Day 8

The rush of adrenaline I get whenever a plan unfolds perfectly will never get old.

In the end, the #Swag Six decided to mostly vote for Najim. We pulled Tyler in (which is like saying we went to a gay bar and asked if there were any Lady Gaga fans present... it was a piece of cake) and made sure Najim and Du voted for Tyler. On the off chance that they didn't trust us and voted for someone else, AJ and I voted for Du. That way, if Najim played an idol, we'd create a tie between Du and whoever they voted for, and get rid of Du in the tiebreaker.

Luckily, that didn't happen, and Najim went home a bitter over-the-top piece of shit with no one to blame but himself for terrible gameplay. It pisses me off that some fans were offering their condolences on his wiki page. I mean, boo hoo, it's SURVIVOR. Challenges occur, shit happens, people get voted off. I mean, what do they even base popularity on, anyway? The mangatar?! He looked like a sketchy second-rate mobster minion. Whatever, I'm over it, those bitches will be bowing down by the end of this season, because there's only one Queen of Sardinia, and you're listening to him now.

Anyway, I felt really bad voting for Du, since he's such a cool guy and a good player. I'm glad it didn't have to go to a tiebreaker between him and someone other than Tyler. If it had been between him and Tyler, the #Swag Six had decided to vote out Tyler. That's how much we like Du (or, if you look at it the other way, how much we don't like Tyler).

I can't wait for the next immunity challenge. I don't wanna lose another one, because we don't have many goats left to sacrifice. I'm also kind of yearning for a twist, because so far this season has been pretty straightforward. I want there to be a major switch-up so that the #Swag Six can really switch this game up and break some hearts and even make some losers cry. *chuckles* That'd be hilarious.

I know I come across as confident and maybe a bit conceited, but that's because, after nine days of getting to know everyone, I'm absolutely certain that, one-on-one, I can beat my closest allies in a Final Tribal Council situation. Which thrills me because we are so tight as an alliance in the #Swag Six that we'll make it to the Final Six, barring some miraculous individual immunity streak later in this game. We're such a good group that I am absolutely thrilled to see how we make it to the end. Cagliari is alive and kicking, and it'll take a lot more than a few bitter try-hards and a rival tribe winning one measly challenge to do us in. The #Swag Six is still very much in control of this game, and darlings, I can't wait to see the reaction of every single one of the viewers at home, mouths agape, wondering how in the world we managed to fuck all their so-called favorites so hard in the ass on our way to the top of the mountain. Until next time! <3


The plan to get rid of Najim worked out great! Now I have to do a little damage control with Du and butter him up a little. Tell him what he wants to here.

My tribe just really needs to work on winning the next immunity challenge.


Oh my god, what the hell is happening in Sassari? Well, now that the cat is out of the bag, I guess that I now need to start playing more aggressively. My ideal Final Three is me, Will, and Zane, so let's see that it happens. I spun to Cali and Swagliari Six that discussion of cross-tribe were initiated by Sassari, which is true, and what I did was deliberate, to create fractures within Sassari. I think Swag Six bought it for now, but I need stay under the radar for the next few days. After that, I can come out into the foray and play without the kiddy gloves.

Also, thank God for this Idol.


Day 9

Well what started out a relaxing day trying to connect with Wes and Ron a little. Turns into a total tribe collapse. This of course was started when AJ from the other tribe was working with Alastair who is out of the game. For some reason they picked me to be the goat. Ron and I were targeted. So I discovered this through my final attempt to talk to Arun.

However, my most trustworthy partner Jenn in an act to save me and defend me, started a chat with our tribe and what happened was laundry spilt on the floor. During this heated debate from 8 members of the tribe, Arun realized Joe duped him, Wes and I agreed to start fresh, Hazim was thrown for a loop and Joe and Julia did not know which way to turn. After the dust settled, my name is off the radar and I owe that to Jenn. However, she and I with Ron trying to rally this now. A vote for Arun is what she wants and I have given her my word I would turn on the Low End Six (only Arun) only if I am not revealed voting for Arun and Joe cannot find out. Joe must go after that.

It will be interesting for a challenge today and what it involves and how the tribe responds. I think this may put the tribe stronger and take out another Calgari. I am leary to speak to Zane now as he brought me up with AJ – so that conversation is dead. I really worry about tribe swap. I am going to try and see what Cali has to say.

Going to be a fun day…


The vote off for Najim should have been fairly easy but it was brought to my attention by AJ that Boo had other plans. I wasn't surprised to hear he had been conspiring with Zane to try and oust me. He also blamed me for the Mohammad vote (which is probably fair lol), But what Boo doesn't know is there if a 4 person alliance consisting of myself, AJ, Zane, and Will. At times though Zane scares me because I feel like he might waiver. Especially since I found out he thinks I'm annoying lol. That was anther shocker. I mean I was kind of offended by that but at the end of the day I need Zane and Zane needs me if we're going to make it far.

So the votes come out and I'm freaking because I got 2 votes and to my surprise Du got 2 as well. Najim was sent home like planned which was no burden on my shoulders. Instantly I think Boo as Cali wrote my name down. But the next day I go to Du to talk game and see if he would be willing to (secretly) work with me. The first thing he tell me was that he and Najim voted for me at the last tribal. That totally caught me off guard but I appreciated his honestly! As for as strategy goes we're both on the same page. He called himself a "free agent" and I offer him a 2 way deal to keep us both safe. I'm just using Du as an extra vote if I need him. Because at this point I want to make a bigger move next time we lose and take out Boo or Cali. Du is fine in book. Although we haven't spoken much, he said it best. NO ONE WOULD EVER GUESS WE'RE WORKING TOGETHER. So I'd absolutely be willing to keep Du around a little longer. But if my alliance is still set on voting Du I still don't really have a problem with that. He can go if he has to.

The Simon immunity challenge is announced and it PURE HELL lol. It's easy but it's also very time consuming and a burden to play. There is like zero fun in playing that challenge. And I had a rough time at first because my computer kept lagging when I would make it to the 20's so I wouldn't get to see the last color light up! Making me guess and always getting it wrong. I was so worried about posting my score of 24 because clearly I was now the weak link in this challenge. I did something thinking the next day and realized I had an old laptop in my closet and things turned complexly around. I went from a score of 24 to 56 which was the highest score on my tribe. I was so thankful we won because that one tool A LOT of work and concentration.

Lastly I wanted to say although I do like my group of 4 alliance I'm beginning to think my tribe has some misconceptions about me. For one thing I've never had ANYONE call me annoying. And I especially wouldn't expect that from Zane (if that's true). Also William has told me multiple times that I'm being too paranoid and blah blah blah. AJ told me as well that Cali and Boo think I'm "too paranoid." Honestly I'd be lying if I said I wasn't A LITTLE paranoid, BUT I believe people are taking my strategic game play as paranoia! Like all I'm trying to do is talk strategy and think of ways to get further in the game and these people think I'm being paranoid for it! HELLO this is survivor and I'm trying to stay around as long as I can! I'm not being paranoid I'm just trying to further myself AND the people in my alliance. So the next time I try and save your butt don't call me paranoid, it's called GAMEPLAY. So this is all beginning to make me dislike my tribe a little bit. Because now I'm starting to find THEM annoying. I spoke in our alliance chat saying how I thought the last vote was "surprising." And William asked me why I thought that. I told him because obviously I got votes but mostly I didn't expect Du to get any. And then he goes on to tell me "there's nothing to be surprised about". Lol like what the heck? I just told you I was surprised and now you're telling me I shouldn't feel that way? ALRIGHT THEN. I'm just getting tired of some of the attitudes I get from the people in the tribe. Can we just play survivor?…


I've managed to get Du to trust me and Zane again. What I've said to him is true. I don't want him gone next. But after that he'll be right at the top of the list. ;)



Day 10

To quote one of my favorite viral videos., "And BOOM goes the dynamite!"

We won the last immunity challenge by a hair, and I couldn't be happier. We're clicking as a tribe and can't afford to lose another member, whether it be Du or Tyler or anyone else. I was shocked to see that Hazim and Joe had failed to even TURN IN a score for Sassari, essentially guaranteeing our victory.

Then we are celebrating back at camp, and AJ admits something that I'm glad he did, but probably should have mentioned earlier: he's been talking to Sassari tribe members to discover their alliance structure and screw up their chemistry.

Normally I'd be a little ticked off that someone withheld information of this magnitude, but I don't even mind for one reason and one reason only.

It fucking worked.

Apparently, from what I can gather, Alastair and Jennifer approached AJ before the first vote was even cast and pushed him to join some kind of Aussie Alliance they had. AJ agreed, but then immediately turned around and told Joe (who from various accounts had also been talking to Cagliari members and has been stirring shit up at Sassari camp), who naturally told everyone. So Alastair went home as a traitor. Then my deal with Trevor pops up among the Swag Six, and Cali mentions that she has been talking to him as well (that stupid two-timing bastard). We decide to run with it, and AJ informs Joe of this as well. They give us pretty much a blueprint of who's running what at Sassari by calling each other out and throwing shit left and right. Trevor's upset with me, and claims to have a Hidden Immunity Idol but it's really too late to salvage his hoopeless situation.

Sassari has literally exploded, and their own members gave us the match to throw into the gunpowder.

Everyone's been targeting everyone and no one trusts anyone over there, and all we can do at Cagliari is laugh and laugh and laugh because THEY CAME TO US FIRST! We had no intention of fraternizing with them, but since they came galloping to us, we figured we might as well take a joyride as far as we can beat the horse. It's perfect, really. Whoever goes home tonight can only benefit us. If Trevor goes home, a loudmouth punk of a threat is eliminated. If Joe (or "Joe'Tia", as our own Joe calls him) goes home, then Sassari gets rid of a flip-flopping bastard who played a shitty social game and is a general nuisance. If Ron or anyone else in their majority alliance (viz., Arun, Sean, Hazim, or Wes) gets blindsided, then we've succeeded in weakening their chances at beating us come the merge. It's quite literally a win-win-win for Cagliari and the #Swag Six. I'm so thrilled that we have brilliant strategists in our alliance, and that we all know what to do and when to push people's buttons. We're gonna run Sassari into the ground and mock them as we do it. I love it when a game if any sport is close, but every once in a while, I enjoy a good old-fashioned dominating beatdown. That's what we're doing right now, and there'll be no stopping us from here on out. Can't wait for the vote, darlings!.…


Well after the blow up from Jenn and the tribe. Everyone got quiet and because of Joe, I was made to feel I was being targeted. The entire tribe went silent to me, except Jenn and somewhat Ron. No one would commit to who they were voting. This was a low point in my journey here. I could not gauge what was going on. I started to plan my farewell speech and throw everyone under the bus. Then Arun made me believe there was another target. I was not sure who that target was and planned to try and find out.

Tribal came and turns out 6 votes cast for my partner Jenn and 3 for Joe. This devastated me. Jenn was not too pleased and refused at first to speak to me. Since then we have said our goodbyes and I wish her nothing but the best. We were loyal and could have been final 2. Now I start to look towards the next challenge and immunity, I think I am next. However, no one knew how close Jenn and I were.…