These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 13

In the end. Lloyd and I decided to go with Joshie. I trust him WAY more than Adam, and I never actually swore allegiance to Adam. He kind of just threw me into his little posse and expected me to go along with it. I know this is going to be met with repercussions. Adam is going to pull an Ometepe and is going to rat me out as a snake. Which sucks, but Joshie would of done the exact same thing. But the game will move along. It crazy, I've found an unlikely ally in Alex right now. Everyone know's he was allied with Ometepe, and he was just a man without a country. I pulled him in because I know that, even if he's alone, he's still a vote. and when planning a crazy blindside such as Adam's, you need all the help you can get. Plus, right now, I'm questioning Ralphie's loyalty to Joshie and I, he would make a perfect sixth.


So we could have had an awesome tribe of 11, and I would have been in a majority in a majority in a majority, ad I would have been able to kick off, everyone I wanted.. But I can't because Brendan sucks.


Well things were going well, until Alfons announced there would be a mutiny. To be honest I kind of expected it but what really sucks is that Luke, Aidan, and Duy all mutinied. So now Regreso is down to four and we aren't exactly the best challenge performers. So we're really going to have to step up at this next challenge. There is always the possibility that someone from Vuelta will mutiny but I wouldn't know who would actually think of doing so. With 11 people now it's not exactly hard to slip into the background even if you’re on the outs (especially now that Luke is over there). In the eternal words of Butch from The Amazon: "Now we're really going to have to believe in ourselves."


Day 14

Thank god this switch turned out how it did, I still have my girl Courtney, love her and Luke who is my equivalent to a carrot, he will do what I say when I want, and now I can take out Brendan and Ralphie, and then I'll only have 97 problems. Praise The Lord.


I do not trust Joshie and Courtney for A minute so when we throw the challenge i will be voting for brendan and brendan will probably vote for me and convince people to vote for me and i will play my idol to test where loyalties lie.


Tribe switch!!! And I'm in Vuelta now. My new tribe is pretty strong so I don't think we will go to tribal any time soon. More than that, Bailey approached me and we are working together (hopefully). So now that I'm with Bailey and Alex, I think I'm safe. But I'm worried about Luke. He's Eliza with the idol. I'll have to make sure he doesn't do or say anything stupid.


The tribe swap actually put me in about the best position I could be on the tribe, I'm aligned with Will through one alliance, Bailey through another, I could easily pull Alex in, and Duy is a simple first boot. It really couldn't get much better than this!


Will and I had made a pact before the challenge was announced that whoevers tribe won, they would tell the other person what this big twist was. Well, Regreso won, and Will told me it was a mutiny. After we had voted out Adam, the twist was announced, and we come to find that there's no limit to how many people can mutiny and that more than half a tribe mutinies, we do an alliance shattering tribe switch as well. I wasn't expecting many people to flip. But then Aidan and Luke flipped instantly and Duy followed soon after. The whole time I'm thinking, "WE DON'T WANT ANY OF YOU HERE!!! GO AWAY!!! SHOO!!!" *Makes shooing motion with hands* But obviously I'm not going to say that. Ralphie flips, and now I have to deal with a ten person tribe, and I was expecting it to stay that way. Will and I had talked and he said that probably none of the people left on Regreso were going to flip. Obviously he was wrong, because then Brendan came along and screwed everything up. Looking around, I realized we had 15 people on our tribe and I knew what was coming, a tribe switch, but adding a tribe to make it three tribes of five. My alliance got completely split up. Joshie and Courtney moved to Regreso, Alex and I stayed at Vuelta, and Wojtek and Lloyd went to Devolvi. My tribe consists of Maxwell, Alex, Duy, Will, and I. Our plan is that each pair is going to use one of the mutinies (Luke from Regreso, Duy from Vuelta, and Aidan from Devolvi) to take control of their tribe and as a group of six, we will all make the merge and be in a majority when it comes. I just hope Lloyd will make it, he's my closest ally, and I would hate to see him sent home.


Day 15

This is my last stand. I'm gone if I go to Tribal, so my only hope is that Regreso wins every immunity from here on out.

Joshie, we had a pre-game alliance. You're not honoring your part of the deal, and if I make the jury I sure as hell aren't writing your name down.

Luke, I saved your ass at the first Tribal Council and you try to blindside me. That isn't the best way to play the game. You're just hungry for power, and your hunger will leave you as the last old Regreso standing on the new tribe. Let's see how that will work out.

Raphael, I don't think you're sincere when you're talking to me. You're the closest thing I have to an ally, but you're still writing my name down...

Courtney, you have no shot at winning so I won't even talk about you.


I have received information that Bailey is planning to take me out, But really, he doesn't have the numbers here as of now, for now, I'll just play it cool, make him feel like I still trust him, then BOOM, blindside him! Then again, we're probably not gonna lose, because NuRegeso is pretty much screwed. Luke is pathetic in challenges, Joshie and Brendan aren't that great either, Courtney has no means of communication to her team. Ralphie has his work cut out for him, I'm sure.


Aidan came to me and said Will wanted to work with me, saying we should boot Bailey now or he would become very dangerous later. I definitely don't wanna work with the person that turned on me, but still I talked to him. And guess what, he told me Bailey wanted to take me out. Now that's interesting. Now I don't know who I can trust, I just hope we don't lose immunity...


Ok, I was fine when aiden, Luke and Duy mutinied. I don't really care, they're gone! I was also happy to see Ralph join our team, But Brendan stupidly chose to mutiny and now the whole game is gonna mess up now. We could've won challenges but now it's gonna be like starting all over and regreso was already down in numbers. Thanks Brendan!

Well at least I like everyone in Devolvi, hopefully I can just win everything.

I do think it's funny that this stupid, unrealistic twist of making a new tribe happened again. At least this time it's not just me and one other person.