them at all. We seem like different people and I just don't think I can bond with them necessarily but I WILL try.

Heather seems like such a great girl. We have so much in common. We both LOVE Caryn Groedel, cause I mean who can hate her? We both despise Jenn and love Shirin from the Worlds Apart cast. I think we can be great friends down the road, hopefully.


Thanks. Thanks for this stupid fucking twist. Thank you Joan. Thank you Bailey. Thank you fucking Liamitchell!

This is how things went wrong and why my game is ruined. It's all nice and good that we were secret returnees and I had the ability to skype Scott and ask him for game information when he was unaware I was in the game, but we didn't get day zero meaning we didn't get to form bonds with these people.

Do you know who bonded the most? The fuck boys that's who bonded the most.

I thought Emma, Lindsay, and I were going to pick all the tribes. I had these grand plans to divide any existing alliances as well as Tumblr Survivor people. I came into this game wanting to be someone new and play a different way, but it appears I need to rely on Tumblr Survivor people again, but we'll get there.

Anyway, yes I did state exactly last confessional that I would be a new nicer person and play the social game, and then I met Reed...... fucking Reed. So I picked Konrad first because clearly he is good at challenges, but that was a mistake because apparently he feels a connection towards 'Nathaniel' so had to pick him, and this idiot Nathaniel had an alliance with Reed and Pedro. He begged him not to pick Reed. I told him he made their alliance obvious and was a liability, but he picked him anyway.

The real kicker is that Reed blocked me on on Facebook. Nathaniel was aware of that, and picked him anyway, but it's okay that I'm on the outs because we're going to win every challenge? See what I mean fuck boys. There is no flash game immunity runs. It's photoshop shit and geoguesser most of the time.

The one person I really want to work with in this game is Scott. I know Scott I like Scott, and already Scott saved me. He picked pedro to break the fuck boy alliance which led to me getting 2 Tumblr Survivor people. So if I work on Rhea (I know Nathan Cooper I don't know Rhea well except I voted her out of Jack's Skype Survivor so I need to work on that, but she will need to go later cause she's friends with Emma) I can at least have 3 on my side. I think I can still talk Konrad into working with me he is reasonable.

So fuck this challenge. I don't have photoshop. No one has photoshop. You know why? Cause you're all a bunch of elitist to punish us for being poor.

Anyway I wanted to be nice. I tried to promote Waffleo (we are friends and friends love each other), but like not only can I not tolerate stupid people, but I can't let them live. I need to let them know they are stupid and not worthy enough to breathe the same air is me.


So, out of nowhere I'm picked by Scott to be part of Alto Mira. I couldn't be happier! It's gonna sound fake, but that's the tribe I wanted to join, not because of the members, but because of the name and the color. Silly Pedro!


Suddenly I'm informed that I'm part of a majority alliance in Alto Mira. Great news for me, because I don't have to worry about forming one myself again. But, it's too early to take part on one, especially because I wanna work with Isaiah badly. I don't know what I'm gonna do about it, so I'm just hoping we can get some kind of Tandang winning streak to postpone it as long as possible. By now, I'm just gonna work with everybody and think about which side I'm gonna join when I actually need to pick one. For now, I'm my own alliance!


Day 3

So. I have a lot of thoughts, and a lot of them are super-jumbled, so apologies if this is anything but chronological. I'm probably just going to rant.

Apparently, in the five or so months since I last played on the main ORG, the newbies have gotten smarter and shadier. In the mere day and a half that they had before Laure, Emma, and myself joined the game, they made more alliances that intersect and cancel one another out than I can count on fingers and toes. So, while my initial plan was to pick up all the Tumblr kids I could to have a small tribal majority, the other two returnees wanted to break up all the alliances we could. So we tried.

And, well, we did our best. But now, me and Laure are in deep shit.

Evan was my first pick- I wanted him for his excellent challenge score and to break up a bunch of alliances that I heard he was in. And well, he can't seem to tell me the same thing twice- he's trashtalking people I know he's allied with and sucking up to people I wouldn't expect! He's not the person I trust the most, that's for damn sure, and I hope I can get him out early.

Heather is another one I'm wary of, despite being a Tumblr kid. She's shady- in her Tumblr season, she pulled some nasty shit on my friend Stephen. But she's being so nice to me. Too nice. I don't like it.

Violet's friends with Isaiah and Dylan Biethmann, my least favorite human to ever exist. (You earn that title when you say I should get cancer and die in the middle of the game. I dare you to join his ranks, haters. Dare you.) So I already don't want her around.

Blake's quiet. Too quiet.

Josh is the biggest suckup with the worst spelling. I'm already annoyed by him and it's Day fucking 2. I don't know how much longer I can stand him...

And then there's Tyler. My favorite by default because a) our flag kicks ass and b) he actually seems like a semi-sane, functional human being.

So. Let's pound out the mini-games, buffs, and Haiku poems and hope to God that if I can't win this one, it's not my ass getting booted first.



Ah. My fourth confessional. Let's start with yesterday. I love the choices PC and Reid made. Both picks were the best they could do. NPC (my new nickname for Nathan XD) is a nice guy who has some things in common with me. Rhea is not an ideal choice, but (I hate to say this) an inactive is kinda good to blame a loss on. My tribe won't lose anything though. We're the best! If just Konrad could fix his computer problems, Rhea her inactiveness, and so on... This challenge going on right now feels good though. I've scored 174, and Laure's gonna try to get 36. NPC's awesome at Haikus, and Konrad's worked with photoshop for years. Overall it feels great! If we don't win I hope Alto does though. I just love some of the people in their tribe (Gavin, Emma) and everyone's really nice in their tribe! Corvo I have no love for except for Evan, an I'll probably never figure out how Tyler could choose them... But of course, it is Tyler we're talking about, and I think he kinda should've gone home. He literally said nothing to anyone before his "I choose Corvo". Anyway, I talked to Gavin today, and he mentioned some secret Idols the 3 returnees had (only for Tribal #1 though). Even if it's true it's gonna be useless for Laure anyway though, since we'll vote out Rhea first of all (I hope) if we lose the challenge. We also got our first clue to the Hidden Idol today: "I'm a male contestant from Survivor". Thanks a lot hosts. I guessed for Ibrehem, and Joan filled me with false hope before giving me a stick -_-

This is a short confessional, but I have to head for bed now! I really hope everything goes great tomorrow! And as always: this is going to be the best season ever!


When I first saw this challenge I was really annoyed, because I was expecting something more logical, some puzzle, something like this... The cricket one was really stressful, because it was really hard, and you couldn't do anything but to try. I'm not a patient person, so it was frustrating for me. I'm just happy that I got the 100 score within an hour.


I feel pretty confident about my tribe. They are really determined to win this game, which can be good and bad for me, but they are nice people, and I'm enjoying playing with them.


On losing the challenge:

"The common player in Survivor panics and worries when they have to go to tribal. Quite frankly, I'm the opposite. I couldn't care less that we lost. We had a member extra, and there's a blatant premade that has to be cleaned out of this tribe. I think the fact that I'll enjoy going to tribal will make me one of the deadliest players in the game."

On Tyler "I really like this Tyler kid. I have no clue why he was not picked, I mean, kid got theTHIRD highest score in the challenge. The first thing I did when he picked our tribe was secure his trust and reel him in. I'll use him as long as I need. The easiest players to read are the ones most desperate, so I figured that he trusts me because he feels like the odd man out."

On Blake and Violet "I did not come to play against this type of bullshit. Blake and Violet went into this game knowing each other, and that's why Violet picked Blake despite there being better options the board. It's my mission at this moment to dump these two assclowns out of my tribe, so Violet, I think you're up first."


Confessional #5, here goes! Looks like Gary wasn't right either. Talked to Laure, and she came up with the story of the Idols to be more safe at the first TC. I've talked pretty much to her today, and she's a great person! Same goes for Emma! Anyway, we lost the challenge. Not unexpected. I mean, only NPC, Laure and I sent something in. Konrad's been having HUGE issues with his computer unfortunately, Reid... was just unaware of the things going on, and who knows what's happened to Rhea? I just hope she's all right. I'm voting her out tonight, to keep the tribe as strong as possible, even though I don't like it. Everyone agrees with me, and I think we might even have a completely unanimous vote, as long as Konrad is available to send one in. On Corvo's tribe, I don't care who goes home, as long as Evan stays. We talked a bit more today, finally, and he's still a great guy. About the challenge earlier, I'm glad Alto won. They so deserved it, since they all played so hard! I hope the votes go well for everyone, and I also hope that we do better next challenge. I also hope extremely much that Konrad's computer starts working soon too. Rather short confessional today too, but it'll get better, hopefully. I also just realised today that I'll be away for a whole week in a week, something that will most likely affect my gameplay. Anyway, I'll handle that when I have to. And as always: this is going to be the best season ever!


When Rhea is the tru sagar of Cape Verde.


if my move to get Evan out works it will be huge for my game


Scott and I are running this game. I have proved my loyalty to my associates, and have begun to become good friends with the returnee Emily (a really nice individual). Time will expose all alliances though, and thus I have an ace up my sleeve to play.


So we lost the challenge, and we came so freakin' close to winning too! Sending in that cricket score right away was a bad idea. But Evan suggested it, and you have to do what Evan wants in this tribe or you're fucked. -rolls eyes-

Anyway, I've been talking to Heather, Evan, Violet, Josh...okay practically everyone on the tribe.

Heather blamed Evan for why we lost the challenge since he suggested that we send our scores fast rather than trying to get 2 100's. I agree with Heather completely and I'm glad someone else thinks that. I freakin' love this girl.

Anyways, at first it seemed like everyone was voting Violet. Evan was voting Violet, Lindsay said she was voting Violet, Josh said he was probably going to Violet, and even Heather too. I WAS about to vote Violet as well.

But THEN, Evan decided to tell vote ME. ME. He wanted Josh to vote me...That did not sit well with me AT ALL. I knew Evan wanted me gone, I can see everytime I talked to him. He was so fake I can see right through him. BUT I did not know he wanted to get me out THIS early. My god...

Now, my #1 mission is to get Evan out. Josh has talked to Violet and Heather about voting out Evan and I think they're on board. But, I'm going to talk to Heather as well just in case. But, she DID blame Evan for costing us the challenge so she might already be 100% with voting out Evan.

Evan's been such a nuisance. I hate him. I HATE him. Not only do I hate him, he's a huge threat too, so voting him out would do wonders for me. This is what he fuckin' gets for telling the whole tribe right in front of my face, "Why pick Blake!?"

Guess what, you were right. Picking me was the wrong decision because now, there's a good chance you're being voted out. SCREW YOU!


Simply put, this is Laure versus Gavin... whoever has the numbers come merge shall be at the final tribal council... count on it ;)


She is gonna throw everyone under the bus to save herself

She is gonna throw everyone under the bus to save herself


My sixth and perhaps even last confessional. The drama has begun. It's been much talking to Gavin, Laure, and many others, but I'll try my best to summarize it for y'all out there:

Rhea came back, but with Reid, NPC and me voting for her already she's basically out. Laure's been saying she'll vote for Rhea, but she's voted for me. Why? Laure is against Emma, and Gavin is working for Emma accoring to her, and since I revealed yesterday that Gavin and I've talked quite a bit Laure wants me out. Rhea and NPC were supposedly in on the plan, but NPC voted before Rhea came back, and since Konrad'll probably self-vote Rhea's going home. Fortunately Laure still agreed to do what's best for the tribe though. Sigh. I hate drama. At the same time, Gavin told me that Heather's been telling people Evan or Blake's going home tonight. I fulfilled my part of the deal and told Evan, who's been worrying himself to death. Meanwhile, Emma made a nice buff for us Zaranhans. Also, Konrad's still away, and he's probably going home next time we lose (self-vote + NPC + Laure is enough). After that we'll have a 2 vs 2 in the tribe, unless some sort of tribe switch happens. The Hidden Idol is still hidden, Corvo and we have a male contestant, Alto's got a female (thank you Evan and Gavin). Laure's been saying Gavin has a pact with everyone, Gavin says the same about Evan, and I just want everyone to be friends. The results will be up soon, and they will for sure show us all that the game has begun. I don't know who to trust, Gavin seems trustworthy, but people's saying things about him, Reid I trust, but Gavin says I shouldn't, Konrad I trust more than everyone I guess, but his computer is down, Laure I was starting to trust, then she started voting for me, Evan I trust to a certain extent, but pepole says things about him, Emma I trust to a certain extent too, but Laure's been saying things about her, and... Sigh. I had no idea ORGs could be this tiring. And not even a week has gone by yet! Being unable to decline things, I've also signed myself up to three other ORGs, all starting in February. Great work Nathaniel, great work. Oh well, despite all this, I'm sure CV isn't completely done with me just yet. It feels a bit hard to say this, but I haven't given up hope on CV just yet: this is going to be the best season ever!


Cape Verde Confessional-January 29, 2015

Cape Verde Confessional-January 29, 2015


Confessional: If Evan goes me and Heather control the tribe if not we are both screwed


Things are shaking up quite a bit. I wanted Violet out, but Heather wasn't comfortable with this. More times than not I would tell her to shut up and just stick with voting Violet, but, I don't want her going batshit crazy and possibly flipping the vote. Heather, you may get your way tonight, but you could be in for a surprise pretty soon.


I have my two alliances from day 1 still in effect. I have Josh and Heather from Corvo and Nathan PC from my tribe in an alliance from day 1. And I have the Euro Alliance of Konrad and Nathaniel. At the merge, I hope to combine these 2 alliances to create a powerhouse alliance. I do think my experiencedness is getting to me. Im in control of the euro alliance. I try to let Josh control the foursome, but its hard for me to take the backseat. I hope I can take it to the end and win it all. Its my time to shine in the winner circle of all ORG wikias.


This could be my last confessional. I usually am always paranoid at the first vote. I feel like I've had to work my ass off talking to people and convincing people of what needs to happen in this game, and usually when I try things go wrong. There is no exile this time to save me, I've only got myself to blame when things go wrong.

Basically the plan was to cut our losses and vote out Rhea knowing she would self vote cause she was MIA, but magically she reappeared. Unfortunately I think Nathan has already voted. We need to take out Nathaniel.

Basically I know Emma has Gavin wrapped around her finger, Nathaniel spoke way too highly of Gavin that I think he has connections with a lot of people. (which is ironic cause I know Rhea is a vote Emma controls but she's my only shot). Also Nathaniel brought up Tumblr Survivor today cause his following the One World season. Anyone who is aware of Tumblr Survivor needs to go, because they could start targetting the people in this game that I need. (Lindsay and Scott, I really don't care much about the other TS people tbh I don't know them except Nathan Cooper has always been pretty nice).

Nathan already voted for Rhea which was the idea cause we relied on her self voting, but I think Konrad is going to self vote. His computer went out before he could send his buff in and he hasn't been heard from sense. I like Konrad though and I think I could use him down the line, so I am hoping me and Rhea are going to throw our votes at Nathaniel, hope for a tie, and be able to have a majority on the revote. If I can just get rid of Nathaniel I can breathe easy, though I just have this biggest sense that the target on my back is way too big and it will be me.

Also this Gavin guy needs to chill out. I wish the ORG had rules about intertribal relations because what is going on in our tribe is no one else's business. People need to stop worrying about tribe swap and merge connections. You have to walk before you can crawl.