"We, the People of Anarchy"
Season Survivor: Anarchy
Episode Number 1/15
Episode Chronology
Previous Am I the Only One Who Sees Through Her?
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We, the People of Anarchy is the first episode of Survivor: Anarchy.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Rebus
The survivors will be given rebus puzzles to decipher. The top ten scorers would win the challenge.
Reward: Immunity and pair of clues to the Hidden Immunity Idol halves.
Winners: Ahad, Drew, Dustin, Jamie, Jerby, Kaffe, Noah, Patryk, Quanz, Richie


Day 1

Twenty castaways were pitted against each other in a Survivor ORG season like no other. The survivors weren't divided into tribes, and it will continue that way for an indefinite time. Given the Anarchy twist, the overwhelmed survivors frantically tried to get to know everyone, except Dustin, who remained passive throughout the day, and Corey, who was apparently playing in another ORG. Drew noticed that most of his fellow players were attempting to make alliances, but weren't able to get their point across, talking in circles instead. The survivors were welcomed by a "housewarming present': A clue to the whereabouts of the Hidden Immunity Idol, which was split in half. The survivors fruitlessly sent in attempts to get at least one of the halves.

Day 2

American player Jordan made a big mistake by adding Quanz, a Canadian, in an all-American chat thread. However, Quanz felt more comfortable with the Americans and happily joined their alliance.

At the end of the day, alliances formed were defined by nationalities: The American Alliance and the International League. Despite these alliances, Matthew and Drew were both trying to mix the game up with befriending both Americans and Internationals to make more complex web of alliances. Matthew initially made an alliance with Lawrence, Jonathan and Jamie, calling themselves as the "Fil-Am Alliance".  Meanwhile, Drew made another alliance which he called:  the "American Onion", which mirrored the "Onion Alliance" from the canon, Survivor: Gabon.

Drew explained that in the American Onion, the "top layer" consisted of the Americans and Quanz, the "middle layer" being himself, Tyler M, Nokomis, Quanz, Sam, and Noah, and the "core layer" being himself, Sam and Noah.

The three Filipinos, Jerby, Lawrence and Jonathan, who were all members of the International League, made a smaller alliance.

The tribes were subjected to their first Immunity Challenge, where the ten worst performers will go to Tribal Council. The challenge was a series of rebus puzzles, similar to the clues to the Hidden Immunity Idol from Survivor: Nicaragua. Most of the survivors struggled, with a large majority unable to answer #34 ("Condone "). At the end of the day, Seven of the Internationals, Ahad, Dustin, Jerby, Kaffe, Patryk, Quanz and Richie, and three Americans, Drew, Jamie and Noah made it in the top ten, securing themselves with the Immunity Idol, and a pair of clues to the Hidden Immunity Idol halves. Idol guesses continued to come in, but still no success in finding any of the halves.

Day 3

The three non-winning internationals, Lawrence, Jonathan and Agustin found themselves at the mercy of the Americans. However, one of the Americans, Corey, was unable to submit a challenge score, making him as a target of the Internationals. But at Tribal Council, despite Corey incurring a self- vote for not showing up, the six attending Americans ganged up on Lawrence, voting him out, 6-4.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Lawrence (6 votes)
TylerShayAnarchyPlayerUS(S)Playerfrom AnarchyTM
Blake, Jordan, Matthew, Nokomis, Sam & Tyler
Corey (4 votes)
AnarchyPlayerFromArgentinaAnarCoreyAnarchyPlayerfrom Philippines(J)AnarchyLawrence
Agustin, Corey, Jonathan & Lawrence

Voting Confessionals

Nothing personal, but no one wants to be the first person voted off. USA!


I vote for Lawrence, I don't know why, it's just the right move though. Sorry man, be well.


I am voting for Lawrence because the American Alliance agreed to vote out the strongest non-immune international and I'm sorry that is you. We all want to vote for Corey but this is a game about numbers and right now voting you out is the most strategic play at the moment.


This was tough. The American alliance wants to vote Lawrence. I wanted them to vote Augustin because Lawrence is part of the Fil-Am alliance. But after I was unable to convince them to switch their votes, I decided to vote Lawrence. The Fil-Am alliance wanted to vote Corey because he would probably self vote due to inactivity. Corey then asked us to vote him because he wants to quit. None of the Americans want to vote him out mainly because we don't want to give the International alliance a numbers advantage.

My vote is for Lawrence. Sorry buddy. We honestly tried to protect you and vote out Agustin, but it didn't work. Sad to see you go first, but someone has to. Matthew, Jaime, and I agreed today that we were going to the final three together. I also believe that I have Quanz in lock, and could also pull Tyler and Noah in if needed. I'm in a great spot.


Lawrence my vote is for you. I haven't talked to you and have no reason to cast this vote other than it is what the alliance wanted, so it is what I am going to do. Nothing personal.


Corey, you wanna go home? Wish granted, Goodbye!


I am voting for you because you are not performing hard in the Brain Teasers Challenge plus you didn't show some passion in the game for the reason that you want to go home. So, its time for you to say goodbye.


I vote for Corey, nothing personal I mean you are the first victim of the international league alliance, I didn't chose you someone else did, i would like to get to know you better though, have good life pal.


I'm sorry that it came down to this. Going against the Fil-Am alliance. But I have to roll with the larger numbers. Especially when its this early in the game. I'd much rather see Corey go. You're a great person; don't put yourself down.


Final Words

Still in the Running

AnarchyFrom US(D)
AnarchyPlayerfrom US(JS)
AnarchyPlayerfrom Philippines(J)
Playerfrom AnarchyTM


  • The title of this episode was said by Sam


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