Day 26

This game is getting intense! I have really grown close in my alliance with Jerby, Nokomis, and Noah. I trust these guys, and I hope we are the last four standing. Jerby and I have been on the same page for awhile, and he is my main ally. Nokomis and I have been aligned for a while and we both trust each other. I teamed up with Noah recently and I believe I can trust him too.

I have benefited from my "Fabio" strategy- act oblivious, be non-threatening, and be very friendly. This makes people trust me more, and as a psychology student I have a good grasp on the other players and what makes them tick. I say "yes" to everyone and let them come up with the ideas, and so far this strategy has benefited me. And I hope I continue to benefit.


Oh. My. God. Well...goodbye, Atonga, and hello, Tagaloa! This, my friends, is what defines this game to sheer and absolute perfection! Good old fashioned anarchy, and I love it! This is the type of unpredictability that I live for. Though this tribe switch is amazing, I've only got one question...ARE WE MERGING?!


In just one hour, everything in this game can change. I learned this today and man, lots of crazy things have been going on!

It all started when Jordan got voted. He went on this tirade of hateful comments towards Drew and he just wouldn't stop. He even compared Drew to Boston Rob and how everyone left in this game are his pawns. But what Jordan doesn't know is that I'm also running this show.

Next, Noah and Nokomis wants each other gone! So Nokomis, thinking that he has control over the game, talked to Noah about voting out Tyler. Noah then told Drew and Sam about this. Since Drew knows that we need to keep Nokomis, Drew told him to shut it down because Noah is leaking everything he's saying to him and Sam. Instead of backing down, Nokomis confronted Noah hence Drew is in trouble too. So Nokomis talked to Tyler and flipped the story, telling him that Noah wants Tyler gone. So now, the US alliance is starting to crumble... and I couldn't care less!

The last curve ball that was thrown at us was the tribe switch. With everyone expecting the merge, I thought that this was a clever move by the hosts to give us this twist. I must admit that it sucks because most of us already have merge plans but at least this season keeps on getting interesting.

So now, with everything that has happened, Drew and I are coming up with a new strategy on how we can reach the Final 3, possibly with Jonathan. I just hope that everything falls in to place.


So the big final 10 twist was revealed last night, and people started freaking out over it. Thru the chaos came a new opportunity. Noah and Nokomis are now enemies, while Tyler now believes that Nokomis is with him 100%. The truth is that Noah never flipped on Nokomis, we just made it seem that way... and Nokomis is actually 100% AGAINST Tyler. Both of these things obviously work to my advantage, as Tyler wants me gone @ f7 and Nokomis wants me gone @ f6. It's beautiful because by voting each other and Noah out, they're crippling each others ability to pull numbers.. while simultaneously giving Jerby and I dominant numbers straight thru. To be honest, the tribe switch didn't change my game a whole lot. I'm still working with Jerby.. and we still have the same end game in mind. It's pretty hilarious how everyone is concerned for me, thinking that because I just got isolated on Tagaloa with 4 other Atongas, I'm a dead man. Obviously I don't believe that is the case.

In unrelated news, Jordan got eliminated and then acted like a little bitch about it. I never expected him to go crying to every person he could, but I guess that's what happens when you are a poor sport and have zero respect for the game of Survivor. I mean... writing your post-game confessional in public and directly calling me out as the leader of the game is just an absolute bitch move. The funniest part is that if I make f3, I'll probably still get his vote because he knows damn well I crushed him in this game. I don't harbor any ill will towards Jordan as a game player, but after he left this game I lost all respect I had for him as an "adult". He's an immature little cry baby. I would have expected that kind of shit from Jamie or someone 12 years old, but in all honesty Jamie handled his elimination better than Jordan could have ever managed. Enjoy ponderosa, Jordan.

In also unrelated news, Jon is still driving Jerby and I crazy. I'm beginning to wonder if he is really playing stupid as a strategy... or if he's really just that stupid? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

7 more people to go. Getting exciting as we get closer and closer. That's all for now.


Jonathan is really getting on my nerves...

This all started when Drew and I were talking to him about planning to vote out Tyler with Agustin and Quanz's help. Tyler told the others that he is planning to throw the immunity challenge to get rid of Agustin. This will, of course, ruin Drew and I's plans.

So we were convincing Jon to forget about the Tagaloa 4 alliance, help his fellow Internationals in making sure they make it to the merge and for him to join me and Drew in the Final 3. Jon then started asking me if he had a chance of winning if he makes it to the Final 3. I lied and told him yes. He said that he thinks he will win because he's likable...

Then he started telling me that his careless actions could be a strategy and he can be a dark horse that will win this season. He also added that a former player told him that the Filipinos would likely turn on each other. I asked if he agrees and said that he is considering it.


Jon, you are basically asking me to vote you out! If you are so confident about winning or making big moves, u woudln't have told me this BS! And everytime you went to tribal, u were so scared and even saying your farewells to me! NEWSFLASH! YOU ARE NOT A THREAT! You are just some guy who has low self esteem and is trying so hard to prove to anyone that you are smart. If you feel this way, do us all a favor... Quit and just focus on winning Millionaire instead.

PS. Being asked if you have a crush or girlfriend is NOT offensive. This is not at all taboo to the Filipino culture. I've asked a lot of my friends and they told me that this is actually an ice breaker question for people whom you just met.


Ya know? I almost feel remorse for Atonga, seeing as how we completely squashed them in the Reward Challenge. But one sentence that defines the game can sum this up...better them than me. And our Immunity Challenge is essentially a roast on the Atonga tribe. Please note...objects in mirror may be harder than they appear. This'll be an interesting one. Can't wait to see how much writers, jokersters, and everyone else in between, we have on the new Tagaloa tribe.


Day 27

The reward challenge is such a challenging ones but it is familiar to me because I love color coordinating games, plus it is similar to building blocks. Unfortunately we lost to the New Tagaloa where they got monstrous scores.


I'm happy that we're only 10 but we are in separate tribes.

Drew is such a mastermind in the game and he is also very good in challenges and he is such a person to trust with that is why I have an alliance with him.

Jerby is also the front runner in the Internationals right after Richie was voted out in the game. He is outspoken but he is very good in challenges and strategy. He is also my ally since Day 1 because we're both Filipinos.

Agustin is a good friend but he is always pessimistic about everything around him. However, he is very true person and he is honest.

At first, I didn't like Tyler and Sam but both of them are really working hard esp in the Tagaloa 4. But I don't think that I can trust them all the way.


Well After the tribe switch I am in trouble so I started to do a little scramble, I convinced Tyler who seems to be the leader here to keep me around over quanz, that aparently worked. then I talked to Jon to get rid of tyler with quanz. If everything goes my way tyler will be out and he would be expecting Quanz to go. I don't like any of the people in my tribe. Quanz does nothing just vote whoever somebody tell him to vote. Jon well he is a good person but he just go with the flow. tyler and sam they seemed good people, but I just realized that they thrashtalked about me. I really feel like Eliza, nobody likes me as nobody liked her, but that's okay, because I LOVE ELIZA, most probably because nobody liked her in her season. I send a little snapshot for fans to read once the game is over, so they can see what they are talking behind my back. Tyler also asked me many times to vote so we can move on but I neve thrashtalked to him because of that. At the end of the day I'm upset because this people didn't get to know me, but I'm not angry because of their brutal comments. (I send the lightest screenshot, there are some worse words than those ones)


...I'm speechless. Just absolutely speechless. You know, I thought this challenge was supposed to be fun. Hell, even Sam himself said not to take shots "under the belt," but does he even stop to think for one second?! Of course not. Sam goes ahead and makes one of the most ridiculous "mom jokes" I've ever heard targeted to Jerby, and his mom is dead. What the hell was he thinking?! I know he didn't know that--no one did, so I should cut him some slack. But I don't know. I just don't know. This game is getting too damn real, and in this case, I would say I love to be apart of it, but now? I'm bummed the hell out.


First, I want the hosts to know that I do NOT blame u guys for anything that happened during the challenge. None of the hosts are responsible or liable for the mistakes that the players make.

I am so fucking pissed at Sam right now. I read what he said in the "roast" thread and I want to punch his God damn face in. As I'm typing this confessional, my hands are literally shaking because of so much hate and anger for that little piece of shit!

He started my roast by telling me that I'm a girl, I have no friends and I do not know what the outside looks like. I was smiling the whole time because I found it hilarious. But then I got to the end... He said, "And by the way, I remember Jon saying something about doing your mom."

Really? You think it's funny to drag my mom into this game? This statement hit me so hard. My mother passed away because of a heart attack just a couple of years ago. I haven't really recovered from my loss and I consider my mom's death as the lowest point in my life. Sam, how dare u?!

I wasn't planning to let anyone in this game know my life story but I want Sam to feel so guilty about what he did. I posted a picture of my mom in the Anarchy Page to let him know how dark and putrid his soul is.

Other players were trying to console me saying that, "Sam didn't know..." Well he would've known if he tried getting to know me. Plus, he was the one that said to avoid below the belt comments. If using my dead mother as a joke is not below the belt, Sam, I can't imagine what else u have in store in that fucked up brain of yours. Maybe u want to make fun of the fact that my grandfather is in the hospital right now or my grandmother is bed ridden?!

If he apologizes and takes that comment out of the thread, I would forgive him in a heartbeat because my mom raised me well. But I assure you Sam, that after this game, I will never talk to u. I will unfriend u and act as if u didn't exist. I despise you. I just hope that you won't feel the same way as I am feeling right now.


Day 28

Oh my God, what has this challenge done to this game?! First, we see Sam make a joke about Jerby's dead mother, though Sam--hopefully--redeemed himself with that well deserved and well delivered apology, and now, Agustin's quitting the game?! Good Lord! Take notes, hosts, this challenge is now officially one hundred percent RUIN any Survivor game, and we've learned this big time. Wow.


the only thing I hate more than quitters is agustin and now he's everything I hate in the world he was supposed to stay in boat Tyler out but he wants to be a baby because things aren't going his way let him quit


Agustin wants to quit in the game. I was shocked because he wants to destroy the plan that I made with Jerby, Drew and I to make it to the final 3 plus we need to have a fair representation of International players in the merge. However, he wants to quit. Drew, Tyler, Sam and Jerby asked me about that and Agustin sent me a personal message that he wants to go home.

I want to block this plan by voting Tyler out of the game. I told Tyler about this and he is mad at me. I explained my side and I told him the reasons. Unless, if he got the immunity idol, much better that Agustin will go home.

P.S. I faced a confrontation with Tyler and Agustin about my decision. So, I'm not affected because I want to make a climax in this story to make the complication becomes exciting. Hahahahaha!!!!


The story started when Agustin wants to quit and everyone in the tribe sent him a personal message. Then the complication starts with voting someone else out in the game but I stick with the original plan to vote for Tyler. Then I asked Tyler about it and he became mad at me because he believed at the Tagaloa 4. Agustin also became angry at me because he planned to have a formal exit. So, that's it. I'm waiting for the falling action and denouement.



Sam also talked to me and he said that Tyler won't trust me anymore and it means that he will also not trust me. Honestly, I can see them as manipulators and they treat me as a puppet where in the end, they can cut the strings attached in their hands which makes control of me. However, I made this move to prove that I am not their puppet because Drew and Jerby told me that they will vote me out soon so I decided to make a big move before they make their big moves towards me. I am still thinking that Jerby and Drew are my allies and keep me to the final 3.


Well, after this series of events in the plot of the story, there's Quanz and he will end this chapter of New Atonga's first tribal council. The question: Is he voting for Tyler because he wants Quanz out of the game or voting for Agustin for the reason of quitting? I hope that Agustin will live happily ever after, leaving Samoa!


Jon is beyond delusional, and possibly insane. That is all.