Day Seven

At this point in the game Its hard to tell who you can really trust. I am scared that Johan is going to take total control of this game and he is secretly ploting against me. He is making other sub alliances with people and seems to be getting fond of Pedro and talking to the other tribe and mabey I should have trusted Raphael but that is said and done. But i feel if i get to the merge he is going to leave me and Sinjoh or mabey just me. But I will have to find out because after all it is only day 6 so mabey he will keep his word.


I am pissed off that Austin went home over Pedro. Fucking pissed. I hate my tribe, I hate everyone single one of them. And I am going to avenge Austin by somehow turning them against each other, and making the merge. Fuck Isis


Day Eight

When I woke up two nights ago, I was expecting to wake up to a new challenge. Instead I woke up to a new challenge and that Pedro had gotten the right to choose who sat out of Isis, and he chose Evan and I. It sucked because not only did I have to sit out, but Evan and I are some of the most dedicated players, we'll never be inactive. I'm not sure whether we won or not, but I'm staying optimistic, either way, I'm not going home tonight.


ya know, in high school i never liked not participating in thing and bein on the side lines as a cheerleader or whatev. if we lose this challenge i cant really blaim 1 person on the tribe. all i could say is darn that mexican for makin me and bailey sit out of the challenge


i never knew that volunteering to be the puzzle solver was a bad idea


So, we won. Again. And I'm happy about that, but there's a part of me wanting to lose just once because only then we can see if my alliance can be trusted. Once again, I had the highest score on the part I had to do and I know that as we get closer to the merge that will draw attention on me, because people will see me as a major challenge threat, but I really don't care about that now. Apparently, the 6 people alliance is going well, but Qayyum told me that Bailey wants me out, so nothing's what is seems. I also know that KJ wants me out for screwing her in another ORG. As I said in another confessional, most of the people from my tribe are incredibly boring and annoying and I can't wait to vote them all out. Hopefully I can do that.


I am in TWO threads. One is a great alliance we call: To The End Alliance. Bailey, KJ, Togz, Mihai, Ali, Evan.

The other is Team Anubis which has everyone in it.

Now, the "To the End" alliance thread is VERY active. We talk there all times of the day/night. Our communication during this past challenge was amazing. We all have a great work ethic and want our experience in this game to be the best it can be so i LOVE that.

The guys don't like Qayyum at all. If we had lost this challenge, he would have been voted out. I just think he's a whiner.. LOL

We are dominating this game so far and I'm freaking loving' it! I am thrilled to be on a tribe that is as committed as I am. Now, I dunno if that will bite me in the ass later on, because they see me as a strong challenge player and my social game is good, or what.. I'm not sure.. Gonna have to make sure my alliance is intact.

Right now, I feel very comfortable with my alliance and my tribe. We will most likely continue to decimate the other tribe and laugh while we do it..

More as the game continues.. Right now we are just celebrating yet another WIN


Day Nine

This is getting to the point where it's ridiculous. We have yet to win a challenge, and why is that? Because I'm on a tribe full of morons, who don't have functioning brain cells. In the challenge, I did the best out of all the people who did the quiz. Which you would think since I don't suck ass would get me safety through this tribal, but knowing the bunch of lard asses I'm on a tribe with, since I speak my mind, and am opinionated, I wouldn't be surprised if I go home. Tonight I want Jack to go, honesty he sucks, he did the worst at the challenge, he's weird and annoying, and he always talks about cats, which makes me wonder if he even has any real life friends, he's just a cat obsessed loser. And Nobo, also did awful in the challenge today, just awful. I don't like Pedro, but he's a challenge beast, and if he wasn't so boring and lame, I would converse with him, but I'm not putting the effort in to that. Tonight if I have anything to do with it, Jack is going home, if I don't have a say, then anyone else but me or Jack goes, in which case, I would have to go with the majority.


so I was talking to Jack, and he was upset because he now knows that he annoys the crap out of everyone, which is good. Because he is a nice kid, just he is so god damned annoying, he reminds me of my brother, and I told jack that he is now like my little bro in the game.

Too bad for jack, that I f***ing hate my little brother, so jacks time out here is still ticking away.


Ugh, I hate this game. Especially since I happen to be busy with school. I'm glad we won the challenge, but I know my days are numbered. I am as of now, rooting for Mihai to win, the guy is just so awesome! Screw the rest of them; KJ is an arrogant bitch, Bailey is a bad liar who will never win this game, Ali is a complete idiot, Lance is probably a sockpuppet of someone else in the game (the same person), Lloyd has crappy English (I'm speaking it as a second language and I'm only 13), and Evan thinks so highly of himself when really he is the most pathetic person ever, Pedro wasted his reward by picking him to sit out of the challenge because we'd have probably lost if he was in it. The only person in the tribe whom I like is Mihai, and since I know I'm next, I just really want him to win. He is truly the tribe Pharaoh and will become the winner of this game. The others are almost as worse as Alex from Hawaii... -_-


i was really shocked when i sad that despite of my troubles doing the immunity challenge, i still won against michael. . . it really boost me lot to still win the challenges for my tribe. . and right now things are going the way i want it to be. .. i just hope that there will be nothing surprises me and pissess me. . .. lol