Day 27

This game is getting down to the wire. I really need to start doing better in challenges. But right now, I'm still doing the whole lay low concept, and it is working for me pretty well. I'm staying on everyones good side, and I think people don't view me as much of a target. I don't have an idol, and i'm not being as vocal as some other people. It really makes me think about how much people really aren't that good at this game. They might be able to do the challenges well, but once they lose, they have no friends left.

Now to get to people individually...
Val, I have never really been a fan of her, and I knew that since people were talking about voting her out on the tribe chat way back before the swap, that she would do something. People didn't seem to realize, that even though she wasn't logged in at the time, she could still get on and look at what was said. I knew that she would be angry and flip. But, that was everyone else in the tribes mistake, nothing I can do about it.
Bob, very quiet to me. I have nothing bad to say to him, but nothing all that good either. I would like to get to know him better, because it is down to the nitty gritty of the game.
Phil, we were close at the beginning of the game, but you started trying to get on peoples nerves. I honestly hate that...
Maya, you are lying to everyone far too much... you've come to me a few times wanting an alliance, but from what I can tell, you are doing the same to everyone. I honestly feel like you should be the next one to go, but I'm playing my part in the alliances i'm in, and going with whatever.
Thad, I haven't talked to you that much, but I'm going to be working with you soon. So, lets do this.
Jay, I have been in an alliance with you since the beginning, but you seemed to be throwing in the towel as of late. I'm sorry, but I can't deal with that anymore. I'm here to win, and if I have to switch, I'm gonna switch.
Adam, you really seem like the only one who understands my gameplay, and I believe that you and I would be the power alliance. I have already promised that if I win final immunity, I'm going to make sure you go with me to the FTC. It will be difficult to have to switch, but I have to. I am believing in my new alliance of Me, Adam, and Thad. I feel that we are going to be the final three, and I hope it works out.


Day 28

Well the three blue men are in huge trouble. This challenge puts us at a huge disadvantage, I doubt there is any possible way for any of the three of us to win.

My new goal is to try and get to the finals with Val and Ted/maya. I do not want to go against Adam or bob, and if I can get Kevin and Phil on jury I think I have a better chance at getting their votes.

It's hard to get one of the other 5 to flip when most of them don't have the mindset that anything worse then first isn't good enough. In my mind second place is just saying the best loser, but apparently these other people aren't used to winning things so its no disappointment to any of them if they don't get first.


Jay messaged me saying "If Adam and I make the final two, he will win because i haven't made a big move". Well if its a "big move" you want its a "big move" you'll get.


Day 29