Day 28

So Wes was voted out and I'm still in the game! This is great for me!

It's kind of annoying that Charlie is getting almost all the credit for the blindside by people just because he voted with us. I mean, I had been planning that blindside for weeks, he swoops in one day before and says "let's blindside Wes" and now he is getting credit. People don't see me as a threat, and I want to keep it that way. So I'll let him take the credit. But even Jhet is getting more credit than I am... I really am going to be screwed at this point for playing under the radar. I will bring a goat to the end and people will say that I did nothing. Just because I'm not screaming my strategy from the rooftops, doesn't mean I'm not doing stuff. I'm in control right now, of every vote. Hopefully by the end of this, people will give me credit for the votes I've done. Because I would hate to get to the end and be called a goat.


Day 29

I am so relieved that we got Wesley out without a hitch. The only trouble is that we now have to rely on Charlie or we're gonna be screwed. We need to take out Chitwan one, two, three at the next few votes or everything that we've worked so hard for becomes worthless. With the jury so stacked with pre-merge Chitwans, if any of them get to the end, then they'll win. No buts, no maybes. They have to go. Jhet first, and then Trace, then Ash. But if Charlie now starts thinking too much for himself and decides he flips, then it's adios to all of us. I don't think he's that stupid, so we SHOULD be okay. Everything should go smoothly, but in Survivor it's always two scoops of rocky road on a waffle cone.

And can I just make a note of what bad timing this particular immunity challenge is? So much is in a precarious position right now, and the last thing I want is for people to know what I'm really thinking. So here's hoping that I can be coy enough with my answers in front of everyone that no one suspects that I know a lot more about what's going on than what I'm letting on. I don't feel like I personally need immunity this time around, so I'm happy to gamble a little. Just so long as that necklace stays out of Jhet's hands.


Day 30

This game seems a little bit unfair. Not the challenge, but the game itself because these people just don't seem to get it. They all trust me even though I'm lying to them all...

Which is horrible gameplay on my part. From this point on I have to screw over everyone in the game, nobody is my enemy. Everyone really trusts me so I have to screw them over. This will really hurt me if I get to the end. I'm like a snake, I do what I have to to survive, but it's seen as evil.


Khaptad is picking the Chitwans off, it's quite obvious, and I think Trace is going home tonight. I'm really worried. I didn't vote for him, but I'm really gonna miss him. Next round, I think what Jhet and I are gonna have to do is stage a blindside for Charlie. In order to make sure he doesn't play the "idol" if he even has it, I'll trick him to agreeing with him to both vote for Jhet next round, but if I can get the other Khaptads to vote with me for REAL against Charlie, I can get him out and secure a final 5 placement... This game is so strategical. I got tricked last round, but not this time. This time, I'll fight.


Trace and Jhet found out that I've been lying to them. Well, technically they found out everyone has been, but their anger seems directed at me. You know what, I actually feel kind of bad, a knot in my stomach that won't go away...

I'm not going to win this game. I'll never get the jury votes. From this point forward, I have no reason to stay in the game. I will, but I won't play as hard, as much. Because I won't win. You know what? Everyone in this game is lying, everyone in this game has lied. And yet... I'm the one that's getting all the heat because I'm good at it. Because I had to make social bonds to get my alliance further. It's not fair at all. I need to get along with people so they trust me. I need people to trust me so they can vote with me. But if I break that trust I'm a horrible person who will never win. If I ever get brought back I will just stop caring. Because honestly, this is tough. Even though it's an online game, voting out Trace is really tough because he's my friend. Everyone left in the game is my friend. And if I want to stay, so I guess I have to vote people out to get to the end.