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Contestant Profile
Hometown Florida, USA

Survivor: Archetypes

Tribe(s) Hizoku
► Riza
► Akitaipu
Placement 5/24
Challenge(s) Won 10
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 36

Contestant Profile
Hometown Florida, USA

Survivor: Sichuan

Tribe(s) Leshan
Placement 3/18
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 8
Day(s) Lasted 38

Statistics of Tswifties
Seasons competed 2
Total number of days 74
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins 14
Individual wins 1
Total 15
Tribal Council
Total votes received 14

Tswifties, also known as "Alexa", is a contestant from Survivor: Sichuan and Survivor: Archetypes.

A powerhouse and major player both seasons she played, Alexa is considered to be one of the strongest social players ever on the ORG.

Starting off on one of the most dysfunctional tribes in ORG history, Alexa’s social prowess and ability to gain people’s trust allowed her to take the Beauty tribe by storm, forming strong duos with Jessy & Jake. Despite being exiled during the swap, she managed to quickly cement herself as a pivotal force in the game at the merge. While playing a very snake like game, Alexa managed to send all her targets out without the need to win a single challenge. Emerging as the season’s villain, Alexa formed rivalries with both Emile & Aromal, which later led to her downfall by Emile as the final juror when he won final immunity and voted her out, placing 3rd.

Because of her prior performance, Alexa was selected to return as a Rebel for Archetypes. Within hours of the game starting, Alexa had already found an enemy in Jamie. Feeling in jeopardy, Alexa secretly sabotaged the infamous GIF challenge that turned Ash and Jamie against each for the rest of the season. As the season progressed, Alexa’s allies began to drop like flies 1 by 1 forcing her to constantly adapt and create new allies. At the merge, Alexa found herself completely on the bottom. Taking a more vocal and in-your-face approach to the game, Alexa used her social game to spread information in a subtle way by spreading paranoia to break other people’s bonds and strengthen her own. Despite her newfound underdog status, she was able to make it to the Final 5 until she was betrayed by her ally and eventual winner Brett, flipping to Alexa’s nemesis Jamie due to Alexa’s status as a major threat to win the game.


Name: Alexa (18)
Current Residence: Florida, USA
Personal Claim to fame: Surviving a nasty divorce in my family. It made my world make a complete 180 degree turn, but I overcame it and became a stronger person.
Inspiration in Life: Taylor Swift because not only is she extremely talented, but she’s also an extremely kind person. Lauren Jauregui is a close second due to her amazing talent, class and the fact that she’s Cuban like myself and is where she is career-wise is just mind-blowing.
3 words to describe yourself: Easygoing, Optimistic and Adventurous
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, texting, listening to music, reality TV and pranking people. I seriously suck at things like singing & dancing (but that doesn’t mean I won’t do it)!
If you could have three things on an island what they be and why? My phone because without it I would seriously go insane, a vanilla candle from Bath & Body works so the island could smell like heaven and a TV so I could binge watch Gilmore Girls.
Survivor contestant you are most like: A mixture of Brenda Lowe and Sierra Reed. Brenda because I feel like have a bright and bubbly personality (most of the time) and Sierra Reed because she never gave up and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind.
Reason for being on Survivor: Definitely the experience. Like come on who doesn’t wanna play Survivor?
Why do you think you will be the Sole Survivor: I think I have potential to be the Sole Survivor because I’m not one to stop fighting. I might sometimes lose confidence in myself but I will never just roll over and give up.

Survivor: Sichuan

Voting History

Alexa's Voting History
Episode Alexa's
Voted Against
1 Julez -
2 Loren -
3 Marks Marks
4 Leshan Tribe Immune
5 Leshan Tribe Immune
6 Exiled
7 Mai;
8 Priscilla Aromal, Priscilla, TSN
9 Yasmin -
10 Jake Aromal
11 Aromal -
12 Vanne -
13 Erin L. -
14 TSN Emile, TSN
- Emile
Voted Out, Day 38
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: Archetypes


Tribe: Hizoku (Rebels)
Hometown: Florida, USA
Current Residence: Florida, USA
Personal Claim To Fame: I’ve seen every season of Gilmore Girls at least 10 times no joke
Inspiration in Life: Taylor Swift because she encourages and motivates her fans to always follow their dreams and is an amazing person. Lauren Jauregui is a close second because she’s a Cuban badass who made it happen.
Pet Peeves: Close-minded people, hypocrites, stuck up people and people who act like they’re the best at everything.
Previous Finishes: 3rd / Final Juror
Favorite Past Moment: Definitely not spending so much time on Exile Island!
Previous Survivor She Respects Most: ORG: Eddie because he isn’t afraid to speak his mind and never backs down from a confrontation. Survivor: Brenda Lowe for being amazing.
Previous Survivor She Respects Least: Let’s not get into that ♥
Why Did You Come Back?: Because who wouldn’t play Survivor again?

Voting History

Alexa's Voting History
Episode Alexa's
Voted Against
1 Hizoku Tribe Immune
2 Hizoku Tribe Immune
3 Hizoku Tribe Immune
4 Hizoku Tribe Immune
5 Hizoku Tribe Immune
6 Emma -
7 Kidnapped by Makeinu
8 Hizoku Tribe Immune
9 Riza Tribe Immune
10 Ally Sora
11 Chris -
12 Emile Claire, Jamie
13 Sora -
Hunter -
14 Vote Stolen -
15 Brett;
16 Jamie Brett, Jamie, Jared
Voted Out, Day 36
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • In 2017, Alexa was inducted into the Survivor ORG Hall of Fame.
  • Alexa was nominated for the ‘Best New Female Player’, ‘Best New Player’, ‘Best Non Winner’, ‘Best Rivalry’ with Jamie, ‘Best Duo’ with Jessy, and ‘Best Confessionalist’ awards at the 3rd Annual Orgscars. Ultimately, she won the ‘Best New Player’, ‘Best Confessionalist’, ‘Best New Female Player’, and ‘Best Rivalry’ awards.


  • Both times Alexa was on a tribe with Jessy, her tribe lost the challenge and went to tribal council.
  • Alexa is the first person to be exiled in their original season as a result of the tribe swap and then be kidnapped in their next season.
  • In Survivor: Sichuan, the only players to outlast Alexa were Jessy & Emile. Later in Survivor: Archetypes, she outlasted them. She is the first player to accomplish this feat that isn't the winner of their season.
  • In her original season, Survivor: Sichuan, Alexa was Player of the Season and runner-up for the Fan Favorite Award. However, in Survivor: Archetypes she was runner-up for Player of the Season but received the Fan Favorite Award.

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