Day 13

Al Pal thought we were all voting against Andrew. Andrew was never the target for me, though it was considered at one point. I got my first blindside completed and it feels great already. Once the Brotherhood meets up again, we won't be stopped.


I'm really happy after mine first tribal council. Everything is coming according to plan. My alliance stays strong together and I hope that next out will be Sam or Will. Especially Sam...


Day 14

I'm torn apart. even though we win immunity I still don't know which alliance to go to. Jino asked me first to join his alliance with me, Lincoln, John, and Matt. Then, Lincoln told me that Max wanted Lincoln and I to join him, together with Ken. I'm becoming nervous. Who shall I join?! Damn it. I don't want to be in this position. It sucks. And it is dangerous.


Day 15

Everything, is going good for me but, I don't want to rest. Anything can happen, and probably will in this game. I think its time for a little blindside. If we lose this challenge, I am going to give a huge shock to Lincoln. He thinks I'm alligned with him, while I'm actually not. He is a big challenge threat and, a strategic threat. This is because, I saw hims and, his original Ticino members dominate in the pre-dissolve challenges. This could potentially be my big move in this game. I know it feels a little bad but, this is a game. My game. I have decided from the start to make my own moves because, in my previous ORG I tried to fly under the radar and it didn't work. It's time to get changed.


Sam has the clue on exile UNFORTUNATELY

Sam didn't want to share it cause he wants to have the Idol Well obviously he need to go... Cause he can be a problem on merge unfortunately I am not on glarus so I can't do that and Lincoln is the one who wants Sam to go to exile so there is an obvious possibility that Lincoln and Sam has an alliance... This 2 needs to go as soon as possible...


I really don't care about challenge results. If we will go to tribal council, we gonna vote out one of my enemies. I'm talking about Sam. He has the idol. Blindside would be perfect end for Sam, but right now we must tell him that he is totally safe. If he will play the idol, I can be voted out very quickly.


Wow just wow. It's like Lincoln and I are the only former Ticinos left. It feels like Stephenie and Bobby Jon. lol