Day 12

Jordan is gone. My first organized take down of the game. It's good to know that people are listening to me. Now I have to deal with Monkey wondering why I didn't vote Cassels with him. It's not really going to matter, he will get over it before he is voted out. I'm still debating using him as a sheep or not. Then there's Jake. He posted something on the Facebook group today about counseling and how he might be gone for a long time, and he may have to be removed from Korea. I feel really bad for him, first of all. I can't imagine what he is going through. What sucks is if this does happen, I'm going to lose a good ally. That would be a true shame.


Well, I’m glad about the new Silla tribe, I already have a majority alliance with Alejandro, Ben and Miggy. The reason Eddie and Crtha need to go is that they have proven to be very loyal to each other, you never want a power couple in the game, I am feeling very safe, if it gets down to Me, Alejandro, Ben and Miggy, Me and Al have our masks of restrict. Hello merge!


Before Korea, I have particiapted in 4 complete Survivor ORGs, competing in a countless number of challenges of all kinds. I have never, in my whole ORG experience, ever faced a challenge which actually caused me PHYSICAL pain!

The last challenge though, broke that record. After mouse clicking thousands of times just to get killed by another spider\bee\vine\watermelon or whatever, my hand was so aching I swore if we lose this challenge I'll just play my idol, cause I won't be able to live with the fact it cost me the game.

However, it turns out my score wasn't that bad at all. Furthermore, it was one of the ONLY three scores submitted! while I knew Cassels is on a vacation and unable to submit, I had no idea Jordan wouldn't. He gave us all the feeling he is doing the challenge, and his excuse was rather pathetic. It was that moment I realized I want to get him out even more than Eddie and Crtha. At least they do something to stay in the game, you're just a lazy brat who can't even submit the terrible score you prabably got.

But what irritated me the most, was Monkey's failure to send the right sceenshot. I literally wanted to to kill him at that moment, even though I don't think it was his fault. Things like that could happen, and since the challenges are not live here, this is one of those mistakes the moderators can solve. I understand you notified him, but you should've waited for him to send the right file, especially since his score would've changed the identity of the winners. It's not that he hasn't submitted, he just made a mistake. It could happen to anyone and it felt unfair to lose just because of that.


Zion, you really need to work on your time expressions Last time I checked, Later was not a synonym for Eternity. This tribal made me so nervous, even though I had no reason to be. It's like that every time I attend my first TC, because you can't really know anything for sure until the votes are tallied. and even then, some people are able to hide their true intentions for the long term.

Getting the entire tribe to vote for Jordan wasn't an easy task at all. It required inhuman endurance dealing with Monkey's paranoia, and his desire to make a blindside and play his idol (if he really has it, as I'm not sure). Convincing Hunter and Cassels was surprisingly easy, and for some weird reason, I feel like the person I can trust the most at the moment is Cassels. It might be the result of the swap, or the fact I always rush to protect him when he's unable to submit challenges, but it seems we're closer than before. At last, with great help from Alejandro and Aaron, I was able to reassure Monkey that voting Jordan is safe and that he should keep his idol. I want him to keep the idol so I'll have an excuse to not vote for him if we have another TC.

I was lucky to have Aaron on my side in this decision, since we both sit at the same spot and have no interest in blindsiding one of Jake's allies so early, when we have such a nice goat to slaughter instead (a.k.a Jordan). but that's exactly the problem. I don't want anyone else to sit in my spot, and Aaron is getting on my nerves. I'm tired of these "Seen by Aaron" at the bottom of every FB chatbox, while Aaron himself rarely speaks if he doesn't HAVE to. If you want to hear about my diabolical plan to blindside him, you'll have to wait for our next TC.


Just an hour ago, I had one of those moments when I'm sure that I'm doomed and my game is about to reach its unfortunate end. What the hell could be so catastrophic you may ask?. Well, It's all about the diabolical plan that I teased about in my last confessional. Even though that plan is not going to happen, I have to explain it so you'll understand the new one.

This game has been very ironic lately. Just as I said Aaron doesn't speak too much and that I feel Cassels and I became closer, Aaron surprisingly talked a lot at the last chat with me and Miggy, while Cassels has shown signs of distance when I warned him that Monkey wants him out. And why did I do it? because I wanted to start planting the seeds for my plan to get Aaron out, and I thought warning Cassels will get him even closer to me. However, I was proven wrong. Cassels took that information and went straight to Monkey, telling him that someone warned him. As expected, Monkey freaked out and told us someone snitched on him. That's when I had to make my move, but Monkey beat me.

The plan Monkey suggested is exactly the plan I was about to suggest in case we lose the next Immunity, or in case I decide to spare Aaron. since Cassels made a fatal mistake by giving away information I provided him with, there is NO WAY I'm gonna save him and blindside Aaron. Monkey's plan (which is actually mine) is to have me and Aaron vote for him, while he play his idol and blindside Cassels, so Hunter and the rest of Jake's alliance will keep trusting us. It's an old trick, but it always work like magic.


As of now. I think we have a fail safe plan. At the next vote. So my real alliance can stay under cover and we get rid of one of the king's pawns. Muhahaha. But, I find out today that one of my alliance members may have turned on me. So I have to think of something to keep me, my idol, around and get rid of him. Cause he is untrustworthy. And by he, I mean Amir, And I just want Hunter out. Frankly, I don't think he should be around.


So yeah last night was tribal council, and I had one vote against me so obviously someone is actually smart and sees I'm a huge threat. Everyone thinks that Monkey has the idol, and Amir told me that Monkey wants me out. Like what the hell man! You really think you can cross me and survive? Wow, when will you wake up and realise this is my game, and even if you have an idol, I'm still in control, and your expiry date is quickly approaching!


I'm getting a bit worried incase we loose, yes I could vote out Monkey and that would be easy, but I'm pretty sure that he doesn't have the idol, so it would almost be a waste to get rid of him. Hypothetically Speaking, what if we loose and all vote out Monkey, but Hunter actually wants me out? Then when Monkey is gone Aaron and Hunter vote for me, and even if me and Amir vote for Hunter he'll still beat me in a tie breaker. Hunter is a smart dude and if he really wants me out then I have to be careful, he has the pearl and possibly and idol and if I don't take him or Aaron out the next time we loose, (Which knowing this tribe will be every challenge) then I would be Kissing my ass goodbye sooner then I would know it.


Reward challenge was pretty easy for the most part. So like, I told Aaron and Hunter that I was throwing the challenge to get Crtha out. Obviously, I want her out. I don't want Crtha AND Eddie making merge. However, now is not the time for that. I'll let Silla deal with Eddie. However, was I actually going to throw this challenge? Lol no. That's funny. If Aaron and Hunter have problems on Goguryeo, sucks for them. However, not my concern. I told them I was throwing it, and that means they'll probably get low scores and not try as hard. Meanwhile, Baekje comes up as winner yet again, we win the challenge, and Goguryeo or Silla go to Tribal Council. All's well, end's well.


OMG.... We lost our first challenge, I am going to get so mad. I want to know what reward is. I know I can always ask Eddie, but losing a challenge, I didn't see that coming. I am so hoping we can sit someone out. Chal and Matthew need to start working, because I know people have lives, but I really don't want to lose immunity because of them. I am waiting for immunity to be super difficult, and a rage. Well, we will see soon.


Day 13

I didn't try at all in that challenge! I made it to like level 3 or 4 or so and gave up, Challenges mean nothing in this game! If we go to tribal council tonight then I don't give a damn! If the other people on my tribe really wanted to win that challenge then they would have compensated for me. So whether or not I get a good score, it won't matter, because no one wins Survivor by winning challenges!


Well, there's goes Baejke's winning streak. I can't say I'm surprised, since some of these castaways just don't seem committed to this game. We have very little chance of winning this last immunity challenge, since hardly anyone on Baejke is pulling their own weight. Even those who think they are "good" at challenges, sometimes being good just isn't good enough, there comes a point when you have to be... better! Well, if we go to Tribal, at least I won't be in any trouble, considering I'm the top dog at challenges at Baejke


Boy this game is getting really boring right now. My tribe is super boring. There's no action right now. I don't know about the other tribes. I think Jake is throwing the immunity challenge to get rid of Crtha. That would be huge for our alliance. As for the other tribe, I don't know anything about it. I want to blindside someone SO badly. It's going to happen. Just wait.


So people have been coming up with names for Goguryeo. I know we suck. I am supposed to be the challenge dominator too! At least we may win this challenge. Now that I have word Jake is throwing it to get rid of Crtha, we could possibly have some time to recover so we can beat down the other two tribes. Is it bad that maybe I want some of my alliance gone too? I mean, it's going to be a total moshpit in the final 9 when it's just us. Why not let some drop off now? That way I have more goats to take to the end just so I get all of my former allies to vote for me. ☺


I noticed that Baekje has finally lost a challenge, also, I saw that Jordan was eliminated, the guys said they voted him out instead of Monkey because Monkey might play the idol, I thought why not split the vote, but oh well. Hopefully it won't get to the point where a tribe loses immunity and it is just down to our allies, hopefully we can stay strong. What also concerned me was Jake's post about leaving, that would be chaos because most of us see him as the leader of the alliance.


Things are not going well in SS [Secret Society]. Apparently someone told Cassells that Monkey is gunning for him on the white tribe...that person is Amir O_o damn. SS is my whole strategy, if this crumbles down, then I'll have the shift my loyalty to the Jake alliance which really isn't much :/


For the past tribals that I've been, I felt pretty safe, though there's always paranoia (feel safe but paranoid, do I make sense? hahaha). Now, I think my name is being tossed around and it's not fun. I'm kinda scared now. If we go to tribal, they may vote me out. I've heard that Cassel will be writing my name down and Amir is on board with it. They are scared of Monkey's idol, so I am their option to be voted out. Amir and I are in a secret alliance together with Monkey, but I still don't know what's gonna happen.

Anyway, we have an advantage of the game, so I hope it's enough for us to win. Eddie talked to me that "our alliance" has a plan for Goguryeo to throw the challenge then blindside Monkey. Throwing the challenge? No, that's not gonna happen. I don't want to throw the challenge. I also don't have plans on blindsiding Monkey.

I just hope that other tribes will lose, specially the new Baejke because they don't have the advantage of the game, and I think there are a lot of them who's not participating in the game


I think there's something fishy going on. Jordan was eliminated and no one can give me a straight answer as to why. Aston says that Jordan was inactive and he was voted out because of that. There were three people who didn't submit a score on Goguryeo so it looks as if Jordan was one of those. Although why he'd be voted out over the other two I don't know. I'm starting to seriously doubt Monkey's sincerity. I questioned him over what happened and he essentially brushed me off. I fear he may have cut his ties with Silla and aligned with the former Baekjes or Goguryeos.

I spent the whole time on Silla listening to his paranoid rants about how everyone was trying to get him out. If he was truly in danger on Goguryeo I find his silence and indifference very much out of character, which leads me to believe he's jumped ship.

I feel confident with my four-person alliance on New Silla that I'll be safe while on the tribe. But I am worried about what will happen come merge or a dissolution to two tribes. I want to keep my options open as much as possible. It's dangerous to cut ties with anyone because you may rely on their vote later down the track. I'm still keeping contact with Ryan and he doesn't think he's in immediate danger if his tribe goes to tribal. That's good because I think I'll be able to rely on him if we meet up again later on. As long as I feel safe I'm going to keep a low profile and just go along with others. But if I sense things aren't going my way I'm ready to turn nasty. Until then I'll remain nice and non-threatening.


I guess we are going to tribal no matter what I do... I am not going to stay up four hours for a game, and I don't know who to trust. I am so lost. And if I get voted out, I will miss this so much, because it will be the last ORG I will play.


Day 14

We ain't Tandang no more, thats for sure. I participated, and even though I was last for submissions, Matt didn't submit.

Really, it was partly the advantage they got that screwed us over.


Well, there's goes Baejke's winning streak. I can't say I'm surprised, since some of these castaways just don't seem committed to this game. We have very little chance of winning this last immunity challenge, since hardly anyone on Baejke is pulling their own weight. Even those who think they are "good" at challenges, sometimes being good just isn't good enough, there comes a point when you have to be... better! Well, if we go to Tribal, at least I won't be in any trouble, considering I'm the top dog at challenges at Baejke


Well, we're going to Tribal. Now that we're here, I think it's time to make a big move. Matt is an obvious boot, but I'm not taking the easy road. Jake, Ivan, and I have decided it's time for a blindside! And who other, than miss fan favorite, Crtha? She's a big challenge threat, but the only downside of booting her is... she's a big challenge threat. Our tribe isn't the most hard-working, and if she leaves, everyone's going to have to kick into high gear and start winning! Now, the only flaw in this plan is Chal. Chal's in, but not too far in, only to the point where he's knows who to vote. Unfortunately, this guy isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, because he BLATANTLY asked Crtha is she had the rings! C'mon man, Blindsides 101, never let the person know they're being blindsided! Well, whatever, as long as I'm safe, I'm happy.


Taking all my possible options into account, this move seems like the right one.


Yes! I am soo happy Baekje lost, I've been talking with Jake and he's got Crtha on a thread! She's like burnt toast, just waiting to be thrown in the rubbish bin! I want her gone and I don't care if I vote her out or not as long as she leaves my game!


Maybe calling Crtha a witch is a little mean considering she wished me good luck after she was voted out. However, I won't forget how she told people I have the Baekje Idol, which maximized my animosity towards her. It turned out she was just a 14-year-old girl who didn't do anything wrong except for being way too intelligent for her age, but I'm not the one to blame for that.

As much as I enjoyed seeing her going home so early, no one deserves the credit for Crtha's blindside more than the audience. If it wasn't for them, she would've probably grown on everyone quickly and made it to the merge without much problem, but they just had to praise her as if she was the only good player to ever be casted for Survivor Wikia. People should reconsider their tactics of motivating their favorites, as so far it always proved to hurt them instead. Since I didn't have the pleasure of writing her name down, what I would say to Crtha is - next time, shut up your pathetic fanboys before you attempt to put up a strategy.

All I have left to do is sit back and enjoy the flow of angry comments, along with my fellow contestants who I'm very pround of right now. If they were not able to get Chal to vote for Crtha, Matt would've gone instead. The only person who acted differently from what I expected was Eddie, but that's for a different confessional...


Crtha's gone. I almost am starting to feel bad know, like her an I could've worked together. We all had reasoning for voting her out, however mine was just me being naive and think Crtha had a large alliance across the tribes. Well, I know we have no chance at winning the next challenges, with Matt and Chal M.I.A., so we can take a backseast with how hard we participate.