Day 24

Like I said. When you try to ruin my game, I pinch back. Hard.


I'm extremely sad right now I got backstabbed by Noah and Jerby, It hurts a lot more from Jerby. Noah Jerby Richie Jordan and I were going to vote for Quanz And they both just backstabbed me. It feels horrible this vote went against the good guys. now Nokomis who is a super big jerk, Noah the biggest snake here, And Quanz who virtually does nothing in challenges, have the power to win. I'm doomed.


I have a lot of concerns especially the Internationals went home one by one. Starting from Ahad and Dustin where I voted both of them in Tagaloa, while Kaffe was voted by the 3 Americans. The first tribal council of Atonga, Richie was voted out. If ever that Tagaloa will lost in the immunity challenge, definitely I am worried because I'm the last International left in Tagaloa while Agustin, Jerby and Quanz were also outnumbered. I hope we stay strong in the end.


Well, after much thought, I think I should tell everyone why I decided to blindside Richie out of this game out of all people. To clear both the air and my thoughts. You know that Richie, Jordan and Augustin made some alliance together, right? An alliance which would ultimately vote out Drew, Tyler, me, Nokomis, and everyone else in a specific order? Yeah! That one! It all had to do with one of them making one critical mistake, by telling all of this with Jerby. Jerby told this to Drew, in which Drew told me. It's all about having "good connections" with members from the other tribe that made it all possible, if you know what I mean. I wasn't going to risk getting eliminated from the game at all, no matter what point in the game we were at. So, I had to act fast. I made an alliance with Jerby, Nokomis, Blake and Quanz. We considered ourselves the counter core alliance within Atonga, and believe it or not? It worked to absolute perfection. Five to two to one sent Richie home in a matter of seconds. Let's review, shall we? It was all about me having good connections in the game, and when I received the information, I did something about it. Something that rocked Atonga to its very...core, if you know what I mean. Who knows? If I keep up this brilliant social game, and continue to do well in challenges, I just might come out victorious in this game. But, hey? A man can dream, am I right? Jordan is next, followed by the long-awaited elimination of Augustin. I know for a fact I've said this before, but with the amount of alliances and connections that I'm hooked up with, I'm like the puppet master of Atonga.


The Atonga tribe was getting very anxious a few hours before the results. Agustin and Nokomis got into an argument when everyone was asking who already voted and Nokomis commented "Just vote". Agustin called him out on this and fought each other. I even privately messaged Nokomis telling him to ignore Agustin to avoid things from escalating. Even when other people in the tribe was trying to calm them down, Agustin said that he will not apologize nor anyone does. A few moments later, Nokomis was the topic in the "Core Atonga" chatroom and they were talking smack about Nokomis, showing how confident they were with the results.

So the results were finally revealed and they had an idea that I may have flipped. Noah told Jordan everything so I had no choice but to confess to what happened. Richie and Agustin got really upset at me... and they weren't shy about letting me know what they thought and felt. Richie in particular said this to me:

Quote1I hope I see you on the jury. And make no mistake, every person who joins me on jury, i will poison your name so badly that if you make the finale you will NEVER receive a vote.Quote2

Richie further explained that he's blaming this all on me. Drew and Noah may have been part of the whole thing but he can't blame them because Richie's not in an alliance with them...

The plan was to make it appear that I still voted with Agustin and Richie so they would think Jordan flipped. Basically, things didn't go as planned. Plus, Noah revealed to Jordan that Drew and I are working together so that's another issue that I have to fix.

In any case, I'm still in the game. Some may think I'm a hero, some definitely see me as the big bad villain... and I don't care. Gone are the days of the poor, innocent, confused, stupid Jerby. Everyone now realizes that I'm a f*cking force to be reckoned with!


WelL, these past few days sucked. I honestly thought Quanz was going, and there was no problem. Now Richie is gone, I heard I'm next, and I'm scrambling. Noah and Jerby betrayed me, but now I have to kiss their butts to save myself. This sucks. I wanna be mad so much for their lying. Well, I have to play this out right. My alliance is shattered. It's me and Agustin. Luckily, people hate Agustin, so I could be safe, maybe. I'm even talking to Drew more now. He controls this game, and Richie knew it, that's why he's gone. Now I'm probably next. But I'm playing the helpless card to Drew. I told him I'm a free agent and come merge, I will go with him. I said he's the only person I trust now. I think he bought it.

In my mind now, I have to win the challenge to save myself. It's the only way I will make merge. And I have to make merge if I ever wanna be dated (Kat reference). I choose to do the challenge for my tribe. I face off against Drew, the best challenge contestant yet this season. I do as best I can, but lose by a mere fraction. So close. But, now I can say I've been Drew'd. Me and Noah are trying to coin this as a term. Well, I can't contribute in this [Immunity] Challenge, so I'm packing my bags now.


Day 25

So I woke up this morning, and I felt great! My feeling that morning carried on throughout the rest of the day, and I've got to admit, I'm very proud of what Jordan did for Atonga! He stepped up to Drew, and only missed it by under one hundred points. I guess this makes him the honorary member of the "We got Drew'd" club--population two. This great feeling of mine went south very quickly when I realized what Tagaloa was getting as their reward. We had to act quickly! I mean, they were already beating us by a long shot! But, of course, it was my eagerness, my push for Atonga to move, move, move in this challenge, that I didn't realize that we picked Agustin as the final member of our chain. An Agustin, that would ultimately be So, get this. Tagaloa is moving at the speed of sound, while we here at Atonga are FROZEN. ALL BECAUSE OF ME WANTING US TO CATCH UP WITH THEM, WHEN WE COULD HAVE JUST STOPPED AND WAITED JUST ONE MORE MINUTE TO REALIZE WE COULD HAVE PICKED NOKOMIS. WE COULD HAVE BEEN CATCHING UP WITH TAGALOA BY NOW. WE WOULD HAVE HAD A CHANCE AT LEAST! BUT NO! TWENTY FIVE DAYS IN THIS GAME AND I CAN'T EVEN THINK WITH ATONGA ANYMORE. Please, God, I'm praying to you, let there be a merge. I need this--quick. Hopefully, tomorrow I can get out of this mess that is realization hitting me square in the gut. I hate it! This isn't me at all, and you guys know this.


Tyler thinks he is running this show so I'm planting seeds to get rid of him. He wants my Jerby gone so he will be the next to go.


The challenges are throwback! Throwback will lead us to victory. I hope that Tagaloa will win this immunity challenge. From Pacman in the Reward Challenge up to the Kava Threads (similar to 99 bottles) in Immunity Challenge. I hope we will win!


I've entered Bizarro World today! Everything that I was expecting to happen because of yesterday's events are a complete opposite now. It's kind of a long story so I'll just do bullet points instead:
  • Agustin trusts me again though there's a chance that he's playing me.
  • Noah no longer wants to vote for Jordan because Jordan did great in the reward challenge and he doesn't want to vote out someone who gave so much to make our tribe win. However, to Blake and I, that is the exact reason why he should go!
  • Nokomis trusts me more than Tyler and in fact, he wants Tyler gone.
  • I've lost Jonathan's loyalty. He's more loyal to Drew and Tagaloa. Fortunately, that still means that he's on our side.
  • Blake has shown his true colors: a very smart and strategic player. I noticed this during our conversation and this means he's a a huge threat to me and Drew.

There you go, so a lot of things are happening and I'm just hoping that all will fall into place come merge.