Day 31

A Haiku:

Fuck Fuckity Fuck Fuck Purple Rocks and their Luck Fuck Fuckity Fuck


Day 32

If all goes to planned at tribal council, Trevor will be the one leaving. Me and my allies have managed to convince the other side that we are voting Will out but really we are voting Trevor out. He's the safest move at this point to avoid an idol play. Hopefully this vote will go as planned.


It's the day of tribal council and Boo confronted me and Zane about our comments at the last TC. Zane made a comment about Boo not being mature or having life experience and I spoke up and agreed with him. And I threw a bunch more shade at him as well cause I've fuckin' had it him. I made comments saying I hope he's just immature and not being plain old rude and how you have to be able to communicate with people in the game and respect them in order to actually win this game. Obviously he didn't like that so when he brought it up in front of myself, Zane, Will, and Cali I was about 2 seconds from going OFF on him. I was ready to blow up and say things I probably shouldn't say haha. But fortunately for him I was on my way to Vegas for my birthday weekend and my car broke down. I was stuck on the side of the road in the middle of the desert. So I didn't have time to argue. I told him I had better things to do right now and we can talk about this later (which never happened btw.)

Finally we get to tribal and we are at a deadlock. 4 votes for myself and 4 votes for Hazim. I know I shouldn't feel that safe but it's nice knowing that if the votes stay the same I'll be immune and won't have to draw rocks haha. And that's what happened! On the revote all the votes stayed the same therefore I was immune. We go to rocks and unfortunately after all our hard working going into the merge, Zane draws the purple rock making him the 4th member of the jury and we've officially lost the numbers 4 - 3. Myself, Will, and Trevor now have our backs against the wall. I honestly didn't want Zane to go but it was in the slightest way sweet because I knew he'd talked a lot of crap about me this entire game. So it was a good feeling it was him and not Trevor. But still I'd obviously rather it be Boo, Cali, Wes, or Hazim going home. Also I loved the fact that everyone who gets voted out now seems to call out Boo and Cali lol. If I'm correct Zane called them "despicable" players and only wished Will and I luck. The thing is Boo and Cali have turned into the most unlikeable people in this game. Their self centered attitudes and their delusion has lost them so many points with the jury. They always make themselves out to be victims since the Koopa vote (Even though we all know those 3 put themselves at the top of the alliance and were very cocky about it). And it's like they don't even vote logically anymore. It's all based on emotion and not about moving forward to win the game. They probably wouldn't even take out Wes when they really have no shot at beating him! Knowing how delusional they are Boo and Cali probably really think they can still win this thing. But I'm telling you, THEY CAN'T.

Our next immunity/Reward challenge is VERY reminiscent of the old final 3 challenges they use to do in the early seasons of survivor. All you have to do is hold down your mouse for as long as you can. No strategy or concept. Just hold on as long as you can. Of course tho people are gonna realize they can just put something heavy on their lap top to keep the button down. Which is what I know Wes and Will did. Unfortunately I was in Las Vegas for my birthday weekend so I didn't have time or even the Internet to compete. And neither did Trevor as he was really busy as well. I know Will was able to post a pretty decent score but like usual Wes was able to pull something out of his bags of tricks and posted a time of a day and then some!

Meanwhile during the challenge Will found the Hidden Immunity Idol! I believe the answer to Kevin's favorite survivor season was FvF 2. Anyway Will has the idol and has to figure out how he wants to play it. It took us a while to figure out who we were voting but in the end we went with Boo. It was either gonna be Boo or Cali but I remembered how bad Cali had been in challenges lately (kinda like me lol) and also she WAS voted the person who doesn't deserve to be here (which still gets me hahaha). Boo is better in challenges and plus I'm just over him. I've been ready for him to be gone a long time ago. He's too immature to be playing this game. Anything negative he can't take. So for me it was a personal as well as a strategic vote. With me the strategic part of the vote always comes first though.

At this point we don't think they're voting for Will because apparently Boo told Will himself that they respected him and that they were voting him tonight. NO player in their right mind would tell someone they're going knowing they have a clue to a hidden immunity idol. That was a really obvious give away by Boo. No way they're voting Will. I really don't know if they're gonna vote myself or Trevor. But at this point I'm just getting desperate and I want Will to play that idol on me so bad! I just don't wanna go home. Plus I was beginning to think, it's Trevor and AJ's fault why we are even in this position in the first place. Yes I've had Trevor's back since the tribe swap, but if he wouldn't have made that very poor move with AJ and without anyone else's consent in the alliance, we wouldn't be in this position now. I honestly thought I was gonna have a really great chance to make it to the end and possibly even win this thing. But Trevor and AJ are responsible for putting the other 3 of us in jeopardy. So no I don't think Trevor deserves Will to put the idol around his neck. He's the one who screwed us up honestly.

When the votes were revealed I was at first relieved to see Will gave me the idol! But then as the votes were read it was clear Will played the idol on the wrong person as the other 4 voted for Trevor making him the fifth member of the jury. I definitely feel bad about this because Trevor was my main guy since AJ went home. I'm sure Trevor would vote for me to win this game but I'd rather have him on my side at this point! And now me and Will are down 4 - 2 in numbers... The only good news about this is HEY I MADE THE FINAL 6! Hahaha. That's as far as Queen Ami Cusack made it in her season of Vanuatu haha.

Anyway after Trevor's exit there's a bit of an eruption in the Capoterra tribe chat. Trevor makes a remark saying he will vote for Wes in a FTC and not Boo or Cali (assuming Will and I don't make it to the end since we don't have #'s now.) Will REALLY goes off about how Boo and Cali have no chance at winning if they don't get rid of Wes next (which is damn true!). The other 4 in the majority are mostly keeping quiet but Will keeps going on about how they're all handing Wes the win if they don't do something about it and how every time Will tries to talk to them they just say "don't talk to me." Honestly, what the hell kind of gameplay is that?! You don't tell people not to talk to you in the game of survivor lol! You're limiting yourself and that makes both Boo and Cali both bad players in my opinion! I'm not saying as much as Will because I don't wanna be their next target, but I'm backing Will up anyway I can. But I'm mostly just letting him take all the bullets cause I still plan on trying to win this game. I love Will but better him go first than me. Sorry but it is still an individual game... Durning this exchange I couldn't believe the words that came out of Hazim's mouth. He openly admits HE DOES NOT CARE IF HE LOSES TO WES IN THE END. What the fuck? Are you seriously admitting to everyone here that you're okay with 3rd place?! You have people like me and Will who are doing everything we can to stay and make it to the end AND win. And you're gonna sit here and openly admit you're okay with taking him to the end and losing to him? I was VERY disappointed he said that. Here I am hoping that if myself or Will don't make it to the end I would vote for Hazim to win the game. But NOW how can I vote for someone to win the game when they openly admit they don't care if they win. Well guess what, I CARE. And so does everyone else. With that I don't know if I could vote for Hazim in a FTC anymore. And I will make sure if I'm on the jury the rest of the players in the game know he doesn't care if he loses. Which means maybe he's not worthy to win this game anymore.

Also during the exchange Boo is being dumb and saying he was taught if you don't have nothing nice to say than some say anything. Well news flash Boo, NO ONE IS BEING MEAN. Everyone is stating facts and just trying to get you to make a move! I'm not calling anyone names or saying someone is a bad player. We're all discussing game and no one is making personal attacks. We're just saying you have a slim shot at winning if you don't take out Wes. But leave it to Boo to always take things the wrong way. Like I said, anything semi negative about Boo he can't handle it. And Cali makes a comment talking about how everyone at former Cagliari formed a hierarchy with herself, Koopa, and Boo being at the bottom. NO GIRL that is not what happened! That's exactly what SHE did to everyone else! They stopped talking to us and got too confident and cocky in our alliance. They treated people like they didn't matter and MADE that division in our group. It was their own fucking fault that happened. But like I said AGAIN, there goes Cali and Boo acting like victims. Sorry I ain't throwing you no pity party. Because this was YOUR fault. Not ours. And Cali also tried to say AJ's elimination was because of us leaving them out of plans. LIKE NO GIRL, I spoke up in the chat and told them AJ's elimination was AJ's and Trevor fault. I went on to explain AJ and Trevor made a really poor mistake during that vote because they were SO DAMN eager and desperate to get Wes out. And it costed them. I told Cali and Boo THAT'S THE ONLY REASON BOO IS STILL HERE. It's because of AJ and Trevor fucking up. Nothing Boo did. Boo is only here for their mistake. Because we should still have #'s right now if it weren't for AJ and Trevor. Of course Boo is trying to defend himself and say he's still here because of himself. But that's absolutely not true. He's here because of someone else's mistake. So we're just gonna have to agree to disagree on this one...

Moving on to the next immunity challenge, part of Wes's last immunity win was he gets to choose someone to sit out in the next challenge. Lucky he picks Will and not me! This is also giving me a good indication I'm not their next target. If Wes and his group wanted me out next they would of sat me out. But no, they chose Will. Unfortunately tho it's a puzzle challenge and I'm REALLY BAD at puzzles lol. God dang, just my luck. Well like I said fortunately I shouldn't be the next target! So even if I lose (which I'm almost sure I will) we can make a move to get rid of Wes (assuming he loses) or if worst comes to worst, it will probably be Will going home. And NOT me. Ugh. At least it's not me.


I sit here amazed I am still around on Day 32 – probably because of my bad rep that Joe spread like wildfire. Of course the doofus lied and tried to achieve better standing for him. SOOOOOOOOOOO glad he is out – little man he is.

Anyways, The Tripps Alliance is trying hard to sway Hazim – Tyler and I want him for Final 3 – not Yap. Yap, Wes, Boo and Cali would probably beat Tyler and myself. So by bringing Hazim – it still may be a loss for us – but, chances improve. Wes has basically said he is taking Cali and Boo and that is that. He will not budge. So we continue to sit and wait and hope Hazim comes to his senses because once we are gone – those 3 WILL vote him out.