These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 35

Well, this is just great. Luke just pulled some fancy move and Duy got sent packing because of it. This sucks, now me and Gerard and Chris have to deal with both Luke and Lloyd as major threats... this just got a little harder.


WHOA! Luke played an idol and I had to scroll through an incessant amount of page to see who was eliminated... DUY! Good, he was another target of mine. I am so happy it wasn't me or Gerard or Max. That really would've messed things up. So I tip my hat to you Luke for helping eliminate one of my targets!


Oh here we go again, another challenge that a four year old could win with the right amount of time and a proper computer. Yes, a bad handyman blames his tools, but my 2000 something laptop is so slow, online minigames do not work for me, especially because my left arrow key doesn't really work. Guess I am not gonna win this one.


Day 36

Lloyd wins again, shocker.

I still want to eliminate Luke, he can't beat Lloyd and he is actually starting to scare me, he had us all at his mercy last tribal, and the jury might respect him for knowing when to play an idol. He has gotta go!

Lastly, I am praying that the final challenge is a good one. Final challenges in survivor are usually notorious for being challenging. I hope it actually requires some sort of intelligence. The last few challenges have been..... I don't want to say "unfair" but I feel as if they were. That's just me though, I think a lot has been unfair this season, then again, Survivor has never been "fair".