Day 6

The Joshie quit was bittersweet. I kinda wish he had given a chance to his tribe to turn things around and maybe get rid of Uli, but at the same time, Joshie was undeniably high-maintenance and very emotional, so… Maybe it’s best if he’s gone now.


The reward challenge is some sort of crapshoot where we basically have to choose a number and hope for the best. The strategy I pushed for was for aim for as many 6-point spots as we could by pairing some of us. It doesn’t really matter if we win or lose, I’m just surprised people seem to be listening.


So at the Yin Tribal Council, up pops up a tied vote. So, obviously enough, they must revote. But as this is happening, Joshie decides to remove himself from the game, ending that Tribal. That literally blew me away...I'm still reeling! And, of course, the Villains will be villains--specifically, Aly and Eddie. Of fucking course those two are making fun of him. It's scum like this that makes me absolutely sick, ya know? Joshie has a reason to remove himself from the game, and I feel as though this is something that has to be respected, not to be made fun of. Bailey said that Joshie's brother suffered a very serious injury. Pretty much, the poor guy has third degree burns all over his body, and Joshie made a commitment to work extra shifts so his mother can stay home to watch his brother. Sharky's glad that we at the Yang tribe are being respectful about this, though he said that that is not the reason why he is leaving the game. It's just when everything gets put into perspective like that, it hits you hard. And it just hurts, dammit. It really hurts. Joshie, if you're reading this, I know you're a fighter, and whatever you've got going on in your life, I completely understand the reasoning behind you leaving the game. Everyone here in Yang does, as far as I'm concerned. I'm not going to be an ignorant asshole and taunt you, say "thank God" that you left, or tell you to fuck off like Eddie and Aly did. At least there are some mature people in this "zoo" that we all call the Survivor ORG Wiki, and I'm damn proud to say that I am one of them.


Time to fix this broken mess. Jerby stopped trusting me after he found out that I had another alliance. But I did damage control since I still legitely wanna work with Jerby. I made a promise to him that we'd both work together, and I actually intend on keeping that promise (uhg, worst villain ever). I kinda see Jerby like Ryan, my ally in Korea. We both worked together as a dynamic duo and completely changed the late phase of the game. Jerby is officially my new Ryan! haha


I think this is a bad strategy, but there a lot of power players in this game who think they are in charge. It's best to let them continue to think that. In the end, they often chop off each others heads.


So Joshie quit and it hurt allot to see him go because I know he thought that I would quit alongside with him and it's not fair that now the bitch of Aly is now making fun of him. First thing I'm gonna do this morning while the challenge happens is approach Andrei, Natalie, Bailey and Wes... I hope they understand I'm in a shitty position and send me to exile... I already went through this in Côte, first tribal I attend I loose my best ally, then the other tribe helps me by throwing challenges or something like that. I hope it works with 20 people left format...


And last but most certainly not least, Wesley accepted--and thus, the alliance is complete! I don't have a saucy name for it just yet, so for now? I think it's just going to be called the Yang Six or something like that. But, nonetheless, the only thing I can do at this point is hope. Hope that this alliance I created works and goes swimmingly for me. By no means am I done playing this game just yet--I still have now nineteen other people to get through to make it to the top. I'm in familiar territory with Anarchy at this point when it comes down to the amount of contestants remaining in the game, except season eighteen is definitely more straightforward and cutthroat! Not to mention, I felt as comfortable as lying on a cloud during Anarchy--here, however? Not so much. My top priority is to survive, and I feel as though I'm doing quite the good job at it thus far!


F*ckity f*ck f*ck f*ck.

Double Tribal. This is gonna be scary, because my girls alliance wants to blindside Bailey with the help of Topher. Everyone else "seems" to want to vote Topher. That's why I'm more comfortable with voting with my girls. Sam promised to be loyal to me, and if she is, Jessy is. If Jessy is, Natalie is. One of my biggest fears is the females having their own chat talking about how much they got me tied around their finger. I'm following the advice Ash told me once: Go with it.

Plus, anything can happen. I'd love to stick with Bailey, but Jessy and Sam don't want that. :/ Well we'll have to see who gets exiled before we can determine this. I'm seriously freaking out right now.


The challenge sucked today--especially considering we were off by a mere four points! So close! I'll admit, I am a little disappointed with the loss, but c'mon--Door Vault is definitely a pain in the ass. This was actually the first time I've ever competed in this challenge! I know it was done in Anarchy, but to this day, I still don't get it. I say it's only a matter of luck--you guess your three numbers and hope for the best. (sigh) What makes it even better is that there is no Immunity Challenge, and both tribes attend Tribal Council tonight. Hell, at the very, very least, Yin and Yang will still be even in tribe members, so no one really has the upper hand just yet. Or, do they? Bah, I dunno. I suppose it all comes down to who they ultimately pick to send to Exile. And speaking of Exile, Joan approached me after the results of the challenge were released. He told me how Eddie was the "dictator" of Yin, and a bad one at that. He said that Joshie and himself tried to stop his subsequent "reign of terror," but failed, so Joan's head is now on the chopping block. I told him that I was also afraid of me being the next one to leave. Oh, I probably should add that Luke told me that Bailey, Sole, Andrei and Wesley all want Topher gone because of two reasons, I'm guessing. One, because of his job and the situations he's in are holding him back, and two, because he is supposedly feeding information to the Yin tribe. Wow...and why would he do that in the first place? It kind of blows my mind. So, as far as my newly made alliance, we have hopes of getting Topher out of this game. Though when I asked Luke "why, though?" upon him telling me that Topher is giving information to Yin, he changed the subject rather quickly. Not to mention, the members in my alliance are in fact online, but they are deathly silent in the chat, which can only mean one thing, if you know what I mean. So, I'm a bit skeptical about this one. Anyway, if Joan's requests to send me to Exile go through, I'm taking the guy with me, because I'd love to sit back and watch the fireworks go off on Yin--I'm pretty sure we all would, quite frankly. This should be good! But, we'll see what happens, though. I'm excited!


Joan's saying it, now Bailey's even saying it--I might be going to Exile! I have no idea why I'm so excited about this, to be honest! What am I gonna do? What am I gonna pick? The possibilities and outcomes are endless! That is, of course, if everything falls through and works. But, if I do go to Exile, Joan is definitely coming with me. Bailey pitched the idea and he even mentioned it again as he told me that I was probably going to Exile, so it's a definite must. I said this once and I'll say it again, the firework show over at Yin is going to be amazing. so you best sit back, put your feet up and enjoy yourself! Hell, I know I will! Again, I can't get my hopes too high. Nothing is confirmed one hundred percent just yet, so for now, I've got to keep my cool.


I'm currently banging my head against the wall and being lost in confusion. I would LOVE to vote Topher out, because he's mainly inactive and has talked to me less than anyone else here. But the girls are so set on voting Bailey, who I just had a meaningful conversation with involving loyalty. I would feel so awful if I voted Bailey, like when I voted Andrei back in Papua New Guinea.

Although, it makes me feel less bad when he wants to name an alliance with Noah, Sole, Wesley and Sam the Bras alliance. I want to be loyal to the girls, but I also want to be loyal to Bailey. DAMNIT. What the Hell do I do?! I should probably just throw my vote randomly and see what sh*t goes down. But I NEED the girls' trust. I trust them more than half the people Bailey wants me working with. Time for the game called: Who does Luke betray? Oh God, someone give me the answer.


So, recapping:

One side wants Topher, the other wants Bailey.

I barely know Topher and Bailey is a good friend of mine. However, the alliance I'm most loyal to wants Bailey out. I could potentially flip, but I don't want to piss off my true allies. However, if I vote Bailey I lose a friend AND all my original allies and I have to rely on the girls to protect me the whole game.

So this next Tribal is going to be Hell.


So I talked to Topher and told him who was voting for and against him. I then swore to him we weren't going to vote him. :/

This means I'll have to vote Bailey, something I did not want to do. Jessy and Sam didn't really give me a choice. I need to keep the trust of people who will be with me in the long run, as much as I love Bailey and the others.

My plan is to make it look like someone in BRAS flipped, and all the alliance outsiders voted Bailey. Someone who isn't Sam or I. Or Wesley, because I trust him. And Noah's on Exile. Poor Sole. I would like to go far with a lot of them, but this is the best move for right now. As much as I don't want to do it. Damn these double Tribals.


Biggest regret of the season so far: Telling Wesley about the plan to blindside Bailey.

I had to tell Jessy that Wesley had the same idea as us and make it known to Wesley that he's not on the outs of an alliance. I was greeted with a bunch of questions and stuff that would potentially screw Jessy and Sam, my allies. I didn't expect Wesley to be so hesitant to be honest.

He told me he wants to get Andrei and me to split the vote with him in case Bailey plays an idol. I'm trying to convince him otherwise. But it might be a good idea. Ugh this Tribal should have been simple and not nearly so difficult. I only told Wesley the plan to prove my trust to him. ;-;


Goodbye Tribal Council this evening, and hello Exile Island! Tonight shall be one hell of an exciting one, as I have absolutely no idea what's going to happen. Unpredictability at it's best right here! I decided to stick with my decision and bring Joan along with me. I mean, why not? It'll be exciting to see how Yin changes their vote tonight since the apparent "bottom" isn't present. In all honesty, I'm fearing it may be Nokomis. I mean, I recall both Eddie--and more recently--Joan, say that he hasn't done anything pretty much. Having Nokomis out of this game will definitely be a shame, as Anarchy will only be down to only a mere two representatives. (sigh) Life's not fair. I'm gonna say it, I love the people I'm playing with! It's an undeniable blessing to be completely honest, but with Richie's boot, these have got to be some of the most paranoid, and at times, stupidest, people I've ever seen! Think of it like this--there are twenty-two players in this game with only four players being from Anarchy. Twenty-two minus four equals eighteen. There are eleven people on each tribe, with two of each of us being on one tribe respectively. Eleven minus two is nine. Are you even hearing these numbers?! There are eighteen more people than every single Anarchy representative in the entire game, and nine more people than the two of us on different tribes, and these people are afraid of an alliance?! Seriously?! Assuming Richie was still with us, and all of the Anarchy representatives made the merge. I want to guess we'll merge at eleven or nine. I don't even need to explain the difference here, but four-to-eleven and four-to-nine is just awful. As I said--these are the most paranoid and stupidest players I have ever played with. Good God! But nonetheless, I probably should address you my current situation. The alliance I created now has a name! We're calling it B.R.A.S, which stands for "Boys Rule and Sam." I think it's pretty good, so it's gonna stay. I just wonder if they will still decide to eliminate Topher tonight. I mean, I did hear Andrei wanted him gone, so they would still have the numbers either way. As I said before, I'm excited! This entire season is!


Okay so people were thinking that Topher was going to go but nah I don't want him to go, he's been voting how I want and he seems like a sweet kid so nah. Sami and I wanted one of Andrei/Bailey/Wes to go and she wants Bailey out, so I'm good with that. Apparently he insulted Eddie during Madagascar and I love Eddie so nahhhh. They're all threats in their own way, and I'm happy to be sending one of them home. Also, Wesley decided to come to my allies and say that he wants Bailey out, so that's a good thing. When he came to me he mentioned a Bras alliance that Luke and Sam had mentioned, so I was like lol. I think it was by mistake. Then he tried to cover it up saying it was a little alliance that he didn't care about. I'm pretty sure Bailey is going home unless the idol appears outta nowhere. In that case Topher would be going home. It's a pretty weird situation. But hey the Cross Exile alliance is working as we got one of the people who would send Topher home to Exile. Bless Eddie and Aly. (Joan too.)


Okay, telling Wesley was an awful idea. Then Andrei and Sole found out and now everyone knows. Bailey began freaking out, so Jessy and I made an attempt to calm him.

Eventually we just had to get everyone to vote Topher again and stick with just us five. According to Bailey, someone is spreading a rumor that I'm aligned with Topher. How I'd love to find that person. What was supposed to be a simple vote turned into a trainwreck of a Tribal. Thanks to me. ;-;


This vote seems to be between Topher and Bailey. I want Topher out because a) I dont trust him at all, b) he has two other Turkey players to flip to and c) he's in an alliance I'm not a part of. Bailey should stay because he likes me and I like him. There are just so many people saying Bailey that's it's hard to go against that. If I can have my way, Topher is going and I know as soon as I start complacently sending allies home I'm in trouble so I don't want Bailey to go.

If Bailey stays, it's because of me. If Topher stays, I've scared people away by being too aggressive. If I go home it's because protecting Bailey has turned people against me and they've targeted me.

I hope I can keep it together...


You know my favorite type of alliances? secret ones >:) Hence my Secret Society, A-Team, etc. Secret alliances have always been my favorite.

Miguel approached me for a brilliant secret alliance. Adam, Jerby, Himself and I. The 4 of us are unlikely to be expected to be working with each other. We could actually go pretty far with just us 4. Eddie, Aly and Uli don't even need to know about it.

I plan to be loyal to both alliances. I'm only gonna make a decision to choose one when I need to. But my main goal is to keep the ones I trust and boot out the ones I don't. So Joan is at the bottom of the totem pole, no question about it. The question is, who goes home after Joan?

My plan is to take out Uli, which is sad because Uli has been such a great guy in the game, but he's really scary! I know that he doesn't play by alliances and would prefer individual connections (which means that he'd be talking to everyone) and he really will pull tricks out of his hat once we get to the merge. He's a disaster waiting to happen, which could be a good thing, and a bad thing.

Eddie and I talked, I planted a seed in his head stating how dangerous Uli could be. So once we boot Joan, and if we have to go to tribal again.

So for the 3rd time, the game has changed, and I have to change my To-Do list once again, I can cross out booting Joshie but the other 2 that I stated in my last to do list are now insignificant.

  1. 1 - Get chummy with Joan
  2. 2 - Plant a target on Uli
  3. 3 - Solidify the 4-man secret alliance


So Bartley's and Jerby's grandmothers both died last week... It's either their both related, one of them is pulling a Johnney Fairplay or this is a very tragic coincidence >.<


So Joshie quit, and that was quite possibly the lowest I've ever felt in a game. And I've been eliminated several times. Just the fact that he quit because of his brother just depresses you in a way you'd never expect. What pisses me off is how the villains treated him on his exit. I vowed to him, I will get him back for the pain and torment they caused him.

There's a stark difference going on right now between the two tribes speaking of. The villains are full of drama, egos, and bitchiness up the wazoo, while the heroes are having the time of their lives over here. I mean, a few days ago I got dressed in a fake mustache and a speedo wielding a light saber just for shits and giggles on a Skype call. This is the first game where I enjoy almost everyone in my tribe.

I also feel really good because I have definitely learned from past mistakes. Yeah I believe I'm in a solid majority alliance, but on the flip side, I haven't tried to step up as a leader. I've tried to step back and not step on toes, because that will get me to the merge

Well double the tribal, double the fun right? Well not for me... I thought this would be an easy vote, since Topher isn't active in our group, doesn't participate in challenges much, and just overall, he's hero fodder. But then I get a message from Sole saying "Your name has come up and I don't know why". Cue me freaking out, I'm thinking, "What did I do to deserve this?". I find out that people are trying to vote me out because they think I had connections on the other side. Ummmmmm.... My only connection was Joshie and he's gone, plus Topher has two people from his original season that he has made final four with on the other side. Who do I have? Zip, nada, zero, goose eggs. Sound logic is a gift possessed by few and sought by even fewer. And also the hidden immunity idol has come back and people think I have it. I'm starting to think that someone, either on my tribe or on the villains is trying to sabotage my game, and I think the latter. And my biggest asset I bring to the game is that I'm hilarious, I spend a lot of my time trying to make the game fun and enjoyable by joking around. Don't execute your jester too early, let him entertain you and make this game more fun for all!

So we're going to see how the votes play out, because either I was never in danger and am just freaking out over nothing OR I'm going to be totally blindsided to the people I trusted most. Either way, my goal of no votes against me is probably down the toilet #sadday


It's amazing what reputation can do for you. Everything is based only on how people remember you, but not necessarily on what you do. For instance, Uli is remembered to play both sides...a lot. Isn't that what I did in Korea too? If I remember closely, I was almost everybody's #1 ally till I slit their throats in their sleep.

What's funny is that nobody realizes how I'm playing both sides constantly, and it's GREAT! cause I can play a similar game to what I did in Korea (Which I would have won had it not been for 3 friggin idols being played in the final 5). So I'm sticking with my previous strategy to gun for Joan, then Uli. But the hard part is maintaining my new alliance with Jerby and Miguel. They won't wanna be playing as one of my +1s, they'll wanna take control of the game like a real player would. So pitching them my idea of pretending to be with Eddie and actually keeping the target off of them would really be a good position, but not something they'd be up for. Nobody wants their fate in the game in the hands of another villain.

So I'm trying to convince Jerby and Miguel that we need Joan out immediately after Nokomis. Then if we lose another tribal council, we can take out Uli. Uli is a sleeping dragon, he will be tame and quiet until he is awoken, in which, he will be a fire breathing son of a bitch who will kill everyone in sight. He's a great player, a great ally, but incredibly dangerous. So like my gameplay, I plan to slit the dragon's neck while it sleeps.


So two votes in, and I feel solid. We have our original alliance of 5, also Bartley. Except, I feel really close to Jerby and Miguel, so we're going to have a voting alliance with them as well. I feel as if I can control their votes. If all goes as planned, Nokomis goes, and the #'s swing heavily in my favor. I'm under the assumption exile will no longer save any of us from votes, which works great for me because Joan is Public Enemy numero uno. Everyone has a different priority in the game. I gave Eddie his idol back because both Ale and Uli thought it'd be bad to hold that and have him possibly think I don't trust him. Eddie thinks I'm in his back pocket, but he wanted to take out Jerby and the few of us all suggested Nokomis and it seemed to go over okay. He'd be dumb to take out an ally this early in the game. So, Eddie thinks I'm using Miguel and Jerby just in case of a swap, which is true, however I'd take out all of them in a heartbeat. And I'm laying low enough where Eddie will suspect something but do nothing about it because he knows I'm loyal. I'm a little worried about this vote, but don't think anyone would be ballsy enough to boot me this early.


So I managed to get myself exiled so I can be safe this tribal, but it doesn't satisfy me... Alejandro also approached me and says that he will flip to my side to take out Eddie and Aly, but it doesn't satisfy me. Aly and I decided to not fight, but it doesn't satisfy me. Each day I'm more confident about Miguel's loyalty to me and it doesn't satisfy me!

The heroes seem so tight and they are enjoying their time. They have Skype Parties, dress up in stupid outfits, goof around and never ever have a fight. Meanwhile I'm under the shadow of the wicked son of fairy Val and the blonde witch. They do not do anything in Challenges intact I'm the only person that worked hard in the three challenges while they all sat by making pop corn! The tribe chat isn't even used for other than exile and challenges.

The moment I've had the most fun since this fucking game started was when I got to slam the door in Eddie's face and stop him from exiling Sam. Like seriously in Côte I enjoyed myself, I had a group of people to talk to and mess around. In here I have talk individually on people. It's not fun since the tribe is split in half and nobody trusts nobody. If I attend to tribal I will go home over all the lazy asses in this tribe!

Eddie is ana amazing person out of the game but seriously in the game he sucks! I can't stand him in the game. He has made a happy tribe uncomfortable and uneasy. I hope the morons that want me gone realize this and blindside him or something. Like seriously he has an idol since Day 1. He got a buff of the villains tribe from Alfons before the game started which means Alfons could still have access to wherever the hosts have everything planned and he could be feeding Eddie everything! Hell, Alfons could still be in the hosts' email since he could be refreshing every 24 hours instead of logging out to keep creeping stuff.

In the other side there is Sam. I really hope she goes home just to hurt Eddie because how he is playing this game and how he bullied Joshie when he quit, Eddie deserves to loose a friend in the game so he can relate to the pain I feel. I'm just so fucking angry at Alfons for making Eddie get cast. I have a secret of Alfons and if Eddie doesn't stop I'm gonna make Eddie pick: he quits or I'm telling everybody Alfons' secret.

Sometimes to understand how to beat a whinny sucker that doesn't know how to play the game you gotta think like a whinny sucker that doesn't know how to play the game.


Well tonight is an easy vote for the Villains but a nail biter for the Heroes! According to Sam its either her or Bailey, and I really hope its Bailey! I mean him and Andrei talk so much shit about me in the Heroes chat, like really mean stuff like how my alliance should be called "The Trash Men" because I'm apparently the leader, and how if Andrei was aligned with me he would just say yes to everything I say because I'm too much of an idiot to talk sense into, well NEWSFLASH BITCHES I'm not going to go out before y'all. This has just fueled my fire to get them out no matter what! But before I can concern myself with them I need to work my numbers to take out Joan! Oh my gosh, I'm so glad I am not allied with him, he thinks he is the best player to ever play and that his sneaky plans will work every time, well guess what Joan, they wont, once the Heroes can't save your ass with Exile we ALL will send you packing, you and Joshie managed to drive ALL your allies away so now you are left with a VERY annoyed Villain tribe. I mean seriously Joan tries so hard to be a " controlling slutty bitch" and its like shut up already! I mean his tribal answers make me want to die, like honest to god voting him out will be the absolute best moment of the game..wait no that was Joshie's quit!


Apparently, people are starting to get greedy and want to send Bailey home because of the Idol rumours. Now, I have no intentions of going to the end with Bailey, but I honestly think he can be a great meat shield because of how ostensibly social he is… Not to mention, we can’t really afford to lose any of our competent challenge people, especially if Nokomis is going home on the other side. I honestly see no short-term or long-term benefit in getting rid of Bailey now…

I did my best to prevent his ouster, but I can only do so much against over-playing.


So we lost the first immunity challenge and I was really nervous about going to tribal council but I got Eddie to convince his tribe to exile me so I was immune from the vote. They exiled me again the next round so I figured they would exile me every round. So when we lost the last challenge, Adam asked if I wanted to be sent again. Right now, I'm working with Jessy, Luke and Natalie and then we have a bunch of other alliances with other people but I don't intend on keeping them. So most of the tribe wants to vote Topher out cause he's basically inactive and sucks in challenges but I could use that to my advantage. So I convinced Eddie and Adam to send someone outside of my alliance, Noah, to exile to make sure that I would have enough numbers to blindside Bailey! We're gonna tell Topher that if he doesn't vote for Bailey, then he's going. MWAHAHAHHAHAHA told you I'm on the wrong tribe! I don't trust Bailey at all, I don't care if he can help in challenges as long as I have my 5 and Eddie I'll be fine. Bailey is friends with everyone and he's a good competitor I don't want him getting anywhere near the merge. Plus like he only congratulated me on winning Madagascar the day HvV started like dude I won like 2 months ago… I can see right through you. And we don't have the best history so the sooner he is gone, the better.

Bailey has made it obvious to us that he was with Joshie and Joan. Joan was only sent to exile cause Bailey was like "Wouldn't it be funny to mess with the villains and send their target to exile?" No. It's not funny Bailey. So they all want Topher gone for reasons that he can't even control so that didn't sit right with me. Plus for my own personal enjoyment, I want different people gone... So I organized a blindside on Bailey. So I left to go to a concert and then I got home and apparently while I was gone, all hell broke loose. Wesley apparently decided to target Bailey, but by the time I got home, everyone wanted to vote Topher again. And then Andrei approaches me and he's like I heard you wanna blindside Bailey… I'm in but let's not do it yet. Someone is telling lies because I never told any of them that I want him gone.