"This Plan Is High Risk, High Reward"
Season Survivor: Sichuan
Episode Number 8/14
Episode Chronology
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This Plan Is High Risk, High Reward is the eighth episode of Survivor: Sichuan.


Reward Challenge:For reward, the castaways competed in a challenge called "Donation". Each castaway was given 10 Chinese Gold Medallions that they had to donate to one another. They had to split up all of their medallions between at least 2 people, but could split it up between more people if they wished. The castaways were allowed to discuss with each other how they wanted to split their medallions if they chose to. The person who received the most amount of medallions without exceeding 20 would win reward. The person who wins reward would send 2 people of their choice including themselves if they wanted to to five flower lake, and they would also receive a clue to the hidden immunity idol.

Winner: Priscilla

Immunity Challenge: For Immunity the castaways competed in a challenge called "Chinese Medallions". Each person had 24 colored medallions, and 10 of those medallions placed in the correct order would open up their locked box and raise a flag. Each castaway was timed and had to guess a set of 10 medallions at a time. A host would respond with which colored medallions were correct, and how many of them were in the correct spot. Once the castaway placed the right 10 colored medallions in the right order, they would finish. The castaway who finished in the least amount of guesses would win immunity. In the event of a tie, whoever had the slowest time would win immunity.

Winner: Jake

Five Flower Lake

Sent to Five Flower Lake: Priscilla & TSN

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8: Kaimíng

Tribal Council 8:
Priscilla (4 votes)
Alexa, Jake, Jessy & Vanne
Alexa (3 votes)
Aromal, Priscilla & TSN
TSN (3 votes)
Emile, Erin L & Yasmin

Voting Confessionals

Priscilla, we could’ve worked together in this game. We build a friendship but we never solidified anything game wise. It’s either your ass or mine, talk to you on finale night when you vote for me to win, much love.


This plan is a high risk,high reward one.I'm also pretty sure it'll tank,but hey,worth a shot!


The fact that you flipped to the brains still puzzles me


based on the whole idol conspiracy i have a pretty good feeling my torch is getting snuffed tonight. But this was fun.

–Erin L.

We thought you were that dud trainer that had all Magikarps, but then you flashed a level 99 Gyarados at us. What did you expect us to do? Too soon to show your hand. You've got some Master Balls to play that aggressively though.


Priscilla, if I actually pull this off tonight and you go home, then you go down as the dumbest player to threaten everyone with your idol and your advantage publicly. I hope this works, but if not and you stay, then thats pretty badass but watch ya back girl.


Sorry girl. Love you, but you're the one they're least expecting.


Ok . I don't wanna vote you . But the others want so i must vote you . I really wanna save in this week . And I don't know what happen . I can't control it . So i need to go with my alliance 's plan . Love you ❤ but i think you are safe in this tribal lol


Enjoy Ponderosa with your bfff, like toats adorable!


Sorry T, but your flip flopping wasn't very good!


Final Words

Well, looks like I got flipped on AGAIN. I was so hoping it would work and it almost did. I'm not mad at the person who flipped but I will be sure to grill them on the jury speech. It was really fun actually, I got to make a lot of moves I didn't think I would've made. I might have not won but the experience was worth it and I made a bunch of friends along the way!


Episode Summary


  • The episode was named after Aromal's quote