Three Fates
Season Survivor: Nepal
Members Remained Loyal:
Charley (Day 3-36)
Des (Day 3-36)
Dallas (Day 3-36)
Day Formed Day 6
Enemies Alex
Chitwan Five
Lowest Placing Member Dangrayne (5/16)
Highest Placing Member TenseTarget (Runner-Up)

The Three Fates was an alliance from Survivor: Nepal.


The Three Fates was the core group within the The Khaptad Five alliance.

Arguably on of the most powerful alliances to form on the wiki, the Three Fates formed on Day 3 after Dallas, Des, and Charley had spent the beginning portion of the game talking to each other. Controlling nearly every vote the group went in to, they had a strong grasp over everyone in the tribe. Dallas had become close to Eli and Dallas convinced Eli that he was actually in the core group with Charley, nicknamed The Oh Canadians. Charley had also been talking to Charlie and Wes, also convincing them to vote together. The Three Fates then controlled six out of the eight votes in the tribe, easily taking out Jason and Alex.

However, when the Khaptad tribe had lost a third immunity challenge, they had to turn on one of the six in the alliance. The Three Fates chose Eli, thinking it would be easier to take out a solo pair then the duo of Charlie and Wesley at this point in the game. Thus, the mask of the Khaptad Five was born.

Once merge hit, the Three Fates and Charlie turned on Wesley, who was making a name of himself in the strategic department. Wesley was blindsided at the first merge tribal council thanks to Charley's connections to the Chitwan tribe. After Wesley had been blindsided, the Three Fates and Charlie returned to their original targets of the Chitwan tribe. At the next two tribal councils, Trace and Ash were voted out.

When the final five rolled around, Dallas felt like he was on the bottom of the alliance, and figured in a final three scenario, he would have to win the final immunity challenge to get in to the final two. This prompted him to backstab his original allies of Des and Charley, to align with Charlie. Dallas felt like in a final tribal council scenario, the jury would be too mad at Charlie due to his arrogance, and would see the moves Dallas had made throughout the game to vote him as winner. This lead to Charley being voted out with the help of Dallas' Hidden Immunity Idol and Charlie's Double Vote.

The final four hit, and Dallas found himself locked in a tie with Jhet, but succeeded in the tie breaker challenge, eliminating Jhet, and advancing Dallas in to the final three. When Charlie won the final three immunity challenge, he voted out Des, landing Dallas in the final two.

At the final tribal council, the jury felt as though Dallas had done nothing throughout the game, and despite Charlie's reluctance to compete in the Final Tribal Council, awarded Charlie the win. Many jurors in the present day question their vote, after pondering about the game and realising that there were many more things going on behind the scenes then they realised.

Their name means "Parts", "Shares" or "Allotted Portions." Zeus Moiragetes, the god of fate, was their leader. The Fates were even more powerful than the gods, though this did not stop the gods from trying.