Day 8

We pulled it together in the immunity challenge, It's supposedly Ellie going next, The best thing I can do right now is keep myself in the game. I have been given more time to look for this idol, and I'm hoping for a twist in this game for me to be connected with my cross tribe Allies, I believe Ellie and I can get out of this situation but we just need to be patient, wait until one of them wants to flip and if it comes to it, even lie to them to try get them flip. Jossue, Alf and Jessy are tight, they'll be hard to break apart but I have a feeling I know how to get them to flip on each other.


Anthony's gone, Another one bites the dust. I have convinced him to give me his idol clues while he is on RI, I found out his closest Ally was Aaron and I'm hoping to carry my tribe in the next immunity challenge, The answer is right there and I can't find it..


There is some talk about throwing the next challenge to take Nick out, but I am like.. not 100% sure if this is the right thing to do. Sure, I can easily tell just by talking to him that he us a huge threat both socially and strategically. But throwing a challenge could easily come back to bite us in the butt, having numbers is important too. But I don’t know, we will have to see what happens. Nothing is decided.

The agreement is also that if we do throw it, we have to make Nick and Ellie believe Ellie is going home so that if one of them got an idol, it will be used on Ellie or maybe if Nick has it, he could go home without using his idol. Even if nobody got it, it’s for the best to do this just in case, we don’t want any nasty surprises.

When the tribes get switched/shuffled/absorbed or whatever will happen, Jivaro and Huanca should work together to take down Ocaina since they don’t seem to be losing any members, having them in majority is dangerous when we reach the merge.


Aaron from the Huanca tribe and I have been talking and we promised eachother to watch eachothers backs. I am slightly worried about having given him too much information, but I did make it clear that Nick is the thing to worry about, my reason for choosing to speak to him was that he found it interesting that Phillip gave the HII clue to Nick, Aaron is very suspicious of what Nick is up to.

Aparently Nick have been talking to all of the tribes and all of the people pretty much, he might have other alliances across tribes other than Phillip and possibly Anthony.


I am lying to Nick to get on his good side, if things don’t go according to plan then I want him not to target me at least. Jossue makes it clear he is against Nick and Jessy seem to be making it clear too, so why not let Nick target them over me next? I don’t know if its going to work or not, but if it keeps me safer then great.

I am not a huge fan of lying or being lied to, but as long as its game based and not for no reason then I am all for it. The kinds of lies that I don’t agree with is if things get emotional and it doesn’t even help your game, that’s really bad.


Welllllllll, the fact that I'm here is awsome. I got a free trip to the other part of the game. And look who's here?

My bud Philip. It's hard to go against a bud here but, man gotta do what man gotta do.


I'm really concerned about being blindsided :\ :L


Jessy's jumping to conclusions, she is one crazy hag... I have talked to alot more people and it seems if there were to be a tribeswap I would be in good company, I've got some words out of Alf and he wants to work with me.All I need to do now is wait, wait wait... Until I can receive my next idol clue.


Day 9

It's been cray cray around here the past 30 hours or so. Lot of drama with Dylan, most of which I'm hearing second hand. The conclusion I've come to with him is to treat him with kid gloves. I've got to make more of an effort to talk with him, and more importantly listen to the meaning underneath what he is saying. He seems like a good kid, and just wants to play the game. His problem, the one our tribe sees, is that he is playing too hard. He's trying to throw Domca under the bus, and Leuan right after her. Whichever way the Unnamed Alliance wants to go is the way this tribe will go. All 3 have pros and cons, but as long as we keep avoiding tribal we have more time to figure out the best move for us.

The biggest development of the past few days is my idea to get Nick to give me his tribe's hidden idol. I don't know if he has it, or someone from his tribe does, but I've given him the impression that I'm the first to go from our tribe, and need help to stay and am ready and willing to turn on my tribe. I've been able to tell him fairly convincingly that I'm out of touch with my tribe, no one will talk to me, or answer me when I try to talk with them. The only person I've been talking to is Natalie, and I haven't promised her anything, is what I've told him. TJ is in on it, and tonight started grilling Nick about me and why I was talking to him. Nick immediately ratted on TJ, and wanted to know what he should tell TJ about why I was talking to him. I told Nick that TJ thinks he is Boston Rob, controlling the tribe and not allowing us to talk to the other tribes. I played up the vulnerability, telling Nick, I can't help that when I'm online my tribe isn't or won't talk to me, so I'm going to talk to people who will. I really think that they would all vote me out if they get the chance. He then tells me to keep looking for the idol, and that he would help me stay in the game and if he goes to RI (something that could be a better than decent possibility given what I perceive to be his position in his tribe) he is going to give me the clues to their idol. I will believe that when it happens.

Natalie and I have continued to share information about our tribe, and what other people from the other tribes are telling us. It's also official, we are the Rule of Two, and our reign is only just beginning. Apreesh!


This game has had an unannounced twist and it's going to fix a lot of problems. Aly, Aaron, and I are prepared to vote out Jody if we get screwed into TC again. In the meantime, Ellie is on board. Nick is a proven liar and keeps going around trying to get final 2 with several people and lies about it. Ellie and I have traded screenshots showing this so, while he can't be trusted, we can surely use him in the alliance as a puppet. Aaron is in the process of getting Alf in on the whole deal too.

6 of us going strong will give us a hell of a fighting chance against Ocaina in the merge. We have a fall person if we go to TC, Jivaro needs to work out a fall person if they go to TC. With any luck, Ocaina goes to TC and they lose some people.

We hit the merge 6 strong, knock out everyone else, then take out Nick while he thinks he has control the entire time. Nick has four clues to the idol but it won't mean anything even if he gets the idol. We'll let him feel safe, he won't use it, and we'll burn him at TC in the final 6.

Yep, it's a damn solid plan with a puppet and everything! It's a lot of work to coordinate all of this but in the long run it should go great. If the final 6 comes down to Me, Aly, Nick, Aaron, Alf, and Ellie it will be a hell of a comeback for all of us against Ocaina...


I'm really proud to be running an alliance with TJ Natalie and Ryan, I hope I make it to the jury atleast. But it won't be easy :L


Day 10

All hell is breaking loose right now at camp. The immunity challenge does not bode well for our tribe, being as we haven't lost yet, and the tribes have the opportunity to sabotage each other's camps. Reading between the lines....Jivaro and Huanca want us to vote someone out. That's fine, we need to get rid of them eventually, we are just going to have to do it a little earlier than anticipated. The Unnamed Alliance is controlling the direction we go, although it is up in the air at this moment who will go first. I've spent much of the day dealing with Leuan wanting to get rid of Dylan, Dylan trying to finalize getting rid of Domca, and Domca not really interacting. I'm thinking of dumping the one we think will turn on us in a merge/switch situation. Unfortunately, this only eliminates one person. Thus the pendulum swings....Dylan, Leuan, Dylan, Leuan. We are going to have to have some serious talks. I'm not meaning to be so pessimistic, we could still win the challenge, but it seems unlikely.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, we can cut out someone now, and not worry about it coming back to bite us. Anthony seems like a strong challenge competitor, and we can use him to finish off whomever we decide to cast aside. We have 3 excellent candidates for removal. We just better make the right choice.

I've been trying to build a relationship with Aly, and it seems to be going well. She is worried about being voted off if Huanca goes to tribal. I'm not sure I agree, but she expressed interest in working together, and as a show of faith, gave me a clue to their idol. I'm going to try to figure it out for her, it's always best to have options in the game. I'm thinking that if she really is on the outs, and they don't have to go to tribal, we can grab her for our fourth in the Unnamed Alliance. I'm going to keep watering the plant, offering her security and loyalty, and a promise of final three. Which at this point is a white lie, however if what I will describe in the next paragraph is the reality, then that white lie will become truth. If I can get her, and Natalie can bring in someone not allied with Aly, we could have a new Core 4. But that is a bit further down the road.

Natalie got a clue to an idol from Anthony after he won the duel. She shared with me the extra clue, and given the information I have from her clue and the 2 we got already, added to the combination of names TJ told me he used, my conclusion is that he might not be telling the truth about having it. I did ask him if he got an image of it, but didn't ask to see it, so, it may still be hidden. Given this I am going to keep looking for it, and sent in another guess. If I guess right, and am told I found it, then TJ might want to watch out. I need him right now to get out the riffraff, but once his usefulness runs out, he's going to have to win some duels if he wants back into the game. I don't want this to be true, and as long as our mutual goals remain the same, we can work together until the end. His problem is that "the end" doesn't mean the "end of the game", it just means "the end of his game" and that may or may not be the final three. If he was bluffing about the idol, and either Natalie or I find it....his days could be numbered.


Well it looks like our tribe will be going to tribal... FINALLYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Now who do i want to go? Domca or Ieuan? Hmmmmmmm i think ill have to go with the human cockroach.


An Alliance of Me, Ellie, Jesse, Aaron and Aly has been formed, me and Jesse running this alliance. Me Aaron and Jesse used a 3 person cycle technique and that is what should prevent both of our tribes from going to tribal council, and to Ocaina... Goodluck catching up!



I'm alone now. It sucks to be alone on RI. But heeeey, they will come and go. Hopefully, I'll stay heh :D So to sum up my experience here now. Philip gone, 5-6 people to go and now I'm frickin' alone. SEND ME SOMEOOOONE HAHAHA :D I'll respect every opponent but I'll be all fired up if someone from Huanca comes :D


We didn't have a chance in hell with that challenge so Tribal Council here we come! It's been decided that Domca is going to Redemption because, well, she sucks and hasn't even tried to be part of this tribe.


Me Jesse and Aaron's plan worked out, they forfeit and now it's time to even things up a little, Ryan is apparently on the outs of Ocaina so I have to try my best to save him. I found out a lot of lies people told about me today and the people that told those lies will be going next.


Finally! Ocaina lost immunity! I'm so excited to see where their heads are at. Hahaha I can't believe we made them forfeit. It was just me, Jesse, and Nick. We made them forfeit thats absolutely hilarious.


I found out some vital information today, uncovered alliances I never knew about. Talk of an Inactive getting voted out of ocaina is coming up whenever I talk to someone, hopefully that person goes. We don't want an inactive left in this game..


OMFG! It is the moment you all have been waiting for Ocaina going to tribal council. My plan to get rid of Domca is in motion all that has to happen next is for Anthony to beat her and she is out of here. Thank goodess. Today, someone told Domca is going home so she is flipping out and said that she is going to kick butt in the challenges so she can come back and wont alliance with us so it may come back to haunt us and I dont want that. Then today I find out that leuan has been pitting us against each other. Leuan just needs to stop he isnt going home yet. Dylan is still worrying about his place and tried to persuade us again but it did not work. Anthony, my buddy from Survivor Guyana, love him gave me the idol clue. You would think that it put a target on me but surprisingly everyone wants to help me. Hmm... maybe I am underestimating myself.