Survivor ORG Challenge
Description A recurring balancing challenge.
Appearance(s) Switzerland
Côte d’Ivoire

Tilt is a recurring arcade game balancing challenge that debuted in Survivor: Switzerland.


Contestants must play a game where they must balance a weight on a pole for as long as they can, the highest time/tribe average wins.


The challenge first appeared during Survivor: Switzerland as an immunity challenge. It was won by Lincoln.

Tilt later reappeared during Survivor: Nepal as a tribal reward challenge. Khaptad won and were rewarded with a clue to the idol, the ability to sit out two people from Chitwan at their next challenge, and were able to find out who each person voted for at the first non-unanimous Chitwan vote.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
Survivor: Switzerland
Blood Will Stain Soon
Individual Immunity Lincoln Aloisio
Survivor: Nepal
He Thinks He is Royalty
Tribal Reward Charley2CharlieMangaFaceDallas

Other Appearances

Tilt, along with two other challenges, reappeared later on in Nepal during the Day 37 immunity challenge. The challenge as a whole was won by Charlie.

It reappeared in Survivor: Côte d’Ivoire as one of five parts of the final immunity challenge, Trials. This portion was won by Justin however, Sharky won the whole challenge.

Tilt reappeared once again in Survivor: Sardinia as the challenge to determine tribe designation on Day 1.



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