Day 1

It is quite confusing for day 1. On day 1, we play individual reward.

Then I realized, this can be something big. I can use this reward to further my game. If I win, three possibilities.

First : I will use the clue to find the idol for myself. Second : Share with some people, so I can gain their trust. Third : Pretend like I'm sharing to all casts. But I change the wording of the clue so in the end they will trust me because I share the "clue" and I can find the idol by myself.

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No tribes to start, I decided to try and find Ron to chat with him. Being from the same country – thought we could possible discuss a partnership. As well Jennifer has been speaking to me. Funny thing is she reminds me of a good friend of mine from back home. Maybe, if I get lucky a loyal 3 could start. However, tribes have not be drawn up. The challenge was fun, but, not sure if I did well enough. My time was limited to do the challenge and I hope somehow that does not bite me in the end.


I think Ron and I have come to some agreement - behind from same

province may help, could put a target on our backs if we add a third person. Time will tell and hopefully once tribes are assigned we can start the journey.


Let's get the ball rolling. I've made friends with every single person in the game. Doing this will make me more approachable to any future alliances although I already have my partner in crime: Julia. Julia and I played together in Kalabang's Guyana and we're gonna try and get to the end together. Other than that, I've made friends with Boo, A.J., Zane, Joseph, Yap, Ron, Al and Jennifer. With the first challenge being individual and anonymous, it would be in my best interest to get that clue. Who doesn't love a nice little idol in their bulge?


Pretty good judge of people should help my game. Getting that clue

would be a bonus - I have agreed to an alliance with my fellow Canadian - hope we end up on the same tribe otherwise I will have to work harder and develop a new alliance.


I'm on the Sassari tribe with a great group of people. The most important thing is I'm with Julia. We plan on aligning ourselves with Trevor, Jennifer, Hazim and Al because they seem like a loyal group. Al is trying to take control which is wonderful for me because if we enter the merge with bad numbers, I won't be the first targeted but I don't plan on that


All I can say is that this game is heating up.

I started off not knowing how well I'd adapt to the competitive environment of Survivor, but something's in the air here in Sardinia, and I think it's giving me courage. I did a lot better in the initial Reward Challenge than I thought I would; considering the chatter about how hard the challenge game was, I figured my score of 1582 was good enough to land on a good tribe and maybe even score a clue to the Idol. It seems I got my wish on at least one account: my tribe is great!

I've been talking to people in my tribe so far, and we seem really tight. Cagliari is a great tribe name, and all the basic bitches in town know that red is totally my color.

But more important than how fabulous we will look is how powerful we will be in challenges. We have at least two gamers on the tribe, and the rest of us have enough smarts that we can adapt to the situation and work together to win challenges. I'm pretty confident in our chances to be successful moving forward.

Also, I kinda made #Swagliari a thing. My mindset is that if we have good mojo and a good rally cry, we'll be better mentally prepared to succeed.


Okay, so this is where the game gets tricky. Will and I are on really good terms, but I'm also on decent terms with Boo, who's included me in the Core Four suballiance of the Swagliari Six. Swagliari Six being me, Cali, Boo, Joseph, with Will and Zane as our 5th and 6th respectively. Which means I'm probably going to have to play down my friendship with Will, or else get replaced by Zane. And I want to be a Sophie Clarke, not an Edna Ma.

And Will may have also dropped my name in a potential alliance with Tyler and Zane. I have no idea how Mohammed, Najim, and the others fall into this.

Dammit, being a swing-vote is a terrible possible. I'm going to stick with the Swagliari Six, but I hope Will's "options" don't get both us eliminated. Right now, he's swinging the seesaw between Tyler and Boo, and if we're not careful, the seesaw might actually break.


And now Najim wants to include me in his alliance with Du and Mohammed? The swing vote is an awful position. Look at what happened to Sarah Lacina.

I truly don't wish to hurt anybody's feelings. Let's try to go forward and play a clean game.


Alright here we go. Survivor: Sardinia has finally started with me on the Cagliari tribe. Not a bad tribe, this is the tribe of people who can play flash games very well after all. I just hope all these challenges aren’t flash games, it would murder my pretty fingers. As for strategy and all that shady crap, I made two big bonds and several smaller bonds. I am in an alliance of six AKA the Swagliari Six made up of myself, Boo, Zane, AJ, Cali, and William. Everyone seems loyal enough for us to have an easy majority and we can pick off those other four with hopefully no problems. As for my big bonds or as I like to call it my dream final three: Boo and Zane. Boo is chill and we talked about forming an alliance so I hope him and Zane get more well-acquainted as this game goes on since Zane and I pretty much talked all night yesterday and we knew we had to align (especially with his favorite player being Todd and mine being Courtney which is ironic as I’ve yet to watch China). We formed our own secret alliance called Jewels and Drugs since we are both Lady Gaga fans and I hope to form a final 3 deal between him, Boo, and I. As for everyone else, well, they all seem nice I guess. Good mix of heroes and villains I can potentially see on next season.


I really hope all or the majority of these challenges aren’t fucking flash games. If I get perceived as a weak player just because I didn’t waste my time with tedious flash games, I’m going to be livid. I don’t think that will be a problem so long as nobody really takes “having a life” too seriously. Nobody knows how long I had it with that game and to get 8.82 is better than all the other scores I got so I’ll just sick with that and hope its enough to win the challenge.


This season is going to be so much fun. I'm honored to even be part of the cast. They all look and seem like such nice people. But looks can be deceiving. ;)


Day 2

This Cagliari tribe from a strategic point of view is a fucking train wreck. We got people contemplating flipping and its not even after the results and people who want to have OP threats like Mohammed live another 3 days or more. I wish I sucked at the Tilt game, maybe I could’ve been with more sensible people. The only person that gets me right now is Zane and he has tabs on the global alliance as they call themselves. I just want to go through an easy first vote but then you got idiots who got to make it more complicated. Me probably included. I have a feeling some noobies are gonna be trying way too hard to get a spot on Heroes Vs. Villains and I’ll laugh and face palm at the same time if that that was part of their reasoning and somehow get in. Honestly though, if these people want to do a safe keep-the-tribe-stronger vote and vote out Du, then whatever I’ll go along with it but if we win more challenges and Mohammed, they better be praying there is no tribe swap. But hey, on a happier note, if there is way to pull it off we can always get rid of Mohammed’s connections if we win. If only we knew who his connections were. Good thing we got people on the inside for that. Maybe I’m being way too negative, its only Day 2, things could get better and I hope it does. I don’t want my tribe to ride the Clusterfuck Express.


Shocked at all these people scrambling already. I have sworn loyalty

to Jenn and as well Ron

Jenn is clear cut my partner in this an he ha put all her faith in our 2 pact.

Other member of the 6 alliance want to turn in the alliance and that puts Jennifer and I into a decision - stick with the 6 or flip already and expose the 6 taking out top dog Allistar or Julia.

Doing this might expose our alliance of 3, have a lot of thinking to do


I'm glad that I don't win the clue, so I' not be consider as threat.

Alliance now, Al approached me and talk about alliance. They have the numbers. But I don't want to leave Wes behind as we talked since day one. Being in the bottom of the alliance is not good.

So..should we create another alliance? It would be a tie 5-5.

Is there anyone else will flipped.

  • confuse*


Well I’m glad that clusterfuck was all resolved. I’m still in the majority, hope it stays that way, and there is no last minute chaos that ensues. Zane and I plan on taking over this game and from my experiences on Tengaged, I’m known most for my social game and it seems I’ve met my match. Glad I’m aligned with him. With our combined social prowess, we have the potential to rule both tribes so I do hope for a tribe swap which allows more freedom for us. I’m just laying low for now as I don’t want to put too big of a target on my back though I would not be surprised if my name is brought up by the “Global Alliance” of Dun, Tyler, Najim, and their king cobra Mohammed. Overall, at least my tribe won’t be so chaotic after all and I won’t have to have another paranoia-venting spree in the confessional until at least merge. Hopefully.


I'm really exited about the game starting with the reveal of the tribes. I genuinely feel like we have an all around great tribe. My tribe mates seem to be the most vocal and active in the game prior to the tribe reveal so I knew this would be exiting.

I was ecstatic to find out William was on my tribe because we had been talking privately already and me and him seemed to click. Plus he seems very opinionated and someone I would NOT want to go against. I'd much rather have him in my corner than against me. I'm VERY sure William is with me so I've already begin to strategize with him about who else we should pull into the alliance. I instantly thought Zane, so we both simultaneously went to work on him because he seems like a sweet loyal person. He claims he's "totally in" and I believe him BUT WE'LL SEE.

William also told me Jeff might be a great asset too but we haven't spoken to him enough yet to know where he stands. This morning I also went to work on Cali just making friendly conversation and we do seem to have quite a few things in common. So I believe there's a high chance she'll be added to our alliance as well.

It's really my goal to have at least a strong group of 5 to build my game around and sort of recreate what 2 of my favorite survivors did (Ami from Vanuatu and Kim from One World) where they had a STRONG social game with everyone in their alliance, almost leaving them untouchable as no one wanted to vote them out (well I know Ami got turned on but still lol).

And as for the challenge I'm encouraging everyone to go for something close to 8 seconds. The best I've gotten is a 8.79 which I'm a little disappointed with cause I thought I could do better, but I have faith Cagliari will prevail.


Now that we've all met eachother it's time to get our game faces on. I'm going to be employing a "Double-Agent" strategy. That means I will be playing both sides but only be truly loyal to one and just use the other for information. So far I've done a pretty good job at it (along with Zane and AJ). Heading into the first immunity challenge I have a good feeling that my tribe can pull out a win. Or at least I hope so....


I named the alliance the Mane 6 alliance. I'm gonna tell everyone else that main is spelled 'Mane' to add a little bit of humor. In reality, it's the name of the main 6 characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Hazim seems to have bought it but I can't be sure. Speaking of Hazim, the dude is extremely likable. His likability reminds me of Noah from Anarchy. Hopefully he will be loyal to the Mane 6 Alliance.


Let me tell you, this is getting real up in here.

I've been placed on the Cagliari tribe, and God knows that I'm excited to be placed in a tribe with some quasi-competent individuals. I know I'm supposed to act like I wanted to be on a tribe of easily-manipulated idiots, but honestly, I love a challenge. It's when you outsmart the truly clever that one may be called wise.

The #Swagliari idea came from me. I figured we needed a little rally cry to boost morale and give us an edge going into the Immunity challenge against Sassari. Unbeknownst to Mohammed, Najim, Tyler, and Du, I've also decided to make that the name of my majority alliance (consisting of Joseph, Cali, William, AJ, and Boo). Boo helped the pieces fall into place, but considering how Tyler approached me and practically swooned about how great I am, and judging by the fact that I've received affirmations of loyalty from pretty much everyone, I think it's safe to say that I'm in a driver's seat, if not THE driver's seat. Mohammed and friends have formed what they call the Global Alliance, and included me in what they believe to be a majority alliance with the four aforementioned people plus AJ and Boo. Little do they know that the #Swag Six beat them to it and are now plotting the demise of one of them. Depending on the immunity challenge results, it could be anyone. Tyler has proven untrustworthy because he's been pretty much caught playing all sides, Mohammed is trying too hard to achieve numbers, and Du and Najim don't seem to be doing much in the way of strategy, so it's up to us to decide.

The #Swag Six is a very strong unit, and I think we're a lock for Final Six. Time will tell of course, but I get good vibes from each of them. As long as we stick together as a unit, we can take this game by storm and go down in ORG history as the strongest tribe of all time.

My one closest ally in all this is Joseph. He likes to go by Joe, by the way. We bonded over Lady Gaga and Pokemon, and have pretty much decided to go to the end together. I think he's a really genuine and great guy, and as long as our trust remains strong, I have every bit of confidence that we can go the distance. We call ourselves Jewels 'N Drugs: I'm assuming I'm Jewels, since I'm totally fabulous, and he's Drugs, since he's addicted to video games. I don't know, maybe we both share the name! Regardless, I trust him wholeheartedly.

The only other tribemate I have that kind of connection with is William. He and I are very alike, and get along well. I think we can trust each other. He's a strong candidate for Final Three with Joe and I.

The Immunity Challenge results tomorrow will determine many things: our outlook on the game, #Swag Six's strategy going forward, and most importantly, who I have stepped over in my quest to be crowned Sole Survivor. Only time will tell, darlings!


Coming into this game, I wanted a clean slate from the previous games I played on Tumblr, where I was a top competitor in challenges and was always viewed as a major threat. It's hard to play with a target. So, I was looking forward to playing without any expectations until a certain someone (named Hazim) immediately messaged me asking "are you Wes from Tumblr Survivor???" He was a friend of a player in one of our seasons, so I'm pretty much obligated to work with him. In the end he's a really cool guy so I have no problem with it and he knows from my past gameplay that both times I was voted out I was diehard loyal to my allies and got screwed.

On to the game....

I was at a severe disadvantage for making alliances because the tribe split happened when I was busy at work. Before I could blink Hazim messaged me he was in a majority alliance led by a core four of Alistair, Joe, Julia, and Jennifer. They added Hazim and Trevor as their 5th and 6th and made the pecking order obvious.

Terrible mistake on their part, never give me dirt to work with because I will ruin my rivals socially if I can.

I'm lucky to have a connection with Hazim, because we would have never been able to pull together the counter alliance (me, arun, hazim, sean, ron, and trevor.)

We are playing to Trevor's ego pretty hard to make him feel important. I really need to get his vote, for at least this first tribal. For some reason this man is still on the fence after seeing a screenshot explicitly stating he was #6 in Alistair's alliance. In the case of a tie vote, he will flip the 2nd time (Hazim forces a 5-5 tie).

From my one on one conversations with everyone I can say I feel as if I can trust ron, sean, and arun. I don't trust trevor but we need his vote. Hazim can be my bro for life.

All I can do right now is put on a nice guy face and pander to everyone's ego's right now. But I'm not about to be put on the outs, it's just not my style! ;)

If we lose, I think some people are going to be surprised by the votes.

Maybe I'll be surprised by the votes.

Maybe I know nothing.

For the time being I'll try to make as many people as possible trust me and think I'm the nicest guy ever (In reality I am really nice but I also am not afraid to cut a bitch when it comes to strategic decisions)

I may just be a wolf in sheep's clothing. Or a sheep who think's he's a wolf. There's really no way of knowing until the voting lines are drawn.


I now have a Hidden Immunity Idol. God, this feels amazing! I could jump up and down with joy. It's like I'm a kid at a lollipop store. But I'm still going to have to keep my eyes peeled. You can never truly feel comfortable in this game, because the moment you get complacent, that's when you're getting your butt voted out.

Hopefully, Cagliari wins Tribal Immunity. I'd hate to vote out one of our own and even though I have the Swagliari Six, I don't want to lose a potential number in Najim or Mohammed this early in the game. After all, they're good people. Fingers crossed that Sassari loses.


So here I am, in this new type of ORG with everyone being completely new. It's a breathe of fresh air from what I'm used too, with pre-game alliances, me knowing me, my name having weight. I haven't told anyone and I won't tell anyone that I have won 16 ORGs in my lifetime. As of now no one knows and I want to keep it like that.

It seems like this is the first or second time people are playing ORGs. These people are literally way too excited to play. Before the game started people were chatting it up with me, socializing like crazy and it's obvious that they are excited for this game. I was playing along with them, being excited and blablabla but I was just laying low.

Then tribes happened and good lord. Literally the moment tribes were released, alliances were forming! Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Apparently Julia Hazim Trevor Jennifer Al and Joe had an alliance. Which leaves me in the minority. Luckily, Hazim was smart enough to notice that him and Trevor were in the bottom of the alliance and quickly rallied up the rest of us to create a new alliance of 6 which was Trevor, Hazim, Ron, Myself, Wes and Sean. Perfect.

Hazim is making himself a big player in this game. Wesley is being very social with everyone which is making himself a big target in this game. I am laying low and not being that vocal. Which is just the way I want to play this game.

I'm sitting pretty right now if the alliance sticks and I'm glad that we won the first challenge. We should always be up in numbers and hopefully it continues like that.

Only drawback of my game right now is that I was the highest scorer in the first challenge. I hope people overlook that and how that isn't a reason to target me. It was a measly flash game for crying out loud.


Day 3

We won the challenge! It's great to not go to Tribal. If I had to put my money on who will go first, I would say Najim because he comes off very strong but we'll see.


Right now, one would think I'm in a good spot. I'm in a seemingly tight alliance of 6, I've gotten really close to Tyler, and my alliance wants to get rid of Najim, who did very poorly in the challenge. But then, like a slap in the face, Jeff tells me that the other alliance is gunning for me. At that moment, I honestly felt I was the wicked old witch, melting into a dirty little puddle. I really don't know who to trust know, Tyler could very well be working with Mohammed, and he could potentially even have the idol. No matter what happens tonight, I know that at least this tribe is going to change. For the better if a weaker more devious player goes home, or for the worse if a strong trustworthy player goes home.


Well, we won the immunity against the other tribe. Seems the other tribe really had challenge issues. Our tribe seems so motivated by sharing our results to push each other even more. That is a good thing. The craziest is the alliances all being formed and analyzed.

I am in tight with Jennifer and have sworn final 2 pact. This is awesome because win or lose, having one loyal person helps the sting of the future, if I get voted out. We have gone from a position of the outside working what we can to an early control of the game. We are part of the Maine 6 alliance with Al, Joe, Julia and Hazim. The main three are Al, Julia and Joe. They have added Jennifer, Hazim and myself. Hazim thinks we are 4-5-6 and he sent me the chat that proves I am 6th in the Main alliance. I have spoken with Hazim and he has gathered the Low End Alliance with Arun, Wes, Sean and Ron.

Jennifer and I have agreed we will plan accordingly. However, we know who the Maine 6 would vote and the Low End alliance would vote. We can swing our votes at any time. To further this goal – we have Ron that will do whatever we agree to – with the Threesome Alliance.

So for our tribe, being part of the power couple is a good feeling. This being survivor though and not seeing everyone in person, anything can change in a heartbeat. I am quite confident Jenn is loyal and tight with me. Ron as well.

Looking forward to the Tribal and seeing who is the first person to go. It is not my tribe so we can all rest easy on the Sassari Tribe.


Ok wow so we won the first challenge which I'm pretty happy about :)

So as of right now there are so many alliances going on it's crazy.

There is an alliance called the mane 6 which consists of Joe, julia, Alastair, myself, hazim and Trevor.

I don't trust julia and joe as I think they are running that alliance and I believe I am 5th in that alliance. I am in a secret alliance with Trevor and I'm more happy to be in an alliance with him, but I'm also in a secret alliance with Alastair and Jeff from the other tribe as we are the Australians in this game.

However as of yesterday I've heard hazim has approached the other 4 who are Sean, Wes, Arun and ron, that are not part of the mane 6, to form a new alliance to take the top dogs out. He believe alastair and julia and are running that mane 6 alliance.

Interesting thing is that hazim has approached Trevor about being in that new alliance by telling Trevor he is 6th in the mane 6 and he also told Trevor I'm the 4th in that mane alliance. So I'm in a tough spot because I know I'm not a target in the first vote but I also don't want that new hazim alliance to think I'm tight in the main 6 alliance( which I'm not cuz I don't trust joe and julia).hazim thinks I'm tight with the main 6 alliance and told Trevor I an 4th in that alliance but hasn't approached me about joining his new alliance. Dot dot dot hmmmmm

Another thing that is happening is myself, Trevor and ron are in a secret 3way alliance.

I just have to convince Trevor to tell approach hazim and convince him that Alastair is not running the main 6 alliance because I want Alastair with me in the merge.

I've told Trevor to join hazim's new alliance to make sure they don't target me and I'm hoping with the first tribal council we go to, i be voting with the majority which is hazim's new alliance and not the mane 6.


Damn, it's like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

On the one hand, I could side with Cali and Joe on the Swagliari Six, potentially pissing off Najim, Mohammed, and Du. On the other hand, I could vote with Najim and Mohammed, pissing off Cali and Joe. I mean, I feel more comfortable with the Swagliari Six, since that was the first alliance and I want to protect Yappy, who isn't included in Najim's alliance and is included in the Swag Six.

But it's awful that we have to vote out Mohammed, who seems like a nice guy. Alas, anybody but me. As long as Yappy and I are safe, I'm happy to write down whatever name the majority wants. However, Yappy has my loyalty, and I'm loyal to my bone. I don't regret telling him about the idol. We need to have your "Person" in a game like this.


Right now, one would think I'm in a good spot. I'm in a seemingly tight alliance of 6, I've gotten really close to Tyler, and my alliance wants to get rid of Najim, who did very poorly in the challenge. But then, like a slap in the face, Jeff tells me that the other alliance is gunning for me. At that moment, I honestly felt I was the wicked old witch, melting into a dirty little puddle. I really don't know who to trust know, Tyler could very well be working with Mohammed, and he could potentially even have the idol. No matter what happens tonight, I know that at least this tribe is going to change. For the better if a weaker more devious player goes home, or for the worse if a strong trustworthy player goes home.

I woke up this morning with some time to kill before work, so I took the opportunity to talk to people. I would say it went rather well, I was able to get in some small talk with people and get my foot in the door. Out of everyone in the cast, the only person who I'm not feeling right now is Najim. He just came off very aggressive on Julia's wall post. And luck would have it that he is on my tribe, but more on that later. Tribes are announced and immediately things are set in motion.


First thing that happens is Boo messages me "We are on the same tribe. <3" And I'm like "<3" back. The next thing he says to me is "Alliance?" Before I even get to say to him that I'll be right back to get dinner, he says that. And because I'm not stupid, and will always say yes (even if I don't mean it), I SAY YES! The Swag Six is born, consisting of Boo, AJ (Rock), Zane, Koopa, Cali, and me. I'm like indifferent on the name of the alliance.. but whatever. It's pretty solid, since I am super happy that AJ is on my tribe, in my alliance, and we're in the majority.

Problem! The one person who is on the outs, is someone that I enjoy and is working with me. Tyler! Tyler and I are talking about who to rope in for our alliance. At this point, I'm thinking about just remaining loyal to the Swag Six, but it's ideal for me to keep this option open and to know what Tyler is thinking. He wants to rope in Zane, and I say I want to rope in AJ. So I basically get them in on the act. He chose Zane because he finds him genuine, nice, other positive adjectives. And Zane is like "Oh.. I feel bad!" (something like that). We're basically "entertaining" Tyler at this point, because AJ, Zane, and I want to stick to the Swag Six. Tyler is a really cool dude, it just sucks that his fate might already be sealed. Though, there is hope, if he can pull his weight on this tribe, he'll live for sure over the others.

Arun - Interesting talks I've had with him. We're like freely talking game and dynamics. He like tells me that there is already a 6 man alliance. I was like "Whaaaatt? Already?" (Albeit, thinking that he was talking about my tribe). Apparently, there is one going on the Sass tribe, and he is not in it. Ouch.. he's already stuck in the minority. Being the good person I am, I tell him to just keep talking with those people. Wait for an opening and stuff. He says that he knows, so I'm not worried. This is someone who can help me down the road, so I look forward to working with him.

Boo - You know, I'm a little apprehensive about Boo's quickness to make an alliance. Like, within 10 minutes, there were already two major alliances on both tribes. I'm not saying that he isn't genuine about sticking with The Swag Six, it's just.. idk.. we'll see. He probably feels really good about himself for setting himself in the majority really quickly. I mean, props to him, he took the initiative.

Zane - I'm pretty sure we get along really well. Like we have chemistry when chatting in the big group chat, and in the alliance chat. I'm still wary of him, because I think he could be a threat. Note: Joseph (Koopa) told him that Boo was setting up an alliance together. So that's a relationship/final 2 alliance to look out for...

AJ - I think I'm too honest with AJ :c I told him about me talking to a lot of people. Talking to the other tribe, etc. He has been like telling me "as long as we stay true to The Swag Six." He says he's super loyal to me, but you never know. I hope I don't regret telling him all this. He also says that he doesn't want me to be viewed as someone who is "playing both sides."

I'm confident about my placement right now. I think people like me. I hope that doesn't put a big target on my back for being likable. I also hope word doesn't get out of how I really think.. Like how I'm always on my toes to do a move if I need to, and have options to. Idk... it's just time to wait for the game to start!


Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. What. The. Fuck. Why are you lying to me?? I don't like this... What AJ and Zane have told me and the Swag Six is that Tyler is forming this alliance called "The Global Alliance", or something like that. Umm, I'm not part of it. Tyler hasn't mentioned this to me at all. Coincidentally enough, the main people of that alliance are people not in The Swag Six, other than AJ and Zane. Oh and Zane just told me that Boo is in that alliance too. He asks me if I talked to Du, Cali, or Hazim. And truthfully, I say that I haven't been able to talk to them much because of different times. I'm like "If you want to be in an alliance with them, or work with them, I'd be down." He's like "Oh, I've only said what's up? and stuff." FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO You liar! I KNOW THE TRUTH!!

At this point, I so wouldn't mind if Tyler went home first. The rest of the alliance think that Mohammed should go first since he doesn't seem to be pulling his weight and rumor is going around that he has connections on the other side. But I'm just waiting for Tyler to trip up once, then get him out of here. Sure, I'm a hypocrite in the fact that I've been lying to him too. But. Welcome to Survivor baby. With Tyler gone, that alliance will decimate. And I further believe that it'd be smarter for us to get rid of Tyler, who is the head/brains, while Mohammed, Du, and Najim will be left floating in the pond.

But I see the point, maybe we can convince Tyler and the rest to vote out Mohammed because he might bring down the tribe. That way there isn't that mad scramble early. At this point, time will tell.


I think our tribe did well in communicating and ensuring we all submitted our lowest possible scores in the first immunity challenge. I hope that this starts of a chain and we can keep winning. But just in case we do end up in tribal, I have been playing the social game and ensuring I have my back. While I am currently in with the group of 6 alliance (Joe, Jennifer, Julia, Hazim, Trevor and myself) I have also been talking to the other 4 and forming tentative alliances with each of them. I hope this doesn't back fire on me... If we end up having to go to tribal soon and my main alliance wants to vote out someone who I disagree with I am pretty sure I can flip to the other 4 and bring Jennifer with me to vote out who I want. Jennifer is my strongest ally in this game and the one person who I don't want to flip on.



Mohammed going home went exactly as planned. Now we will have to do a lot of damage control....