Day 16

The plan didnt work. So this is bad i mean I can go home next because Jay figured out about the plan so I have a big target in my back now specially after i won the immunity challenge Im sure they wont allow me to win it again. So im really worried in my position now.


I woke up and found out my alliance finally got a real Hidden Immunity Idol clue. I know if they get the idol they will share it with our alliance but if i get that idol? I think i will have to think about that but one thing is for sure im not telling this to Jay


Jay just revealed to everyone that he has the idol in an effort to flip someone over to save Phil. Smart move Jay.


Day 17

ok, so ive been too busy to do a confession but here it goes. lately i find out this isnt what i thought it was, theres tons of survivor games like this going on and its somewhat a community, which is pretty cool. but as for polynesia, im told Jay found an idol and he went off and told everyone before even telling me, or maybe he tried to tell me and i just wasnt signed on but it was a huge blindside when i signed on and everyone but me knew there was an idol, he is planning on giving it to me but im not sure i believe that, he has withheld info from me and if were suppose to be this big partnership than he cant do that. as for this tuamoto tribe i hate everyone on that tribe their all extremely annoying and if i have to remain on this i might just vote my dam self not sure what my plan is now, im leaving out of town for a few days so if theres stuff i have to do i wont be able to, i asked to be voted out last week before paul but it didnt happen im not gonna quit but i just dont have alot of time for this at the moment, but it seems im not as toast as i once thought


So, I have no idea what is going on anymore... Kacey got voted out, are really bittersweet moment. I wanted her gone this whole time, but when we finally needed her for strategy, she gets voted out. Val flipped, and Kacey went crazy on everyone. But, that is in the past, and I'm way over it.

Yesterday, Jay decided to tell everyone he had an idol. I didn't want him to, and tried to convince him not to, but in the end, it was his idol, and he can do with it what he wants. But now, from my understanding, the other tribe is trying to throw the challenge too. The other tribe loses, Phil either goes home, or the idol is played, and someone else goes home. Our tribe loses, Bob or Chris goes home. Either way, in my current position, I'm feeling safe. I haven't gotten on anyones bad side, I've stayed loyal to my tribe, and I've appeared likable to both tribes. It makes me think that I'm in good standings everywhere, but in this game anything can happen.


Time to try for some scare tactics.

We still plan to throw this challenge and vote off bob, but if the other tribe does the same Phil is in danger. To try and save him I told everyone I have the idol and will give it to him if they lose. Hopefully it does one of two things:

1. It scares them into not wanting to throw the challenge and win it.

2. If they go to tribal and Phil tells Aaron maya and Thad he will be voting one of them but won't say which. Hopefully it scares them into wanting to throw a vote at someone else (probably Val) but if they all do he may be saved without having to play the idol.


So my entire alliance is on a frantic alliance hunt. Were hoping one of the five of us will get it that way we can use it to our advantage later, especially if Rapa Nui loses because either Bob or Chris will go home. And I dont want that to happen, We have a system:

My guesses start with Idol
Adam's start with Polynesia
Bob starts with Hawaii
Maya starts with Rapa Nui
And Chris starts with Tuamotu.
One of us is bound to get it soon if we stick to this system.


We started off this season as Rapa Nui trying to be the new Koror. Now here we are trying to be the new Ulong. I prefer to call us NuLong. it's going to be hard going into the merge because we'll either be down in numbers or even in numbers. It's a fool's gambit at this point, and if stuck in a minority, we're the fools. But if we allow Bob and Chrix to make the merge, we're idiots.


Jay decided to tell the world he had an Idol. I think it's always dumb to tell people you have it just because there's an immediate target, and even riskier for Jay because he's been singled out as the leader of Rapa Nui. If it were me, I wouldn't have, because I do tend to play more conservatively. But he did it, and there was really nothing to lose at that point. Maybe it shook up the game enough for the tides to turn. Not likely, but maybe.


We couldn't win challenges when we wanted to, so now if we fail at losing challenges too, it will just be embarrassing.


Day 18

In order to keep our numbers Up, we threw the immunity challenge so that we could send a Tuamoto member home. The Plan Is to Split the vote 2-2-2 and on the revote, split it 2-1-0, so Jay goes to abduction and they won't take him.


I honestly hate that our tribe threw the challenge. I know it had to happen for us to maintain numbers. I hope that everything falls in place, because if it doesn't, I will be truly pissed.

Nobody is listening to my strategies... I told Jay not to tell anyone about the idol, he said he wanted to tell them to make the other tribe flip. Really though, it made him seem like more of a fool than anything. It is really hard to make a blindside move, if everyone knows your way to do it. But, it was his idol, he can do with it what he wants... Plus, there is less of a target on my back, and more on his. I've also tried to talk to a few of the other tribe members, because its getting later in the game, and I need to make some new "friends." We will see how long that lasts. I hate what this game has come to, tribes losing on purpose, and shouting out secrets and everything. It is a terrible feeling, and I feel that not very many people are that great with strategy. But, what can you do, just gotta go with what is given to you I guess.


It was a busy darn day in school and when i decided to check online we lost the challenge. I know im going home tonight but I will make my last stand. Im going down but theyre going to feel it more than i do.