Tribe Profile
Season Switzerland
Namesake Swiss canton
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Glarus
Tribe Status Dissolved on Day 10
Challenge Wins 1
Lowest Placing Member Holeseditor28 (17/20)
Highest Placing Member Kenkwho (10/20)

S5 green tribe flag

S5 valais insignia


Valais is one of the starting tribes of Survivor: Switzerland. Their tribe color is green.

While initially Valais was consistent in challenge performance, they soon started to lose their footing and fall into dysfunction. After the tribe dissolve a majority of the other contestants started targeting it's members (largely because one of them had the Hidden Immunity Idol.)



Sam 15-49-07-299CourtneyKenkwho
Org avatarSurvivor SW Will

Tribe History

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  • Valais was the last tribe on Switzerland to lose a member.
    • Despite this, they were the first tribe to lose all their members.
  • Valais is the only tribe on Switzerland to have all of its original members be voted out normally.
  • Valais is the only tribe in Switzerland to have more then two members directly eliminated by a vote.
  • Valais is the first original tribe in a full-length Survivor: Wikia season to enter the merge with only two members without having had a member disqualified.

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