These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 22

Yesterday, I was pissed off that David got voted for because I knew immediately it was a setup, so I ended up snapping on Topher & Jessie and cussing Bartley out. Clearly I was in my feelings & I was totally wrong, so I apologized because I acted like an ass for no reason. So the Revote rock results came out and Marco went home! I mean she was cool & all but it gives Bazid the numbers. The question is how long will we stay together until we turn on each other? I'm praying until the final 5 because I'll have the numbers with Miguel & David. *fingers crossed* lol


So there you have it. Tyler just won the game. So if Bryce actually thinks he can beat him tell him to make ****** friends. So now time for hard core time. For sure me or Bartley is going depending on which 1 of us wins immunity. The only hope that this season would be great if there was a reward challenge for exile. That is are only source of fighting with a chance and after that we have to draw rocks again if we get with with a idol we find just from exile. So the season kinda is boarding now. Not really fun when it's just Bazid vs Idir all the time. I really wish Marco never left cause she didn't deserve 10th place. If you asked me I rather Rasheid would have went that way would have been a awesome final 9 with all good players. Looking forward to boarding vile to least final 5 cause im curious of what bazid plan is if they will blindside Rasheid or Bryce Early at final 8 and 6. Ask me Tyler is just as pathetic as Tony for Cagayan. Yeah idc what happens now cause weather me or bartley wins that immunity we have to keep in a rolling win streaks to stay in the game. So YAY! rasheid the slacker is gonna get farther then me and that is just sad. I really hope that me, marco, bartley, topher, or thang returns for a future season cause we got Robbed. Well looking forward to see the 3 idiots: Bryce, David, and Rasheid get tricked so easliy by Miguel and Tyler. #LongConfessional #TylerFTW #MeVSBartley:( #JURY :D




Thank YOU! THANK YOU! Omg this is all on the matter of this for The Pokemon Region alliance. Not only does me and topher has to do awful Bartley and Thang is are only hope. If there was a god that can help us. Please help us. We can't let people like Tyler, Rasheid, Miguel, Tyler, and David just rule the game. We have much as a chance as they do and yes there is many possible ways to try and save me, but I'll take one for the team. I'll save myself like Kid Flash by being dead/eliminated and cause they to go after each other or put damage on them. Please listen to what I have to say. Thank you, your friend jessie. :')


I'm so happy that one of Idir's members drawed the purple rock and we didn't. My name was close to being the one but thank god it was Marco. We now hold the majority and to boot order is planned to be Bartley, Jessie, Thang and then Topher.


Day 23

Ok so it has been a while since my last confessional cause I´ve been a little bit busy.

So far the gameplan hasn´t changed but I´m still open for new options. Is so sad and boring that everyone is staying with their old tribes. Come on! Let´s bring some action and backstabbing. I just think this people wont take risks... just Bartley. So that´s why he needs to go. Even when I love entertaining characters he is the most deserving winner so far. He played his idol on Kara and convinced both me and Tyler that he was with us at the tribal we had to vote Tung

For the record: I just voted Tung because I thought Jury would start at 11. That way I could have a vote for sure at FTC. So it was the saddest moment of my game when Tung was voted out and I had to betray him.

Actually when I betrayed Tung my plan was to solidify my bond with Thang. BUT that freaking dumb little guy is not up to make ANY move. I´ve told him so many times to create a 2-way alliance till the end (Which I´m definately willing to do) but that guy just can´t do anything by himself. He has been flying under the radar and not making a single move by himself this entire competition. That´s why I need to be with him at FTC. He is just vientamesse vainilla.

I actually wanted to work with Marco as well but again this people is just not talking to much to make new alliances... ugh. I am so ready for BIG moves BIG blindsides and go crazy but everyone is just going with patterns and those "premerge bonds". WE HAD MERGED GUYS! It´s everyone for himself now.

I already told Bryce that I will at some point betray Tyler. Which is now even harder. I really really really really like Tyler as a friend and we had made a bond beyond the game. But it is in my best interest to vote him out before F3. So far my plan has been to make Tyler the "leader" of our alliance. I´ve even told him who to speak with and what to do so he could shine but that´s ALL part of my plan to make him a target. Even in this challenge all the good things were towards him, and even when most of them are truth I totally write his name to make him a bigger threat. That way if either Bryce, Rasheid or David flips he would be target number 1.

As far as everyone else goes. I still don´t like Jessie, he had been rude to me before but I´ll try to not being offensive to him. TRY. But since no one actually likes that guy he might stick around for a while.

Topher: Such a big question mark from this guy. I like him but never know where his head´s at. So for me he is a bigger threat than any of our Bazid guys. He is #2 on my list under Bartley.

Bryce: This kid may or may not be lying to me but I think I have him on my side so he will be around more days.

Rasheid is just too busy to play come on!!! I know he is not inactive but he is not running the marathon of survivor either. He is just a goat in my opinion and that´s why he should go to F3 with me as well. But should I keep boring players or deserving players?

David david david. He is the one I always forget when I think of the players of the season. He told me he didn´t had an idol but still how can I trust him? That idol thing still worries me but he as a player dont.

So.... I think the tribes are sticking together all the way to the finale... Unless Rasheid or David flip and then Tyler and I could be screwed. Topher needs to be blindsided to avoid to use the idol. But Bartley is the biggest threat.

If I win immunity I may start to throw the roof through the window (if that´s even possible) and start scrambling things up a little bit cause honestly those people are boring me.



Day 24

So apparently Idir is breaking up. Shocker? Not really. We all knew they were gonna turn on each other sometime, but they aren't gonna turn this quick. They are too smart for that. So anyway Bartley & Jessie both messaged me & told me they were done with each other. It sort of reminded me of a strategy that me & Miguel used back on Bazid a couple days before we blindsided Alex. Only difference is me & Miguel can see through their strategy so the votes will reflect who's really with who. Our main concern is getting the idol out of Topher's hands because I know he found it lol hopefully we can trick him into using it & at the same time, take one of them out.


With the Torchy Subjects challenge I answered Jessie on most of the negative questions and I bet 100% he is going to be so pissed at me. And this kind of sucks because he said that he wants to come to our side but now that's not happening. Prepare for Jessie's wrath.


So as a group, we decided to take out Bartley because he's the biggest threat on Idir right now. I'm talking to him & I feel so bad. I wanted to go with Topher but Miguel wanted Bartley out first. Now I'm having second thoughts. I feel like Jessie should go now & we can deal with the other three later. Can I change my vote? I really wanna change my vote like ASAP


Like for real we went to vote out jessie to topher to bartley all over the day and finally when I was the one who convinced everyone to vote out Topher, then I told them to vote for the biggest threat Bartley and now I just changed the vote on the last minute cause... i like Bartley haha and I had already talked enough to jessie to know that I have his jury vote. (I talked to him about torkoals cause he loves pokemon, red color, turtles so.. it was pretty obvious.) I actually tryed to be nice to him so he wont think I have any personal thing against him.

As crazy as it seems Tyler came with the same at idea at the same time so it was just perfect. Its for Jessie´s good. And mine as well since I hope to have his vote. But Bartley must go home soon. So if any idol is played... Bartley should be going home.... ............