"What A Bitch"
Season Survivor: Salvation
Episode Number 10/16
Episode Chronology
Previous I'm Tired Of Sitting On My Hands
Next Grand Scheme Of My Future Plans

What A Bitch is the tenth episode of Survivor: Salvation.


Immunity Challenge: Multitask 2
Castaways would have to play the game Multitask 2, where they had to perform many game tasks all at once. Highest scorer from each tribe won immunity.
Winner: Perry (Súlur) & George (Askja)


Day 22

Day 23

Tribal Council 11A: Súlur

Tribal Council 11A:
Ted s21
Ted (5 votes)
Steve s21Zane s21
Trace s21Mikey s21Perry s21
Steve, Zane, Trace, Mikey, Perry
Trace s21
Trace (1 vote)
Ted s21
Ted s21

Voting Confessionals

This is the one time where I feel in danger, but my gut says to vote for you.

This is our first shot against the power alliance, and if it works, I will go to church.


I'm sorry about this. I wish we could've worked together but you clearly are too blinded by your ego to recognize that people are gunning for you. I really hope this works and you're gone when I wake up in the morning.


"I vote Ted, I thought this was going to be a surprising vote but it looks like everyone is voting this way...unless it's all one big conspiracy to get me out..


Perry's Voting Confessional - Day 2300:11

Perry's Voting Confessional - Day 23


Ted, your dealings with Perry have made you untrustworthy. Perry's paranoia has cost you your shot at salvation. Your supposed ally threw you under the bus and supposedly masterminded your blindside... little does he know that the majority alliance already sealed your fate long before he decided to stab you in the back.

God bless, bro! Sorry we had to do this.


Tribal Council 11B: Askja

Tribal Council 11B:
Matthew s21
Matthew (4 votes)
TJ s21Jino s21
Mitchell s21Tyler s21
Jino, Mitchell, TJ, Tyler
TJ s21
TJ (1 vote)
Matthew s21
Matthew s21

Voting Confessionals

I've been onto you since day 1. People are starting to see what I see now. It was great getting to know you over the past number of days.


It's really not your time to go but with Jino on Exile, you are unfortunately the next in line. You're a wicked cool dude but you sticking around doesn't factor into my game. Sorry, man.


Matthew, you're an awesome guy, really fun to talk to. But I'm scared to death of you! You're one of the best players in not just this ORG, but the entire ORG community, and I've had a HUGE amount of respect for you. But, I've known that you can't make merge, and unfortunately for you, I'm fairly certain of the strength of the bonds that I have with the other 4 Askja members, much more certain than my bond w/you. Sorry man, I guess this is just how it goes.


My dude, I really don't want to have to do this, but it's between you and TJ. Keeping you works better for me than keeping TJ does on an individual basis, but I need to keep TJ to keep George. I wish there was no Double Tribal Council and you'd be at the merge with me, but the thing about life is that it goes on.


This is the first vote that really sucks for me. But I need to maintain my position and I can't mess that up right now. So Matthew, sorry but you gotta go. Sorry we couldn't make merge together :(


Final Words

Well it's a bit irritating to me for the reason why I was voted out. I'll take it as a compliment too. Being voted off because of my history, when I haven't even done anything this time around to reveal it. I think people forget this but, one thing I am is loyal. That's a mistake they made by voting me off. If you want to keep all these sneaky people around in the game to deal with that's all on you to deal with now. I guess I come across intimidating to people. I don't know if it's my age, the way I think and/or how I play.

I couldn't have played this game any better under the circumstances and people I was given to deal with. I learned from the past and made the necessary adjustments. It resulted in getting me past my old placement, it got me to a tribe as well as a few twists. And I actually didn't get blindsided this time around! They tried but I found out LOL! It's a shame to be voted off now before the merge because I actually had a very good idea on who people were in this game and what they were all about. Even if I had not talked to some of them. The words people reveal or lack thereof can go along way and that helped me profile these people. I was getting to that point to start utilizing what I know and to take that to my advantage. Damn! This was starting to shape up to be something great until those sissies voted me off hahaha!

Still In The Running

Askja Baula None
Eden s21
Jake s21
James s21
Trace s21
Isaac s21
Perry s21
Ted s21
TJ s21
Brian s21
Esjan Hekla
Alex s21
Mikey s21
Nathan s21
Zane s21
George s21
Ivan s21
Julia s21
Liam s21
Laki Súlur
Ian s21
Ometepe s21
Szymon s21
Tyler s21
Jino s21
Matthew s21
Mitchell s21
Steve s21



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