Day 10

Today in tree-mail we were instructed to be paired into groups of two> I seriously hope this is not a Tribal-Swap or something like that. I am scared as hell. Anything could happen in this crazy game. The Mr. Know it all, Sam from our tribe already posted the pair without discussing with the tribe! I was like WTH? There is no way I am letting him paired up with Will because, he might have the idol and I don't want Will getting the idol because, he might use it against me. I am a great strategist so that's why I removed his reply. First, we will discuss and, then post the pairs! THAT'S RIGHT!


So we're doing this pair up thing. If its a tribal swap as I suspect, this could be an upset to my personal game. I got my group of three. We call ourselves the brotherhood. Gotta have an alliance name, ya know? Well, the only member of the tribe who isn't an "ally", is Matt. One of us will have to pair up with him, and he could really get into the heads of someone. All I can say is this shit is getting real. With the loss of two players not through tribal, it seemed unreal, kinda fake like. Now it's getting better.


Day 11

The tribes were split up today. I am happy with my tribe because, I think I have some good people. I created a majority alliance with ken, and the original TICINO members. We just need a last one. So, things are going pretty rad for me.


Well I am a Ticino now...

I will really miss Lucerne When we switched tribe I kinda feel nervous because I feel unsafe on this tribe Luckily 2 already ask me on an alliance John Arvin and max... I ask an alliance also with mark well he agreed Now I need to choose do I need to team up with the person I ask an alliance or the person who asked me on an alliance I just need to go with the flow... And see how far I will make on this game


I can't believe it! I have already formed an alliance with all of this dumb people. I have got an alliance with every single member. So, if we lose a challenge I can tell, people to vote how I want and get rid of the big threats. Me and Ken will stay true to each other and will be the deciding votes. I like to call this my teh dumb-people alliance. I am having so much fun playing with this people.


Day 12

I'm not really nervous this week. Old alliances will be broken. New alliances will be formed. Cal, Lucy, Woj, and I are an alliance, targetting Andrew.

–Al Pal