"Time to Break Up the Voting Blocks"
Season Survivor: Papua New Guinea
Episode Number 10/15
Episode Chronology
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Time to Break Up the Voting Blocks is the tenth episode of Survivor: Papua New Guinea.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Touchy Subjects
This challenge is broken into two parts. In the first part, the castaways are asked to fill out a questionaire, asking a series of questions, with the answers being only the names of the remaining contestants. They are asked to answer each question with who they think best applies. Once all of these have been completed and submitted, the castaways must participate in the second part, which is guessing what the popular answer for each question. The castaway the guess the most popular votes right, will win individual immunity.
Reward: To exile one person to Exile Island.
Winner: Andrei


Day 25

After Matt's blindside, it was no secret to the Tea Party that Andrei and Jemarc flipped. Kim was greatly saddened by this, and considered quitting. Andrei now feared that he would now be an enemy of the Tea Party, so he confessed and lied to the alliance claiming that he was afraid of an alliance between Matt and Mick, which is why he flipped.

After talking to Andrei, Kim decided that he wouldn't quit. The Tea Party alliance then agreed that Uli needed to be defeated.

Meanwhile, Luke went to talk to Uli. Luke told Uli that Amos convinced him to align with the Mendi alliance, and that he voted for Matt at the last vote. Uli's plan was make Luke think that he thinks Luke flipped. Luke went with this, to try and get into both alliances. Uli now believed that Luke was on his side, and the two began strategizing for the next vote.

At the next Immunity challenge, it was revealed that there would be a double elimination. In the challenge, Mick received six points. Abraham, Amos and Jemarc received seven points. Blake received eight points. Billy, Kim and Uli received nine points. Luke received ten points, and Andrei won Immunity with twelve points.

Andrei decided to send Kim to Exile Island.

Day 26

Abraham, Luke and Uli discussed voting. Abraham wanted it to be either Kim or Mick, whom he accused of lying too much and being big threats.

Before Tribal Council, Kim revealed to Uli that he would be going. Knowing that Uli would be the safest vote, Amos, Billy and Luke decided to turn on Uli and vote him off. While Jemarc decided that he'd vote with Abraham and Uli.

At Tribal Council, before the votes could be read, Uli decided to play the Hidden Immunity Idol. This negated all the votes against him, and Kim was voted out in a 3-0 vote.

For the second vote, Uli was granted Immunity. It became clear to both alliances that Jemarc was playing both sides. This caused him be targeted by Abraham, Luke, Mick and the Mendi alliance. When Andrei found out that Mendi was targeting Jemarc, he told the Tea Party to vote off Billy to keep Uli from gaining momentum.

In the second vote, Blake cast a random vote for Abraham. Andrei and Jemarc stuck to the plan and voted for Billy. However, everyone else voted Jemarc, to rid of the flipper. Jemarc was then eliminated in a 6-2-1 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
First Vote
Kim (3 votes)
AbbyJemarc avatarAngrist
Abraham, Jemarc, & Uli
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Amos avatarVanityBlake bougerollePhoenix
Amos, Andrei, Blake, Billy, Kim, Luke, & Mick
(votes negated)
Kim BW
Second Vote
Jemarc avatar
Jemarc (6 votes)
AbbyAmos avatarPhoenix
Abraham, Amos, Billy, Luke, Mick, & Uli
Billy (2 votes)
VanityJemarc avatar
Andrei & Jemarc
Abraham (1 vote)
Blake bougerolle
Jemarc bw

Voting Confessionals

First Vote

hope this works


I vote for Uli. You've been a great competitor, but I can't keep such a strong competitor any longer. I'm here for me, but I'm glad I made a friend along the way.


It would appear that the majority is against you. Sorry about this.


It's a shame your lies didn't work on me or anyone else. You never had control in this game and your desperate tactics showed how bad you are. :)


You won't get away this time. I'm putting a flat tire in your plans.


Sorry man, I have to vote you coz Abby is protecting Mick. So probably sacrificing you can give me access to your old allies.


I've had enough with your lies. Its time for you to go. Buh-bye #sorrynotsorry


Second Vote

Flippers got to pay. Make sure you pick a side and stick with it next time. Hasta La Vista Abby.


You flipped, you flopped, you flipped... And finally... you end up being a flop... You should have gone with me, it would have taken you far...


Just because I can't cut the head of the Mendi alliance just yet doesn't mean I have to give them momentum.


sorry man, I just need to stay alive in this game. Adios, Amigo. :(


Uli randomly getting Immunity is probably the single most unfair thing in the history of this game. But this is a random vote, because I know I'm the target. So my vote goes to Jemarc.


Bro, this vote is just for making Uli happy. I don't want you going home tonight, neither do I want you be insulted by it. But this is purely for strategy and to make sure I still have a leash on the Bearded Snake.


I'm voting for Jemarc....

I hope it's you and not me.......

Nothing personal......

Soaring High,



Final Words

Well I am pissed/happy to be gone. I am pissed because some people made dumb moves that cost me the game. Those dumb moves were not voting for uli. The tea party should have voted uli instead of mark and i said that a lot and andrei should not have flipped because that also cost me the game and the only smart move about my elimination was uli playing the idol. I am happy because no more stress and before the game i said i would be happy with my self if i mad the jury and i did and i am proud of my self i never thought that i would be doing this and be on the jury this really tested me and im proud of myself i made some really good friends and ultimately glad i did this game.


Sigh. I was eliminated, again. What can I say, I was played. Those guys thought I'm a flipper. But I'm not, cause I know who flipped from one side to another. And I have to work twice as hard cause I have to gain everybody's trust. That didn't work. But I had a great time playing. Tho it was cut short again. Thank you Outcast twist for bringing me back into the game and especially into the merge. Tea Party! Do bring the green guys down. ;)


Still in the Running

Abau Daru Kieta Mendi Wewak
Amos avatar
Mark BW
Blake bougerolle
Matt BW
Brendan PNG BW
Jemarc bw
Syzmon PNG BW
Taylor BW
Kim BW
Sean BW


  • With Kim's elimination, Blake is the last remaining Wewak member.
  • The episode title was said by Uli, when debating if he should play the idol or not.


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