Vote for The Navneet! 

Hey guys. Firstly I’d like to thank the hosts and all the people who have been viewing for a very fun game. This was one of my first facebook based games and it was a very different and exciting adventure from the games I usually play. 

I am going to try and keep this short and sweet. 

I came into this game wanting to play UTR and never being seen as a threat that needed to be taken out. I have never been able to do this successfully in the past so I am happy about the fact that I was at least able to pull it off in a way that got me to the end. Throughout most of the game, I never had very many true alliances. During most of the pre-merge I was just floating around.

One of the first instances of me trying to make something happen was when I tried saving Samantha as the POW. I did this when I saw that she was completely on the outs and I felt if I helped her she would help me. And she did so immediately when she shared the HII clue with me. Although I knew the votes weren’t there to save her, I still went through with voting with her as a sign of loyalty. Although that meant having to vote against Amber, someone who I adore very much, since she wasn’t going home I felt confident that her and I can move past it.

The next instance of me making a definite strategic move was when I mutinied. Initially when we were supposed to pick a side of either Danny or Gaston, I felt more comfortable with Gaston even though I knew most of the Fayolle tribe would go to Danny. It was a calculated risk that paid off because I was able to join up with what I hoped would be my ride or die alliance (Jes, Max, Mantis, Simon) 

For most of the post merge, I was under the protection of Jes. There were times where I couldn’t part take at all in the challenges and the voting decisions because of a super busy schedule at work. I relied on his connections and his overly visible strategic game as a way to propel myself further and keep me shielded. It didn’t work entirely since I kept getting votes but never enough to actually eliminate me. But the bond I maintained with Jes was my most important one because I knew he wouldn’t turn on me and I kept reassuring him I wouldn’t turn on him.

During the endgame, it became clear to me that Jes would be a frontrunner to win this thing and would likely get a lot of the credit for pulling all the strategic moves. And while he had a big part in making all these eliminations happen, he still relied on my vote on most of the occasions. He played a more visible strategic game while I had to play a much more hidden and subdued game. That to me is the only difference between his game and mine. I also didn’t have to rely on any idols or any immunity wins. I missed a few challenges in the end as part of a strategy of making people see me as a “goat” that can be easily beaten in the end. Idols were played at both F6 and F5 and I was never caught in the crossfire. 

I hope you guys give me a chance in your jury questioning. Overall I am quite happy that I made it to the end in my first wikia game and I will be happy with any outcome. My best wished to both Max and Jes. And thank you all once again for a great and fun game of Survivor. Cheers! 

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