Touchy Subjects
Survivor ORG Challenge
Description A recurring immunity challenge.
Appearance(s) Hawaii
Papua New Guinea
Côte d’Ivoire
Heroes vs. Villains
Similan Islands
Touchy Subjects is a recurring challenge that made it's debut in Survivor: Hawaii, commonly occuring during the individudal phase of the game.


This challenge is broken into two parts. In the first part, the castaways are asked to fill out a questionaire, asking a series of questions, with the answers being only the names of the remaining contestants. They are asked to answer each question with who they think best applies. Once all of these have been completed and submitted, the castaways must participate in the second part, which is guessing what the popular answer for each question. The castaway the guess the most popular votes right, will win individual immunity.

Modified for the tribal stage during Survivor: Svalbard, each individual compiled their own answers, and then each tribe guessed what the other tribe's most common answers were. The tribe with the most correct guesses would win tribal immunity.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
Survivor: Hawaii
The Friendly Zone
Individual Immunity Tommyboy97
Survivor: Cuba
Individual Immunity Taylor-survivor cuba
Survivor: Egypt
Not the Perfect Time
Individual Immunity Survivor-lance
Survivor: Nepal
Time for the Pagong to Begin
Individual Immunity Jhet (1)
Survivor: Papua New Guinea
Time to Break Up the Voting Blocks
Individual Reward/Immunity Vanity
Survivor: Côte d’Ivoire
Let Me Get to Victory Baby
Individual Reward/Immunity Lagunes Corinne4theWin
Survivor: Polynesia
It's Hard to Choose
Individual Immunity Bob
Survivor: All-Stars
I Can See a Win in My Future
Individual Immunity AdamB
Survivor: Anarchy
A Fool Fooling Himself
Individual Immunity AnarchyPlayerfromPhilippines(jb)jpg
Survivor: Peru
Put a Nail In That Coffin
Individual Immunity Natalie Peru
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains
100 Days
Individual Immunity Adamhbvv
Survivor: Indonesia
I Want At Least For One Time The Necklace
Individual Immunity Casey
Survivor: Salvation
Doesn't Mean I'm Getting Knocked Out
Individual Immunity Mitchell s21
Survivor: Similan Islands
Always the Bridesmaid
Individual Immunity S22 Miguel
Survivor: Greece
A Blatant Lie
Individual Immunity Hanne Greece
Survivor: Rome
Constant Lies And Paranoia
Individual Immunity Topazrome
Survivor: Java
Flip The Script
Individual Immunity Loxias Merge
Survivor: Generations
Individual Immunity S28Merge Molly
Survivor: Azerbaijan
Nothing to Lose
Individual Reward CliffordMerge
Survivor: Svalbard
Tribal Immunity Svalbard BrandonSvalbard JohnnySvalbard Bas
Svalbard MarcoSvalbard AliettaSvalbard Tyler

Most Common Answers

Question Most Common Answer Question Most Common Answer
Who is most likely to
stab you in the back?
PepsatarAlfonsAlitan (1)CharlieMangaFaceSoleavatarLagunes Corinne4theWinLagunes Nightlock KryptoniteLagunes ZurvivorNickA PeruJakelimboto Who has wasted a great opportunity in this game? 3112252Alitan (1)AaronAsh SurvivorLagunes JustinAlexandra PeruDominica PeruNatalie PeruNickA PeruSarahRiauJulianRexEoin Greece
Who is the most honest? Pepsatar7214 4597442853681 1420980942 nDallasZjzr350 33081393009 4474 nAlik99Savanes EmmaAlf Joar PeruSarahRiauGeorge s21Jino s21Mitchell s21Ivanrome Who has yet to live up to their full potential? Large 7962533112252Ash SurvivorSavanes SharkyLagunes JustinAlexandra PeruNatalie PeruJossue PeruJulian
Who is the most dishonest? PepsatarAlfonsAlitan (1)CharlieMangaFaceDbwawesomepossum (1)SoleavatarNickA PeruJakelimboto Who has the most tribe pride from their original tribe? Alik99SoleavatarTommyboy97Survivor-lanceCharlieMangaFaceLarge 834167Jessy PeruSarahRiau
Who would you like to hang
out with after this game is over?
Taylor-survivor cubaSurvivor-lanceAlitan (1)350 33081393009 4474 nAlik99Oie 18547169cDTLASjAbbyJamieHanne GreeceJessica Greece Who would you not like to be
stranded with in a real island?
Dbwawesomepossum (1)Survivor-lanceCharlieMangaFace31122523112252Alexandra PeruDominica PeruRexEden s21Erica GreeceNuno (1)
Who needs a wake up call in life? Large 796253Alitan (1)CharlieMangaFace3112252Blake bougerolleNickA Peru Who would you like to be stranded with in a real island? Taylor-survivor cubaSurvivor-lanceCharley2Savanes iTzGoAtzAlexandra PeruRyan PeruTopazAmelia Greece
Who mistakenly thinks they're
running this game?
AlfonsLarge 834167CharlieMangaFaceSoleavatarLagunes Nightlock KryptoniteNickA PeruJakelimboto Who is the worst at
playing this game?
Large 7962533112252AaronDallasKaitlynNickA Peru
Who is most likely to apply for real Survivor? AlfonsLarge 834167350 33081393009 4474 nBlake bougerolleAngristRyan PeruJakelimboto Who never shuts up? 3112252Alitan (1)CharlieMangaFaceSurvivorpandaAlexandra PeruNickA PeruJakelimbotoErica Greece
Who is the most annoying member of the tribe? Dbwawesomepossum (1)Large 834167Alitan (1)CharlieMangaFaceJay polyNickA PeruRexEden s21Erica GreeceBritNuno (1) Who is the funniest member of the tribe? 3112252Large 834167AngristPngLuke(me)TopazLaureSora Greece
Who would you hate to see win this game? CharlieMangaFace3112252Dbwawesomepossum (1)Lagunes ConndorDominica PeruRexErica Greece Who mistakenly thinks they're smart? 3112252PepsatarSoleavatarSurvivorpandaLagunes Nightlock Kryptonite
Who would you trust with your life? PepsatarSurvivor-lanceJhet (1)Savanes EmmaAlf Joar Peru Who would you like to see win this game? Alik99ZjzrSavanes EmmaAlf Joar PeruRyan PeruGeorge s21
Who would you not want to play with in a future ORG? CharlieMangaFaceAlfons3112252NickA Peru Who is the biggest poser? 3112252SoleavatarLarge 796253NickA PeruJakelimbotoErica Greece
Who is most likely to flip? Alexandra PeruNatalie PeruNickA PeruRyan PeruJamie Who is the coolest person
in this game?
PepsatarAlfons7214 4597442853681 1420980942 n
Who least deserves to be on the Jury? Lagunes ConndorLagunes Corinne4theWinSavanes EmmaJulian Who does not deserve to still be here? Ash SurvivorSavanes EmmaValDominica PeruEden s21Eoin GreeceErica Greece
Who has a strong sense of entitlement? 3112252Soleavatar Who would you never give your Jury vote to? SurvivorpandaSavanes SharkyRex
Who doesn't deserve to be an All-Star? Lagunes ConndorSavanes Emma Who would you want to return? Savanes iTzGoAtzLagunes Nightlock Kryptonite
Who is the most useless? Val Who do you think has the best chance at winning the season? AdamTyler s21Amelia GreeceDom
Who deserves to be here most? AdamMitchell s21 Who do you not want to talk to ever again after the season is over? Jay polyMayaEden s21Erica Greece
Who is the nicest? BobKevin PolyTyler s21Amelia Greece Who is the liar/cheater/stealer? Jay polyMaya
Who is most likely to take over the world? Adam Who has no chance at winning the season? ValEden s21Eoin GreeceErica GreeceJosh
Who is the biggest threat in the game? AdamTyler s21 Who is the smartest castaway? Jay polyTyler s21
Who will be most successful in the future? AdamMitchell s21 Who is most likely to be on Survivor? AdamSteve s21Tyler s21Trace s21Amelia GreeceHanne GreeceSora GreeceRicky
Who is the best strategist? Jay polyTyler s21 Who could you see being a drunk? Ted
Who is the most likable? Kevin PolySvalbard AliettaSvalbard RhiannonSvalbard Wouter Who is the easiest to take advantage of? Val
Who is most likely to return for another season? AdamTyler s21Sora Greece Who most needs to take a shower? TedJay polyNickA Peru
Whose conscience needs some mending? Maya Who is the best player this season? AdamTyler s21
Who is the most arrogant? Jay poly Who is most likely to be the next bitter juror? Jay polyEden s21Eoin Greece
Who is most likely to be voted out next? Kevin PolyTrace s21 Who is the best host? Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 5.07.24 PM
Who do you hope to never see again? Dominica Peru Who is most the most emotional? Alexandra Peru
Who is the most gullible? NickA PeruSarahRiauLaureEoin GreeceErica Greece Who would you like to play with again in a future ORG? Alf Joar Peru
Who has the biggest ego? NickA PeruJakelimboto Who has surprised you so far? Dominica PeruLaureTopazAmelia Greece
Who is most likely to be at the Final Tribal Council? Alf Joar PeruJamieAmelia Greece Who is your favorite host? BaileyHostSalvation
Who do you sometimes forget is playing? Renz Greece Who is getting the most heroic edit? Amelia Greece
Who is getting the most villainous edit? Eoin Greece Who would donate all their winnings to charity? Amelia Greece
Who mistakenly thinks they're safe in this game? Eoin Greece Who is most likely to be arrested? Eoin Greece
Who most easily succumbs to intimidation? Erica Greece Who would never survive on their own? Erica Greece
Who is most likely to be famous? MJ GreeceSora Greece Who is most likely to win this challenge? JamieJakelimbotoSarahRiauHanne Greece
Who needs a slap in the face? Rex Who is the hottest castaway? Casey
Who would most likely return for All Stars 2? Jamie Who would least likely return for All Stars 2? Julian
Which contestant turns you off? Rex Who is most likely be the most bitter Juror? RexJakelimboto
Who is the most trustworthy? Svalbard AliettaSvalbard RhiannonSvalbard Tatianna Who is the least trustworthy? Svalbard BrettSvalbard Tyler
Who is the biggest to win the game? Svalbard JohnnySvalbard RhiannonSvalbard Wouter Who is the leader? Svalbard BasSvalbard ChrisSvalbard Johnny
Who is the biggest follower? Svalbard BrettSvalbard ChrisSvalbard MarcoSvalbard RhiannonSvalbard TatiannaSvalbard ThomasSvalbard Wouter Which already-eliminated contestant deserves a second chance? Svalbard ArenSvalbard Eva
Who would you not want to spend time with on a real island? Svalbard BasSvalbard BrettSvalbard ChrisSvalbard MarcoSvalbard Tyler Who would waste a million dollars the quickest? Svalbard BrettSvalbard Johnny
Who is a social butterfly? Svalbard AliettaSvalbard RhiannonSvalbard Tyler Who do you think doesn't deserve to return for another season? Svalbard BrettSvalbard MarcoSvalbard Tyler
Who is most likely to be arrested for punching someone in the face? Svalbard BrettSvalbard MarcoSvalbard Tyler Who is most likely to be the one punched in the face? Svalbard BrettSvalbard MarcoSvalbard Thomas
Who is the biggest Individual Immunity threat? Svalbard AliettaSvalbard Wouter Who would pass out from exhaution to win a challenge? Svalbard AliettaSvalbard BasSvalbard Wouter
Who is most likely to start drowning and need medical attention? Svalbard BrandonSvalbard BrettSvalbard MarcoSvalbard Thomas Who is most likely to go to Cambodia and get a license to drive a tuk tuk? Svalbard MarcoSvalbard Thomas
Who is as cold as the Svalbard winter? Svalbard BrettSvalbard TylerSvalbard Wouter Who are you dead to if you **** with them? Svalbard AliettaSvalbard BrettSvalbard Rhiannon


  • Zachary is the first person to compete in this twice, and be the tribe consensus for the same question twice.
  • 3 out of the 5 tribe consensus for "Who is most likely to apply for real Survivor?" have ended up becoming the Sole Survivors of their seasons.
  • Nick has been the collective answers for the most questions with 14.
  • Natalie is the first female to win this challenge.
  • Survivor: Svalbard marked the first and only time this challenge was used during the tribal stage of the game. It also marked the first time when, by default, each question would have at least two answers.