Survivor Gameplay
Description When a tribe loses many challenges before the merge, causing them to dwindle in numbers
Appearance(s) Laos
Papua New Guinea
Côte d’Ivoire
Similan Islands
Cape Verde
Ulonging is when a tribe loses many challenges before the merge, dropping in numbers.


In Survivor: Laos, Hísshe lost all but one challenge before the merge, causing only one of the original five to reach the merge. Despite this, he managed to win the game.

In Survivor: Cuba, the post tribe swap Cardenas tribe lost every challenge until the merge, entering the merge with only three of the original seven members remaining on the tribe. However, both of them made it to the final three, and one moved on to win the game.

In Survivor: Egypt, the Isis tribe only won two challenges before the merge, entering the merge with only four of their original ten members remaining.

In Survivor: Papua New Guinea, the Kieta tribe became the first tribe to reduce to one member before a tribe switch or merge could take place. The one member was absorbed into the Abau tribe, and they continued to lose every challenge until the merge. In spite of this, he managed to win the game.

In Survivor: Cote d'Ivoire, the Savanes tribe was plagued with terrible luck, losing all but one reward challenge and one immunity challenge before the tribe swap, and they would lose a member anyway, as one of their members quit the game, and the rival Lagunes tribe's Tribal Council was canceled. Only three of the original nine reached the merge. However, two of them reached the final tribal council, with one of them ultimately winning the game.

In Survivor: Madagascar, the Alaotra tribe suffered from multiple conflicts between its members, which spilled into their challenge performance, only winning one immunity challenge. Only four of the original ten reached the merge.

In Survivor: Indonesia, the Tabanan tribe continued to lose challenges which resulted in a tiebreaker challenge when one was exile and two were at tribal council. With two members remaining, the tribe dissolved along with the Boalemo tribe.

In Survivor: Kamchatka, the Pobeda tribe became the first tribe to never win a challenge, and as a result had only three members remaining by Day 10. The Slava tribe, despite starting out strong, also started to lose members due to the dominance of the Uspekh tribe. By the merge, only two Pobeda and three Slava, with all of them being voted out by the Final 5.

In Survivor: Similan Islands, the Miyang tribe was decimated pre-merge, as it only won two challenges pre-swap. Even after the swap, Payang, when they lost, voted out original Miyang. As a result, only two members reached the merge. Neither of them reached the final 3.

In Survivor: Cape Verde, the Zaranha tribe was marred with inactivity, with two of their six members not being around to contribute in challenges. This resulted in them losing all but two challenges before being dissolved on Day 16. Only two members made it to the dissolve and only one of them made it to the merge, where they were the first person voted out of the merged tribe.

In Survivor: Java, the Malasan tribe lost all but one immunity challenge Pre-Merge, resulting in them visiting five consecutive Tribal Councils and being reduced to three members by the merge.

In Survivor: Generations, the Bariq tribe only won one challenge. As a result, the tribe was decimated, with only two members reaching the merge. Neither of them made it to the final 5.

In Survivor: Cyprus, the Malama tribe was plagued with bad luck, only winning three challenges and having four of their five members voted out pre-merge. The remaining member; however, made it to the end, but did not win.

In Survivor: Archetypes, following their reveal, the Ningyo tribe dwindled in numbers, only winning two challenges and being reduced to two members by the merge.


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