Now what did I say last time? "his game changes drastically" and it proved me right once again. Ugh I had to say goodbye to my closest ally... Taylor was who I wanted to sit next to in the end, she was as bitchy as me and semi inactive, ugh, bye Taylor :( and now I have to work with a paranoid Charley, a Trace who thinks he is the creator of all ideas, and then test the waters with Sam and Craig the flippers... ugh. fuck. my. life. I honestly feel like I'm next, but I said it last time and here it is again,his game changes drastically, so who knows, I may be in for a pleasant surprise, or I may be headed straight to the jury. I'm literally living on a prayer that Sam and Craig will still work with Charley, Trace and I.


Well, here I am. Blindsided again.

I think I owe apologizes to Sam and Craig to had underestimated their intelligence, but let's agree that they didn't showed before that I shouldn't do it.

But, ok. Now we just have to stay together until the final 5 and then work from there.


At the start of this game, I made ​​a F2 deal with Jay, but I don't know if it's worth.

First: if I go to the end with him, he will win because he will take ownership of all our moves (deja vu). Second: why would I want to follow someone who only does what he wants and doesn't care about what I want? Sorry, but I have voted for who you wanted in the past six tribal councils, why you can't vote for who I want only once? You don't care about the mood of the game? Good. But I would really like that this be fun again. Third, he has said HE has saved Sergiu from be eliminated. Oh, really? Good luck working alone then.

You can not be so bossy if you want people to work with you.


Favorites are really dumb in this game , obvious why they didnt win in there season :P

Today before the tribal Lincoln asked me if I want to make a big move after this tribal ....means obvious he wants Jay out . This was my moment when I found the gap in favorites alliance and us fans can take them down 1 by 1 . I just had to create a division ( real one ) in favorites alliance which finally I can do after this tribal . I need a split at final 7 for us 3 fans go to the end which seems I made it just now .

I am aware I will not win but at least I will make Sam the winner which is fine for me , my pact from day 1 was to fans allinace and I hope a fan will win it even if is not me ;) . I was the brain in the alliance from day 1 even if I didnt want to show this , is way better act stupid in front of them ( like I thought for 2 weeks sam was a boy ) and this is what fans thought hehe dumb they can be trust me in this ? It was just a trick made them think I am not so good in observating ppl behaviour which I am ....and I can use Lincoln mistake for all 3 fans go to the end which was my plan from begining , a 3 fans at finale tribal ...

I can understand why none of this favorites won this game yet .....they have really no brain at all :P except Jay all others are really stupid lool


Oh my god this game.

Well, last tribal Taylor went home, which wasn't good for me, but it is what it is so I'm just going to do whatever I have to do to get over this. I don't want to stay in the alliance with Eddie Sam and Craig, I'm pretty sure that's a sinking ship and why the hell would I go down on it? But if I flip then I'm probably going t have even more attention that I don't want. I went into this game with a target on my back, but I've been avoiding it. But when Sam and Craig flipped last time, Eddie automatically assumed I was the one to do it. And that freaked me out. I haven't just heard that from like Sergio, but he basically came to me saying "did you flip" when there was no reason to think I would. Trust is how you deal with this game, and he doesn't have any for me. So I don't have any for him. Although, I don't trust anybody.


I may have taken a blow, but Jay didn't knock me out.

He made a great move, and I told him that. It got me really scared, and I still am at this point. But I think now that people are beginning to see how much of a threat he really is. He wins all the immunities, he has the idol, and sergio and lincoln follow him along like lemmings. Hopefully, I can be the one to lead them off the cliff.

I was able to bring back Sam and Craig. They both want to vote with me now. This is so excellent. I finally feel like I regained control. I think we're going to vote for Sergio for a couple of reasons.

1) He is just annoying as hell. He was talking to me earlier and was treating me like shit because he thinks that he has more power over me. Hopefully that's not true, but I can't fight back until I know it's true.

2) If Jay is to play his idol, he'd play it on Lincoln. He's closer to Lincoln than he is to Sergiu.

3) SERGIO TOLD ME HIS F3 PLANS. LIKE WHAAAAAT? What kind of idiot would do that. He told me that he plans on taking Lincoln and Jay to the finals. Really smart when you have 5 other people on a tribe. 5-3 looks like good odds for him...

I really hope that I'm safe and that Sergiu is going home. I would honestly be so upset if I got out before he did. But, you never know. I have to thank my lucky stars that I'm still here right now, so at this point, I'm playing all out.


Hopefully Lincoln will go, but trace is the other target. In worried about the idol than anything. After all the leg work I've done for this alliance ill be pissed if it doesn't work. This is all mine ;D



I feel like this is a good omen. I have good vibes. I think this is my ticket to the final 3. And I'm going to treat it like such. The only thing that stands in my way is Sergio, Lincoln and Jay. I am hoping that Craig sticks with us and doesn't backstab us again. If he doesn't, then the final 4 at least is definitely in my future with this idol in hand.

I don't think I'm going to tell anyone until the night I decide to use it. Right now, I have an alliance of 5 that is pretty equal amongst each other. Once that five is the f5, I don't want to become public enemy #1 just because I have the idol. So it's going to stay on the down low until it needs to become public.

This is something new for me. I've never had the hidden immunity in a season before. EVER. It brings a lot of power, but it also brings a lot of negative things. I am one to always look to the positive side and hope that it'll take my further.

At this point, I am so proud of how I played that I would honestly be content going home. Hopefully this is not the case though, because if I go home with the idol in my pocket, I honestly might kill somebody. I think that having this will really help my case if I can make it to the FTC. So wish me luck over and over and over again until the words Trace, luck and good start coming out your ass.


A wild hidden immunity idol appeared.

It seems that it was already found, and I didn't have a chance to solve the clue, because when was posted, it was like almost 1:30 PM here, so thanks mods :D By this thought, Trace is most likely to have it, because it was like 20:00 PM for him, and he had a lot of time to work on it.

The original plan it was to vote for Trace or Charley, but now any of them can have the idol, and as they know they are on the minority, they most likely will use it. We could vote for Eddie, but there's high chances that they use the idol on him, because he seems to be the obvious target.

So, we don't know what to do and we don't have too much time to figure it out :D


Each tribal just gets more and more stressful. But I have one major advantage over a lot of people, I know where both idols are. So Craig and I are between two threesomes there's Jay, Lincoln and Sergiu and Charley, Trace and Eddie. So I want Charley gone on this vote and then we'll work with Eddie and Trace until the final 4 and get everyone else out. But there are 2 problems with my plan Jay and that stupid new idol. At first I was convinced Charley had the new idol but then Trace told me he had it. So I tried to convince Jay that Charley had it and we needed to blindside and let her believe we are voting for Eddie or Trace so she'll play it on them or leave with an idol in her pocket. But nooooo Jay doesn't like that plan nor does he enjoy my success in this game apparently. So he thinks Eddie is gonna vote for Trace (are you dumb?) and that we're all gonna vote Charley except for him and Eddie and if there's a tie because an idol gets played on Charley, we get Trace out on the revote. I don't like this plan so I've been working with Trace and I think I've convinced him not to play his idol, we can use that next time. I don't see why Jay is arguing with me so much to get the vote to go his way, had it not been for Craig and I he could have been voted out last tribal so you should be listening to us Jay! So it leads me to believe that he has reason to want to keep Charley around but he's also suspicious of me pulling so hard to keep Trace in the game. The point of me voting out Charley is to allow Jay to trust Craig and I because we've been solid for 2 votes and that the next time they won't have reason not to trust us. I had a deal with Eddie and Trace that I don't intend on breaking, I never said anything about Taylor or Charlie… Hopefully they won't be too pissed at us...


This is, by far, the hardest vote. There's so many scenarios, and almost none of them is good to me.

Eddie came to us and said that he knows is pointless to vote 3 against 5, and he was told to vote for Trace, that is what we would do. After this, the plain was we split 3-2 between Charley and Trace and if Eddie votes with us, it will be 3-3-2, with the idol being wasted. If Eddie doesn't vote with us, 3-3-2 with a tie between one of us and Charley, and Charley gone if she doesn't use the idol. If she uses the idol, one of us would be gone.

THEN Sam said she was sure that nobody would use the idol on Charley and she didn't rest until we changed the plan to vote 4-1 between Charley and Trace. In this scenario, if Eddie votes in Trace, it will be 4-2-2, with Charley gone if she doesn't use the idol, and a tie between one of us and Trace if she uses, and Trace gone. If Eddie doesn't vote with us, it will be 4-3-1, with Charley gone if she doesn't use the idol, and one of us gone if she uses the idol. The thing is, this "one of us" who has chances of be voted out, is either me or Sergiu, and I really think that it would be me, because, modesty aside, I am more of a threat than him.

Resume: Eddie with us and Charley with the idol: Trace out Eddie with us and Charley without the idol: Charley out Eddie not with us and Charley with the idol: One of us out

So, it alls depends on Eddie and on who the idol will be used.

P.S.: More suspect than Eddie coming to us to say the he will vote with us is Sam making all that she could to makes us vote for Charley.