"Twice the Pride, Double the Fall"
Season Survivor: Java
Episode Number 1/13
Episode Chronology
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Twice the Pride, Double the Fall is the premiere episode of Survivor: Java.


Trek: Live race to Tribe camps, winning tribe won advantage in immunity challenge
Winners: Malasan
Immunity Challenge: Listen To My Story, In this challenge both tribes will need one representative to be on a Skype call with Bryce. He will then begin reading a passage, which you must then try to copy as much of it as you can, or even try to memorize it. The story will be at least 5 minutes long. The remaining 7 castaways will then be asked 7 questions to which was read out loud on the call. They are allowed to ask their fellow tribe members (even the representative) for help.
Winners: Malasan

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1: Jember

Tribal Council 1:
Bjorn Java
Bjorn (5 votes)
Chris JavaDani JavaAlexV Java
Mikey JavaSheryl Java
Chris, Dani, Alex V, Mikey & Sheryl
Sheryl Java
Sheryl (3 votes)
Bjorn JavaMichelle JavaLoxias Java
Bjorn, Michelle & Loxias
Bjorn Java

Voting Confessionals

Bjorn, you did this to yourself. *Folds vote* *Places vote in urn*


My vote is for Bjorn. I hope this first vote isnt my last. Bjorn has taken this game way too seriously and has played way to fast. he is getting on everyones nerves and im fed up with it. if he doesnt go tonight, id be shocked. he put me in danger by saying im inactive because i cant be here all the time, and targetting Sheryl was the last straw. Im not gonna miss you when you're gone.


sheryl's like let's just see what will happen in the tribal. gurl i am trying to help you but wouldn't care. i give up. either that or somebody's gonna get blindsided. my body is ready. bye.


Yo Bjorn, I trusted you man but going around with Lox and Michelle and doing all this shit just ain't cool. I think 5 pizza slices are better than 4, so I'm joining the 5 piece pizza, have a good night


Final Words

Well it turns out it winning survivor isn't as easy as I thought. My tribe is dumb, Chris is the dumbest. I really hope Loxias and michelle make it far, they are both awesome people. I have no words for Chris, I hope he is the next one voted out, that would make me superhappy. I also hope this tribe loses every challange hihi. I had a great 3 days playing this game and Im happy that I got the opportunity to play.



  • Episode's name came from Loxias's quote.


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